A Perfect Ten

Page 111

“Oren!” Caroline surged forward, her eyes wide with shock.

“Ooh,” Brandt cried out in amazement before he covered his mouth with his hand and started laughing. “Awesome.”

I let go of the douche and lifted my hands as I stepped away from him in an attempt to forfeit all culpability over hurting him. He fell over onto his side, holding his crotch.

Caroline stopped beside me and winced down at him. Then she slid an accusing gaze to me. “Did you really have to do that?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I really did. I feel better now, too. Thanks for asking.” I motioned to Scotini. “You want to take a turn?”

Caroline studied him a moment, looking tempted before she nodded and stepped forward. “Okay.”

I grinned, impressed, but Scotini groaned, making her stop and change her mind.

I snorted. “He’s kind of fragile, isn’t he?”

“He’s definitely not football player material,” she agreed, glancing sideways at me.

I cocked her a pleased grin. “Oh, so you go for the football player type, do you?”

“Caroline,” Scotini gasped from the ground, a plea for help thick in his voice.

I sighed and grabbed his shirt before hauling him to his feet. Then I slid my arms around him and got him in a headlock from behind before turning him to face Caroline. “Okay, baby,” I told her. “Have at him.”

But instead of coming in for a physical jab, she cringed and took a step back. Then she shifted uncomfortably as her groaning ex tried to slump against me because he was in so much pain. I kneed him in the ass to keep him from touching me too much.

“Sander, what’re you doing here?” Caroline finally asked, her voice tired.

“My parents disowned me.” He paused to cough and pant through his pain.

“Really?” My woman arched her eyebrow, seemingly not very interested. “I’m so sorry to hear that.” I grinned because she didn’t sound sorry at all. “But why did you come all this way to tell me that?”

“You have...any of that...twenty thousand... left...that they gave you?”

I sputtered. “Wait, did he say twenty…holy shit.” I glanced at Caroline. “Did he say twenty thousand? As in twenty thousand dollars?” When she just sent me a look, I jostled the fucker. “Hey, pretty boy, you want to knock me up?”

“What the fuck?” He struggled against me some more, but yeah, his attempts to escape were laughable. “What is this? Deliverance?”

With a grin, I murmured into his ear. “I bet you can squeal like a pig.”

“Okay, first of all,” Caroline broke in when Scotini just whimpered. She pointed at me and cracked a grin. “Wow. You nailed that Deliverance line perfectly.”

I beamed, preening happily. “Why, thank you.”

“And secondly...” Her smile turned into a grimace as she focused on her ex. “Sander, oh my God, did you just pee your pants?”

“What? Shit!” I leapt away from him, immediately letting go of my headlock. When I saw a wet stain spread across the front of his slacks, I shuddered in revulsion. Wiping my hands against my jeans, I felt contaminated. “Aw, sick, man. Really?”

Brandt seemed to think it was hilarious, though. As Scotini fell to his knees and returned to cradling his wet, injured junk, the kid pointed and hooted. “Oh my God, that is so freaking funny. I can’t believe you racked him, Ten.”

“Hey.” I pointed at him with a serious glance. “When someone hurts your sister, you hurt him back wherever you think it’ll be the most painful.”

“Sander, get up,” Caroline ordered, sounding very annoyed. “I can’t believe you actually thought I had any of that money left. I mean, hello, look around you. Do you think this house was free? Do you think my three brothers are cheap to take care of? It’s been a year. That money is long gone.”

“Not that she would’ve given any of it to you anyway,” I felt the need to add.

“Shit,” Sander hissed just as the back door reopened and Noel stepped outside.

I was so happy to see him I damn near giggled.

“Hey, honey!” I called brightly. “You’re home early. And here I didn’t even get to put a bow on the gift I have for you.”

Scotini glanced from Noel to me and then sent Caroline a scandalized glance. “Oh my God. Your brother’s gay?”

Really? I turned to her too, and with the same tone, I said, “Oh my God. Is he fucking stupid?”

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