A Perfect Ten

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When a group of girls approached the bar, Oren smiled at them with lips that had been on my flesh last night, flashing teeth that had sunk into the back of my shoulder. Arms spread wide, he rested his hands—those hands that had been all over me, pulling my hair, toying with my clit, pushing inside me—on the edge of the counter and leaned in toward them to hear their order. I snarled at them for getting so close to my man, even though he was the one moving in toward them.

“Who the fuck are they?”

“They’re customers. They just want a drink. Down, girl.” Zoey tugged on my hand and led me away, dislodging my perfect view of my perfect man.

I scowled at her, even though I was grateful for the reprieve. My body still throbbed for release, but without seeing him, the intensity of each pulse was beginning to lessen.

When we found a bare patch of wall to lean against in the darkest part of the club, I sucked in air and willed myself to calm down.

“Better?” Zoey studied my face with concern wrinkling her brow.

I nodded. “Yeah. Thank you.”

She nodded too. “So...what now?”

My face crumpled when I looked at her. “I have to see him again. I mean, not as me. As her. I only wanted last night to be a one-time deal, but Zoey, you don’t understand. It was so... It—”

She sent me a sad smile. “Actually, I do understand. Completely.”

I guess she did. It was hard to believe now, but just a few months ago, Quinn had been completely forbidden to her since he’d been dating someone else. No matter how much everyone else could tell they belonged together, I’d had a bad feeling they would never hook up because they were both too honorable. But here they were now, together and happier than ever.

That should’ve given me some kind of hope.

Except it didn’t. My situation was a tad different than theirs. And I was in no way as honorable as they were.

“I have to somehow sneak back into his room without him knowing it’s me.”

Zoey snickered. “The return of Midnight Visitor?”

“Yeah.” I nodded before her words sank in. And just like that, one of my crazy, spur-of-the-moment, off-the-wall ideas hit me. “Yeah,” I murmured again, eyeing her probably a bit maniacally. “Midnight Visitor. Zoey, that’s brilliant.”

“Oh God,” she moaned, already cringing. “What did I just start?”

I grabbed her forearm, squeezing excitedly. “Can you get his phone?”

She began to say yes, when she realized what I really meant. “What? You mean right now?”

Five minutes later, Zoey was weaving back to me through the crowd with the biggest grin on her face. “I did it! I got his phone.” She looked so excited and proud of herself, it was adorable. “I can’t believe I really did it. I feel like such a rebel right now.”

“Oh, baby, you are. You so are.” I rubbed my hands together. “Now gimme.”

She handed the cell phone over. The smooth plastic was cool in my hands. It looked like any other smartphone with a plain blue cover. But it felt almost electrified in my touch, as if its hallowed surface crackled against my fingers.

This was Oren’s phone.

Yeah, I was a freaking spaz for getting my jollies off just by holding his phone. But I didn’t care. I was holding his phone!

“You’re not going to change anyone’s number, are you?” Zoey asked.

“What? No. Of course not.” Realizing she was watching me be a total creeper, I cleared my throat and quickly flipped the phone over before I pushed the home button. When I unlocked it, a passcode request came up. I whimpered.

But what the hell? He actually password protected his phone?


I glanced at Zoey. She looked up and bit her lip sympathetically.

“Any idea what it is?” I asked.

“No. But I can’t see Ten having a difficult password. It’s probably something like one, two, three, four.”

I nodded. Yeah, that sounded like him. I punched it in.

No go.

After a second of thinking, I tried another.

“Damn. That wasn’t it, either.”

“What’d you try?” Zoey asked.

“Six, seven, three, six. You know, the numbers for O-R-E-N.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what Quinn does for his password too, but you know...he uses nine, six, three, nine for...Zoey.” She blushed and smiled until her eyes widened. “Oh! Can I try one?”

I frowned suspiciously but handed the phone to her. “Okay. Sure.”

She immediately punched in four numbers. Sadness entered her gaze, but then she nodded. “I’m in.”

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