A Perfect Ten

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My eyes about rolled into the back of my head. It robbed me of everything I had not to explode with her. But I wanted to torture her for as long as possible. When the best of her quakes were over and she was panting and limp under me, I sat up enough to let her legs go. She immediately stretched them out. But I kept moving in and out of her until she sobbed out a sound.

“I can’t. Please.”

Poor girl. She was already worn out. Didn’t think she could possibly come again. Well, it was time to show her how wrong she was.

Grasping her hips, I rolled us across the bed until she was on top. When I urged her to sit up, she gave a little groan of protest. “Oren, I can’t.”

Gripping her face between my hands, I whispered a harsh hiss. “Damn it, Caroline. You started this. You came to me and tricked me into playing with you. Now you have me. Your brother is going to kill us both for this, so you better make it worth our while. You better sit up there and fuck me like you meant to the first night you came into this room, wearing no panties.”

“Oh God.” She groaned a microsecond before her mouth crashed against mine. Her fingers caged my face and her pelvis ground down against mine. She went crazy, kissing me hard and dirty, pawing at my skin, bouncing up and down on my lap. It sent me right over the edge, losing my shit and exploding deep inside her. She followed me into oblivion, grinding down as if to eek every last ounce of orgasm out of both of us. We kissed open-mouthed and clutched each other hard.

Once my cock released its last drop, I rolled us again until I was back on top. Staying inside her, I kept kissing her, thrusting my tongue and cupping her face, mating my mouth with Caroline’s.

Caroline’s mouth.

I groaned and deepened the kiss with slow, wet, lazy strokes, connecting with her in ways I’d never connected with anyone. Tonight was technically our first official kiss. I couldn’t remember if we’d had any mouth-to-mouth action our first two nights together. But then, now I knew without a doubt it was her, and she knew that I knew it was her, and that changed everything.

We didn’t come up for air. We breathed each other in, lips locked until she finally pulled her face away, gasping for breath.

“Oren,” she panted and pressed her brow to my shoulder. “I can’t believe you know—”

“Shut up.” With a savage snarl, I kissed her again, pushing my tongue in ruthlessly, and making her whimper before she eagerly latched back around it and sucked it into her mouth.

We seemed to duel then, fighting each other for more passion, for...hell, I didn’t even know what.

“Fuck,” I muttered, breaking away to slap the mattress beside us. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. I can’t believe it’s really you.”

I sat up, needing space to clear my head, but as I ran my fingers through my hair, I could still taste her.

I reached out and flipped on the light, making her gasp and blink, then lift her hand to shade her sensitive eyes.

“Oh, Jesus.” A strange sob tore from my chest. She was so infuriatingly gorgeous. Her hair was a snarled mess from my hands, but it’d never looked better. Her breasts that seemed perfect when they were tucked away inside a shirt, were even better bare and marred with beard burn. Damn, her entire body was just...I started to grow hard again. She was flawless.

I clutched my hair with both hands. “Fucking goddamn shit motherfucker. It really is you.”

Scowling at me, she yanked my newly clean sheets up to cover her amazing tits. “Well, I am so sorry to disappoint you.”

Her chin lifted regally and I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I was rocking my anger—or more aptly, my fear—too strongly to give into that urge.

“I’m not disappointed,” I bit out, frankly incredulous that she could even think that. “I’m pissed as hell. I promised—I fucking promised—your brother that I would never touch you.”

I swear, a microsecond of guilt flashed across her face before her eyes narrowed. “Well, you can relax. You didn’t touch me. I touched you, remember? I tricked you and came to you; you had no idea—”

I snorted, cutting her off as I shook my head. “Yeah...I have a feeling Gamble won’t see it that way.”

Flopping back against my pillow, I stared up at the ceiling and wondered how the hell I was going to come out of this unscathed. “I’m dead,” I said more to myself than her. “I’m so fucking dead.” Moaning out my predicament, I ran my hands over my face. “Christ, Caroline. He’s going to fucking kill me.”

Ashamed, I bit my lip and turned my attention away from Oren, who was slaughtering me with his perfectly logical accusations.

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