A Perfect Ten

Page 42

Holy Christ. Why had I said that?

Maybe because I was more certain that he’d cry out my name than someone else’s, and oh...my poor ovaries. The idea of him saying my name when he came was more than I could take.

So we’re back on for tomorrow night? Oren asked with his next message. Even after everything I just confessed to you?

I bit my lip. Was I saying that? Oh, hell. Yes, I was. Thinking he might want me that much was impossible to resist. So I answered, I can handle knowing you’re picturing me as someone else if you can handle always taking me in the dark.

That’s messed up.

Thought you just said you liked crazy. Truth is—though it was completely a lie—I want you again, and I’m willing to listen to you cry out another woman’s name to get you to fuck me like you did on Friday.

Damn it, now I’m hard.

Well I’ve been soaking wet for a while, so I have no sympathy.

Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough. Are we really doing this again?

We’re both fully aware of what we’re walking into now, so sure, why not?

Sweet. Lick you later, baby.

I shook my head and slipped my phone back into my bag. I loved talking to him, whether it was arguing, our strange version of flirting, or just commenting about the weather. Any byplay with Oren Tenning left me exhilarated. I swear it was his presence in my life that had brought me back to life after Sander had left me pregnant and alone. And quite frankly, I was going to gobble up any chance to be with him that I could steal. I craved the vivacity he put in me that much.

Someone stick a fork in me. I was crispy-fried and well done. Lounging on the mattress beside my midnight visitor, I blew out a breath and flopped my arm over my forehead as my breathing finally settled and evened out. But... “Fuck,” I breathed out. That had been...yeah. Mind officially blown.

She’d remembered her threat to sniff test my dick, because she’d attacked me first thing after she’d walked into my room and shoved me against the door before yanking at my pants and going down on me. I guess I must’ve passed muster, because the blowjob that followed left me so weak-kneed I almost couldn’t carry her to the bed after that to perform my own sniff test.

God, I loved the scent of a woman’s arousal. And the taste. And the softness of her inner thigh against my cheek.

Now she lay snuggled against my side in the dark. I closed my eyes and kept my lashes fused together, because it wasn’t like I could see anything anyway in this pitch black darkness. Then I just enjoyed the quiet contentment of the moment.

Curling against my side, she rested her head on my shoulder. Her breathing had also slowed, but her leg sliding over my thigh was still warm and damp. Just the way I liked to leave my woman: hot and sweaty and well ridden.

A triumphant smile curved up my lips as I palmed her hip to keep her attached to me. Damn, we were good at this together. Everything that had been bugging me yesterday and forcing me to stress draw cowered off into a distant part of my brain. All I could focus on was how amazing my post-coital glow was.

I expected her to start praising me any second. But what I heard sounded a lot more like, “Yuck. Eww. What is that?”

Wasn’t quite the, Wow, you’re the best I’ve ever had, I’d been expecting.

“Huh?” My cocky grin died a tragic, disappointed death. Stunned by any kind of negative review, I whipped onto my side so I could face her, even though I couldn’t read her expression in the dark. “What the hell are you talking about? That was fucking awesome.”

When I reached her, she was arching her back off the mattress and wiggling as if trying to escape something under her.

“Wha...eww. Oren Michael Tenning, have you been eating crackers in bed?”

“What? No.” She knew my middle name too? I wasn’t surprised. “What kind of dork eats crackers in bed?” I sniffed at her nerve for even suggesting such a pathetic idea. “They were potato chips. Cool Ranch Doritos.” Because I was a cool guy.

She let out a big, disappointed sigh as if she thought I was hopeless. “Lovely. I have cool ranch crumbs coating my butt right now.”

“Mmm.” That actually sounded hot. “The better to lick off you, my dear.”

I reached for her to do just that, but she swatted my hand away, grumbling about the crumbs. As she sat up, I could hear her dusting herself clean, so I reached over to blindly slap some of the crumbs off the mattress.

“There,” I offered as valiantly as possible. “All gone now.”

Her answer was a disbelieving sniff. “You need to clean these sheets before I visit you again.”

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