A Perfect Ten

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“Shh,” he warned, reminding me I wasn’t supposed to call him that. “You know you want this.”

“Oh, good Lord.” I groaned and slapped a hand to my forehead. “Of all the corny things to—”

I broke off with a gasp when Oren discovered just how wet I was.

“Holy fucking shit. You’re not wearing any panties.” His fingers were sure but gentle as they moved between my legs, swiping through the moisture before finding my clit.

“Wait. You can’t...” I grabbed his wrist but didn’t stop him. I didn’t want him to stop.

“I can’t what?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I panted, my legs loosening as his thumb rolled over the most sensitive little muscle in my entire body with a merciless precision. “Was I talking?”

He chuckled. “You really are this wet just for me, aren’t you?”

“Who else?” I moaned and arched up my hips. That’s why I was here, why I was risking everything to be here. Learning about his sister only made me feel closer to him. I wanted to soothe his soul, tame the poor, wild, hurting boy, and experience every physical intimacy with him while I was at it.

Even if he was only here to get off in some random chick— Wait. Thinking of it that way didn’t help anything.

I squeezed my eyes closed. Could I be any more of an idiot than I was now?

“Damn,” he breathed. He pressed at least two fingers inside me and we both sucked in a breath. My eyes flew open as I panted through the pleasure and ground against his hand, needing more.

He groaned. “I want to smell it.” Abandoning my pussy to grip my hips, he tugged me away from the door and toward him. “Slide this way, will you, sweetness?”

Once he had me where he wanted me, he gathered my skirt up to my waist, split my legs open wider, and then gripped my ass cheeks to lift me a couple inches off the floor. A second later, his breath heated me there.

I damn near came. “Oh God. Oh God.”

“Fuck,” he gasped. “You smell good. Makes me want to...taste.”

The mere word had my eyes rolling into the back of my head. But then a wet heat touched me. Knowing it was his tongue—him—I couldn’t take it. I came hard, gasping and grabbing his hair, quivering out of control.

What? It’d been a freaking year since a male had been anywhere near there. I couldn’t help it. And knowing it was Oren made it...yeah. No way was I holding that baby back.

So, I didn’t.

And Oren lapped it up until I was an exhausted, panting mess under him. “Christ, woman. You’re fucking sensitive. Too sensitive. I was kind of hoping to feel you go off around me, let these sweet, tight walls here milk my cock while I thrust inside you.”

When he lightly circled the opening of my pussy, I gritted my teeth and bowed up, taut and ready again.

The movement of his finger slowed. “Holy shit. Are you...?” As if experimenting, he slid two fingers in me. I gasped and squeezed my thighs around his wrist. “Goddamn.” He sounded amazed. “You are ready again?”

“I... I...” I wasn’t sure. I was still riding the last orgasm he’d given me, but I also felt like a live wire. If his cock wasn’t in me within thirty seconds—

His fingers jerked free, and I cried out from the loss. “No.”

“Just...hold on. I’m...damn. Fuck. Where did I put the condom?”

“What?” I sobbed, nearly in tears. If he lost his condom, I was going to hurt him. No one had riled me up like this before. I was so turned on I felt like a hair trigger. Just one more touch and I could blow...again.

“Oh yeah. I had it on the table.” A split second later, arms were lifting me. I was carried a few feet to the table he’d bent me over before. He didn’t have to say anything this time; I just slumped over it and hiked my ass into the air, beyond ready.

The sound of his zipper lowering made me jerk. I had no idea even a sound could set things off. But when you were as turned on as I was, he could probably exhale right about now, and I’d likely come. The rasp of tearing foil and the hiss of his breath as he rolled latex over his length made my thighs tremble. I bet he had his hand around himself right now. He had to be hard and pulsing, ready to enter me.

I swallowed, unable to believe this was happening. Oren was going to put his cock inside me.


I shuddered, a full-body shiver from head to toe...toes that were already curling because they tingled so badly. “Okay,” I chanted, boosting and trying to calm myself from the anticipation, all in one word. “Okay.”

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