A Perfect Ten

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Shivering, I nodded to myself, bolstering my nerve. Trying to lower the pitch of my voice to disguise it and maybe make it more sensual, I said, “Why don’t you just show me what you do to them?”

It took him a second to respond. Damn, my fake voice had sounded terrible and way too much like my own. Positive he’d figured me out, I froze and waited, bracing for him to flip on the light and expose me, ruining the entire charade. My heartbeat pounded through my ears.

But then he murmured, “You got it, honey.” Warm fingers, strong and confident, grasped my elbow. “This way.” He nudged me to walk in front of him, not deeper into the room toward the bed, but off to the side toward...who-knew-what.

When I bumped into something, I huffed out a startled breath and stuck out my hands, blindly checking things out until I realized what we’d encountered.

“Table,” I cautioned, thinking he’d direct me around it.

But, no. He bent me over it. “Good. Brace your hands and spread your legs.”

A lightning bolt of heat spread through me, and something deep in my womb clenched tight, aching to feel him there.

“So, it’s true then?” I gasped, gripping the table for dear life as I widened my stance. I didn’t have to do anything to alter my voice that time. It went high all on its own, because oh my God, I was opening my legs for Oren. “You really do like it in the dark and from behind.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized I’d messed up. The girl meeting him tonight had already been with him, meaning I should already know about such inclinations.

He didn’t call me on it, though, which made me frown in confusion after a second of petrified horror, waiting for him to figure it out. He merely leaned in to smell my hair. “Since you still showed up, I’m guessing that idea doesn’t totally disgust you.”

Unable to help myself, I jumped when he set his palm on my hip. The heat from his fingers scorched viciously through my dress until it had my already hard nipples tightening into oversensitive nubs.

He paused. And I knew—just knew—he was going to figure me out, turn on the light and force Noel’s misbehaving little sister from his room. But an unimaginably long breath later, he shifted his hand, sliding it around to the front of my abdomen.

“What’re you so jumpy about, honey?” His chest pressed lightly into my back, urging me to bend over the table some more. Moving naturally with him, I shifted my legs farther apart and rested my elbows on the smooth wooden top. My palms were damp and slipped a little across the surface until I found a nice sturdy grip around the beveled edge.

“Not scared,” I answered. “Worried...just worried you’re not going to be able to get me off. I’m kind of a hard nut to crack.” Sander had only managed to make me come once, and that had been with tongue and fingers, never his cock.

That was so not what I was worried about with Oren, though. But it made me sound a lot less unsure about this entire thing than I felt. Made me sound confident, sexy, in charge.

I was Caroline. Hear me roar.

“Oh, I’ll get you off, sweetness. You don’t need to worry about that.”

He gathered my skirt up to my waist. And ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, this was really happening. A light breeze wafted between my bare thighs. My head went light from freaking myself into a dizzy mess!

Should I stop him?

I should totally stop him.

Oh God. I didn’t stop him.

Warm, slightly roughened hands gripped my legs and slid up, and yeah...we definitely wouldn’t have to worry about him not being able to get me off.

“Oren,” I moaned, bowing my head down and biting my lip. My eager thighs quivered in delight under his caress.

Until he stopped moving. Damn it! I really need to remember to check my voice.

But he didn’t mention that. Instead, he muttered, “It’s just Ten.”

“What?” I blinked my eyes open and lifted my face, even though I still couldn’t see a damn thing, and I wouldn’t have seen him even if a light had been on since he was behind me.

“Just call me Ten.”

Crinkling my brow, I said, “I like Oren better.”

His hands left me completely. “Well, tough shit. I hate that fucking name. Only family is allowed to call me that.”

Huh. Really? He didn’t seem to mind when Caroline called him Oren. Did that mean he considered me family? Because I’d never called him anything but that, and he’d never once corrected me.

I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe he only saw me as a sister figure. That was creepy. If he ever found out about tonight, he’d be disgusted, thinking he’d done his surrogate sister.

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