A Perfect Ten

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“Oren,” I sobbed, my body growing tingly and tense all over again.

“Yeah,” he growled. “Say it again.”


He reached around and pinched my clit lightly. I convulsed and started coming, calling out his name. I was barely finished when he yanked out of me abruptly.

“Wha—?” What was he doing?

“New condom,” he choked. As he abandoned me completely, leaving me chilled, I straightened and rubbed my arms briskly, still coming down from the tingles seizing me.

When I took a step from the table, I winced. “Ouch. I think your table just left a permanent indention in my hip.”

“Poor baby,” he murmured, returning to me. “Here. The bed will be more comfortable.”

I sighed, thinking he’d pull back the covers and we’d climb in together and snuggle a bit, maybe finally kiss. But no. He bent me over the bed exactly as he’d bent me over the table. I wasn’t prepared when he entered me. The startling penetration caused me to jump. “Oh God! Oren...”

Moving deep and slow with each pass, he leaned into me heavily and even braced his arms on either side of me so he could press his front to my back. “You know,” he murmured into my ear as he began to stroke his fingers through my hair. “Kelly’s only ever called me Ten.”

I frowned, wondering who the hell Kelly was and why he was talking about her while he was inside me. I really didn’t want to kill him before he could give me a fourth orgasm.

“She has short, coarse, curly locks, too,” he added as he continued to comb my hair with his fingers. “Nothing this long, or straight, or silky soft.”

“Oh, shit.” Now I remembered who Kelly was.

I was supposed to be Kelly.

My mystery visitor tried to squirm out from under me, but I covered her completely, pinning her to the bed. No way was I letting her up until I drew Big O Number Four from her. So I pushed into her deeper, literally imprisoning us together. God, that felt good. The tight, wet, warm clasp of her pussy was pure nirvana.

You wouldn’t think one woman would feel all that different on the inside from another. But she did. Holy fuck, did she ever. She felt better than any other woman to let me into her body.

I tightened my grip in her silken hair, because I needed to latch on to something and also because I loved the way it seemed to set her off. Then I began to thrust with more intensity. She gave a startled sound and panted harder, getting closer to that next orgasm I was so hungry to claim. I could tell by the clenching of every muscle in her body she only had seconds to go. When she threw her head back, I sank my teeth into the tightly corded muscles of her shoulders, reveling in her approaching explosion. She sounded good when she came. Real good.

“I knew the second you walked into this room you weren’t Kelly,” I murmured into her ear, and then pressed my lips against her temple because the familiar scent from her hair had my balls tightening. “But that’s okay. I like fucking a stranger.”

That was a lie, though, since fucking a stranger wasn’t what I felt like I was doing at all. What I really liked was imagining she could be whoever I wanted her to be, not who she really was.

“Not knowing who you are just makes this hotter.” Imagining she was Caroline was what made it hotter.

And just like that, she came. The hot little muscle squeezing my cock quivered and constricted, and I couldn’t hold back. I poured into her, grinding my hips into her ass as I submerged myself as far as I could and just let it all go. She buried her face into my sheets and screamed. I felt my own moan rising, so I bit the back of her shoulder again and slid my palms up her arms until I reached her fingers where she was gripping the sheets. Then I covered her hands and clutched the sheets right along with her.

The storm rolled through us, and I kept holding her that way long after it was over.

I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to roll her onto her back so I could press my chest up against her tits and stamp my mouth to hers, part her lips, and wet my tongue against hers. I wanted to taste her and share our next thousand breaths together. Which scared the fucking shit out of me. Because I never wanted to kiss them. I was never this sweet and tender with them.

And that meant I knew she was different. She was—

She wiggled under me. “Get...off.”

“What? Ouch. Shit, woman.” She rammed her ass back, dislodging me from inside her, and caught me in the stomach. It didn’t hurt, but it did surprise me enough to rear up. “What the hell?”

I reached for her, but she was a little escape artist when she wanted to be. She shot out of the bed and scrambled for the door while my seeking fingers grasped nothing but cool air.

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