A Perfect Ten

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I doubt she had any idea that his favorite food was chocolate mints, or that he preferred a bottle of Sunny Delight over coffee every morning to drink with his breakfast. Or that he hated spiders and loved cats. I bet she had no clue that every extra dollar he made at the nightclub where he worked went into a savings account from which he someday wanted to build his own dream home...that he’d already designed himself. I bet she would never know what an extremely talented artist he was or what lengths he went to just to help his friends.

The bitch probably knew nothing about him at all...except how he felt inside her, which, okay, was more than I knew. Damn it.

“But one of my friends...,” I went on, lifting my eyebrows so they’d think my friend had all the carnal knowledge of him that I did not, “...is still taking treatments to get over...whatever he gave her.”

All four women gasped. “No,” one said, her eyes wide.

“Oh my God. I was with him only two weeks ago.”

“Oh, sweetie,” I said with all the fake sympathy I could muster as I reached out as if to pat her arm. “You really need to go get yourself checked.” And she probably needed to anyway, so I didn’t feel bad about suggesting that at all.

“Is it herpes?”



I almost rolled my eyes. How the hell did I know which disease to choose? “I don’t know, but it was nasty, whatever it was. She was all red, bumpy, and itchy and...” I leaned in closer, lowering my voice dramatically. “Yellow stuff was dripping...if you know what I mean.”

My four little puppets pulled back in horror. “Eww,” they chorused, making me want to throw my head back and cackle.

I nodded, getting into character a little bit too enthusiastically. But hey, if Oren was going to cock-block me, I was going to vagina-block him. “I know,” I cooed to his band of skanks. “The doctor told her she couldn’t safely have sex again for a whole year.”

More horrified gasps followed. “A year?”

Damn, was I good or what?

“Well, I can’t meet him now,” the chosen one squawked, looking panicked. “What do I tell him if he’s still out there whenever we leave the bathroom? I can’t even look him in the eye without seeing...” She shuddered. “No. Just, no.”

Pimple popper slid her arm around her friend in comfort. “It’s okay, Kelly. We’ll sneak you out of here. He’ll never see you.”

“Ohmigod, thank you.” Kelly stepped toward me for a hug. “I don’t know how I could ever repay you for this.” She looked really grateful too. I probably should’ve felt my first twinge of remorse right about then. But nope. I didn’t.

I hugged her back, glad Oren wouldn’t be feeling those really big boobs pressing against his chest later on. “I’m just glad I warned you before it was too late.”

After getting a round of hugs from the other three girls—all with overly huge boobs that put my C-cups to shame when they embraced me—they hunched their shoulders together, formed a tight circle around Kelly, and hurried from the bathroom.

I had to watch this, so I followed them out and propped myself against the back wall of the bar.

Folding my arms over my chest, I snickered at how obvious they were about making Kelly duck down within their group and hide from him.

But Oren was absolutely clueless to their pathetic attempts as he stood way on the other side of the room, talking to Quinn. He didn’t even notice their hasty exit. But he would eventually, and that made me smirk.

Things were about to get interesting.

I stuck around Forbidden a while longer and watched Oren from a safe distance. He glanced toward the hall opening to the bathrooms with a slight frown a few times, probably looking for Kelly and her sidekicks, but he didn’t seem all that perturbed that he never spotted her again. He just kept mingling through the crowd and talking with everyone who stopped him.

“You’re being really obvious tonight,” Zoey said from beside me.

I didn’t even glance at her. “Hmm?”

“With your Ten-watching,” she cautioned. “You’re not even bothering to hide it. Did he tick you off that much when he chased that guy away from you?”

“Oh, I’m over that,” I said, though I wasn’t. I still wanted to hurt him, not only for turning me down and then going to other women like Kelly, but for keeping me from the exact thing he would’ve done with her.

I finally glanced at Zoey. “I just heard a couple girls talking about him in the bathroom earlier. My ears are still ringing from the things I learned.”

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