A Perfect Ten

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My brow furrowed. Not even wanting to think about it, I took her hand and concentrated on weaving our fingers together. “No,” I said slowly. “I think your math’s off. We’ve still got, like, four or five more days left.”

“Yeah,” she finally murmured. “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

And that was that.

The next day, our one-week time limit came. The day after that, it passed. I kept picking my midnight visitor up at the curb a block from her house damn near every night and then dropping her back off hours later. And I kept doing naughty, unspeakable things to her. And yeah, I loved every second of it. But then, so did she.

So, not on day eight—hell, not even on day twelve—did either of us mention the fact that we’d gone over our affair’s deadline. I’m pretty sure neither of us cared that we totally broke the rules. In those first few weeks, nothing mattered but the next time I could be inside her. Not even the fact that I was completely betraying my best friend on earth.

I still hated it when she brought up his name though, especially when we were wrapped up together and relaxed into a near coma after a really vigorous round of sex.

“Is it immature to hide this from Noel?” she asked, her cheek resting on my arm and her perfect ass tucked in my lap as my arms remained banded around her.

A tick formed in my jaw, but she didn’t see it, so I shrugged. “We’re still young. Aren’t we allowed some immaturity?”

She sighed. I hated that sigh because it told me keeping this from him bothered her as much as it bothered me. “I know you hate lying to him, but I...I want to wait to tell him, if that’s okay with you. This is just...”

“None of his damn business.” I growled, irritated because he was even an issue.

“Well, that and...it’s new and fun, and he’ll make it all—”

“Trust me.” I stroked her hip to relax her. “I’m not exactly thrilled about the idea of having my best friend go all disapproving dad on me. And we know he will. I don’t mind waiting. Maybe if he sees me settling down for a while and not chasing every woman who crosses my path, he’ll grow a little more...open to the idea.”

He wouldn’t. She probably knew that as well as I did. Gamble had gotten drunk with me too many times, he’d seen me hook up with scores of women too many times, hell, he’d shared women with me too many times to ever let me chase after someone important to him.

“Yeah.” Caroline blew out a breath and sent me a blinding smile, letting me know I’d said the right thing. “Maybe a little time will help him…adjust to the idea.”

Her smile did things to me, so I rolled her until she was on her stomach. Needing to distract her from the sadness, guilt and unease that always followed a “Noel” conversation, I rubbed her back and kissed my way down her spine. A grin lit my face as she gave a dreamy sigh.

“Damn, I love your mouth and hands on me.”

Her voice was languid yet husky, so I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “And I love your after-sex voice. Just listening to it makes me want to…” Instead of describing my fantasies, I pressed my hips up against her perfect bare ass and rubbed my growing cock against her sweet tush.

She sucked in a breath and arched back. “Again? Already?”

“With you? Always.” After suiting up, I took one of her legs and shifted it out of my way so I could slot myself between her thighs. “Excuse me. Pardon me, ma’am. I just need through here. Thanks.”

She giggled just as I entered her from behind. And then... “Oh,” She gasped in surprise. “Wow. I love how full you always make me feel, how perfectly you slide in and out, how warm and stimulating your fingers are when they cup my breasts and...yeah. That.”

I grinned as I lightly pinched her nipples. She arched and moaned out her need. “Oh God. Oren.”

I wanted to tell her I loved it when she said my name like that. But I just sighed. “I know, right? I’m really good at this.”

Another laugh blurted from her. “And so modest, too.”

“Modest, schmodest.” I rolled onto my back so she was on top of me but still facing away. The new exposing angle made her gasp, but I took advantage of it by cupping a breast in one hand and her clit in the other. “Who wants modesty when you can have the best sex of your life?”

“Not…not me, I guess,” she panted out, turning her face to the side until our cheeks brushed. “I…ooooohhhh.”

I slowed the movement of my fingers, really getting into the playfulness of the moment. “What was that?” I asked as I nibbled at her earlobe.

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