A Perfect Ten

Page 133

“I’m on it,” I told her as I slid my hands down to her body and right inside the back of her jeans until I was cupping two cheek-fulls of ass, one in each hand.

Grinding my hips between her legs so she could feel how hard I was, I groaned when she wound her thighs around me and tugged me even closer to her pussy.

“Damn, I could never get enough of you. Not in a thousand years.”

I ripped at her shirt, kissing her and panting when she turned just as savage, tearing a bit in the neckline of my T-shirt when she yanked it over my head.

“I want to look into your eyes and face you while you take me,” she commanded.

I had no issue with that, so I nodded and kicked off my jeans as she rushed to remove hers. She took me into her hand, making me shudder with desire as I watched her slim little fingers wrap around my cock. When I pulsed into her palm, she drew in a breath and looked up at me.

“I want to feel this inside me...right now.”

Without breaking eye contact, I laid her back onto the bed and came over her. Then I thrust hard.

She arched her neck and started to cry out, but I slapped my hand over her mouth. Her eyes widened and then darted around her room before she seemed to realize where she was. Then she ripped my fingers from her face, whispering, “Oh my God, Oren. We’re in my bedroom.”

I just grinned and impaled her again. “No shit, Sherlock.”

She gnashed her teeth and panted, beginning to lose herself to the pleasure. “But...what if...did you even lock the door?”

“Can’t remember,” I admitted. I’d been preoccupied with other issues. My balls twinged when my nut sack tightened around them, but even the dulled pain of getting racked recently didn’t stop me. I was too preoccupied with matters that were way more important.

Caroline grasped my arms, her nails digging into my flesh. “But what if—” Her eyes flared wide. “Oh my God. I think I hear Noel’s voice in the kitchen.”

I just shook my head and continued to pump in and out of her. “I don’t care. I have to pleasure my woman.” Then I leaned down to whisper into her ear. “And show her how much I love her.”

She sucked in a breath and clutched my face. “I love you too. So much. So...oooohhh...oh God...much.”

I kissed her to smother her moans of pleasure. Her pussy contracted around my cock, and that was it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. We came together, clutching each other tight as our orgasm rolled through us.

Once I was spent, I collapsed onto the bed, face-first beside her. “Damn, but we’re fucking awesome at that.”

She giggled and reached out to play with my hair that had gotten damp. “Yeah, we are, aren’t we?”

I shifted to my side so I could smile into her beautiful blue eyes. “Have I thanked you lately for sneaking into my room that first night and totally tricking me?”

She shrugged. “Your gratitude’s kind of a given.”

Chuckling softly, I ran my index finger lightly over the top swell of her perfect breast. “How the hell did you talk Kelly into switching places with you, anyway?”

Her cheeks instantly turned bright red. “Uh, yeah...about that.”

“Oh, Jesus.” I groaned, already knowing I wasn’t going to like her answer. “What did you do?”

“I...might’ve...insinuated you had...an...STD, maybe.”

I closed my eyes, flopped onto my back and couldn’t help it. I laughed. “Seriously? Fuck. Thanks a lot. No wonder why I haven’t had many women hitting on me at work lately.”

Caroline sat up and bit her lip. “Are you mad?”

With another laugh, I shrugged and rolled toward her. “Not since it ended up in my favor, no. But remind me to never piss you off.”

“Never piss me off, Oren,” she said with a straight face before breaking into a grin.

I opened my mouth to call her a smart-ass when someone knocked on her door. “Care?” Gam’s voice reverberated through the wood, which about made me shit myself. “It’s time for supper. You ready to eat?”

Both our eyes widened before we scrambled off the bed together and grappled for clothes that were scattered all over the room.

“Uh...I’ll be right out,” she called, her voice too panicked for my taste. “I just need to...change first.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” I hissed under my breath as I went commando and jammed my legs into my jeans.

“Okay,” Gam answered her. “We’ll give you five minutes.”

I was dressed in about twenty seconds while Caroline was cursing her twisted bra. I reached out to help, and she threw her hands up in defeat as I straightened it around her breasts and then slid the straps neatly into place.

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