A Perfect Ten

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That only left his junk. Frowning, I shook my head. No. That part of him hadn’t felt strange or deformed. And it sure as hell hadn’t felt too small, in case he was worried that his size didn’t measure up to his huge ego. The way he had to stretch me to get inside, I knew he easily had to be twice as big as Sander.

I flushed and glanced around me, hoping no one knew just how wet I was, or how hard my nipples were. But, geesh, this was so embarrassing. How could Oren Tenning turn me on so fully without even being around?

I cleared my throat and started toward my next class, even though I was too early for it. I needed some kind of destination because my mind was wandering way too much.

Seriously, though. What was he hiding? If his dick was perfectly formed and sized, then was it a strange color, covered in spots, zebra stripes?

I snorted. I had to stop daydreaming about Oren’s cock. I’m sure his preference for lights-off sex had more to do with emotional reasons than physical ones—like a spotted dick—anyway.

Maybe...ooh, maybe he liked to pretend he was with someone else—like, ahem, me—so he took pains not to see his partner’s face. He’d already admitted that he liked not knowing who I was so that scenario actually made sense.

I grinned, liking that idea. Yeah, I was the reason behind his strange darkness fetish. Sure.

She wore panties.

I had to rip them off her with my teeth. She gasped, but even as the cotton tore, her hips surged up to meet the first dip of my tongue between her pussy lips.

“Oh God.” She gripped my hair as she groaned.

I ate her without mercy, not even pausing between licks as I went straight to the little nub of muscle that had her immediately squirming, and straining, and panting. Her fingers fisted in my hair and she pulled my mouth harder against her. Her smell and taste flooded my senses. I was so hyperaware of every fucking detail, knowing I was going down on Caroline.

My cock pulsed as I thrust two fingers in her. She started coming almost immediately, her body bowing up, her breath catching, her tight little channel pulsing around my digits. I nearly jizzed in my shorts as she cried out. It seemed to last forever too. My tongue kept massaging just one more shudder out of her. I couldn’t seem to stop licking. But then her hands lost their grip in my hair and her thighs loosened around my ears.

Phase one complete. Phase two ready to begin.

“Damn, you taste good. Remind me to come back for dessert in a minute here.”

Picking up her legs as I crawled up her body, I pinned her knees up by her ears so she had no control of those long, luscious limbs.

Tonight, I held all the control.

“You’re going to need to hold on to me for this next part,” I told her, keeping her legs in place with my torso as I found her hands and interlaced our fingers. Then I kissed her. Our tongues mated; I wondered what she thought of her own taste. She moaned with approval, so I ran my thumbs along the backs of her hands as I kicked my way out of my shorts. I already had my condom on, ready to go.

When the pad of my thumb encountered the banana sticker I’d put on her earlier in the library, I groaned and had to let go of the kiss to press my forehead to hers.

But fuck. I really was with Caroline. There was no way to dispute it now. My body became a live wire. I was so ready to explode inside her I feared I might come before I even slid in.

Still playing with the sticker, I let my thumb begin to peel it away.

“Hey.” She struggled against me, trying to stop me. But I had her neatly pinned into place.

“Oh, whatever,” I said into her ear. “You and I both know I was never going to pay you that twenty dollars.”

She gasped and tensed under me. “Oh my God.”

I thrust into her, absorbing her shock and relishing it, taking advantage of it to kiss her again. Clamping my fingers around her wrists, I trapped her to the bed. My torso still held her thighs up and immobile, stretching her until she felt extra tight around me while I had deeper access.

“Fuuuuuck.” I groaned and pressed my forehead back to hers, pumping my hips hard and fast. “I love being inside you. Damn, you feel so good.”

“Oren,” she sobbed, her breath catching as her muscles contracted around me. “Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod.”

“Already?” I taunted. “So soon? But didn’t you just come, like, thirty seconds ago?”

“Shut up.” She tried to buck me off, but not very effectively because she was too busy trying to keep herself from coming again. “I...hate...you.” Then she gave a long, strained moan as her orgasm took over.

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