A Perfect Ten

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The sweetest part of the whole idea was that I could have exactly what I wanted, and the immature chauvinist pig who pissed me off as much as he turned me on would go away absolutely clueless. I didn’t want him to know how fixated on him I was. This could be the perfect solution, which really tempted me into wondering—

Oh, hell. The entire notion was crazy. I would never in a million years actually go through with such a thing.

Half an hour later, thousands of voices in my head shrieked. “For the love of God, Caroline. What’re you doing?”

“Shh,” I hissed at the annoying shits. “I’m doing this.”

I slipped inside the front door to Quinn, Oren, and Zoey’s apartment and then closed it behind me with trembling fingers. To be discreet, I’d parked my sister-in-law’s car that I’d borrowed tonight a block down the street. And if anyone caught me inside, I already had an excuse handy. I was here to see Zoey. To talk important girl stuff. Yeah. That sounded good. And I really would talk to her if I was caught...about the fact that I’d lost my ever-loving mind!

Pausing at the beginning of the hall, I took a moment to bolster my nerve. Oren’s bedroom was the first door on the right. Only ten feet away. Drawing in a deep breath, I started to step forward when an idea hit me. Scrambling, I reached under my skirt I’d raced home to change into for my panties, and I peeled them down my legs.

I know, I know. They were the nicest underwear I owned. Why was I taking them off before he could even see the goods? Well, probably because, if we stayed in the dark like we were supposed to, he’d never see them anyway. And tonight, I just wanted to be bold and promiscuous. If I was really going to do this, I was going to do it right.

Pantyless, I stopped in front of his door and lifted my palm, but instead of knocking, I set my fingers against the wood. He was on the other side of this door, waiting for me.

Okay, fine, waiting for some other girl. But if I knocked and went inside, it’d be me he took.

A thrill raced up my spine, and butterflies danced in my stomach.

I knocked.

Oh my God. I’d just knocked on Oren’s bedroom door. What the hell was I doing?

Without waiting for an answer, I reached for the doorknob and turned it. It was also unlocked. The hallway was dark, so he wouldn’t be able to see me as I entered. And just as the girls in the bathroom had gossiped, his bedroom was unlit too.

They’d been spot-on about the spooky yet thrilling aspect of it all. I was half scared out of my mind and yet completely turned on all in the same breath. Tense with anticipation and fear, I waited for him to accost me.

Gah, this was going to kill me.

No, no, it was going to be like walking a tightrope, I told myself, with a nice safety net under it. Yeah, because if I changed my mind, I could just tell him who I was, and he’d stop. Instantly. There was no doubt in my mind he’d stop. His best friend was my big brother. If he didn’t want to be murdered, he’d definitely stop.

But I was sure I didn’t want him to stop, so I’d have to be very careful not to let him figure out who I was. Still, that security of knowing I could halt this at any time was a nice benefit in case I did chicken out at the last moment.

“Hello?” I kept my tone low and husky, hoping he wouldn’t recognize my voice.

“You’re early.”

I jumped like a startled mare before silently cursing myself. Damn, I hadn’t expected him to be so close already.

Thank God it was pitch black. He couldn’t see how flighty I was.

Accusation laced through his words and made me start to say, “sorry,” but I stopped myself at the last second, not wanting to sound like a complete pushover. Only the s sound leaked out, making an adept impersonation of a deflating tire.

“What was that?” he asked, his voice even closer now. It moved through me and made my nipples bead.

I cleared my throat as silently as possible, and pulled forth all the courage I could muster. Then I lifted my chin. “I think you’re the only one here we have to worry about coming too early.”

He chuckled in my ear, making my nerves wrench once again because I hadn’t sensed him getting quite that close. I could actually feel his breath in my hair.

“So you’re going to be a smart-ass tonight, huh?” His voice held approval. “You know what I do to smart-asses, little girl?”

I didn’t move but to turn my face his way. His breath shifted to my cheek, and his unique minty yet musky scent wafted up my nostrils. My belly fluttered with excitement as the cloth of his shirt brushed my bare arm. Oh...God. Maybe we did have to worry about me coming too early. Was it possible for girls to prematurely ejaculate?

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