A Perfect Ten

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We attacked each other until I had to come up for air.

“What the fuck are you doing, coming here, dressed like that?” I thundered and kissed her again, hard, not giving her a chance to answer. While I spiked my tongue into her mouth, my hands roamed her thighs until I had them up her skirt and was palming her ass cheeks through her panties. After I managed to pull my mouth away, I pressed my forehead to hers. “Or did you just want to drive me crazy because you knew I couldn’t talk to you, or touch you, or kiss you after those fucking, stirring texts you sent me?”

“You used to talk to me in public before,” she argued, even as she ran her fingers through my hair and cupped my head in her hands. Then she yanked me in for another kiss.

I ground my pelvis into hers and kissed her back, only to come up for air so I could keep arguing. “Yeah. Before,” I muttered. “When it wasn’t fucking impossible to keep my hands off you. I don’t know how the hell I’m ever going to survive being in the same room with you and your brother again, not without letting something slip.”

Caroline laughed. “You mean something like this.” When her hand wandered toward my throbbing erection, I snagged her wrist.

“Oh, no you don’t. You don’t get to play with the magic stick after the way you just totally flirted with Hart.”

“What?” Her incredulous exclamation came a second before she shoved me in the chest. “I was not.”

“Really? And here, I could’ve sworn he told you how good you looked tonight, how you put every other woman in the place to shame, and in return, you smiled up at him and batted those goddamn beautiful lashes his way.”

“Oh. That.” She cleared her throat discreetly. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly call that flirting. It was more like—”

“Flirting,” I deadpanned. “He fucking flirted with you. And you flirted back.”

“That’s just how we talk. It didn’t mean anything. I certainly didn’t grab his ass the way that one girl did to you when she slid your tip into your pocket, now did I?”

I barked out a harsh laugh. “You’re comparing? Really? Then you should note I didn’t smile and bat my lashes at that chick after she touched me. I looked around for you, and I saw you going down the hall, so I followed you, and bam. Here we are. Jesus, but you make me horny when you’re jealous.”

I kissed her again and she was just as eager to kiss me back. She crawled up me until she’d wound her legs around my waist.

“Damn it. I want to be inside you so bad right now.”

“I know.” She whimpered and ground her core against my erection. “But I don’t want to leave a mess in here. Do you have anything?”

I shuddered. “Yeah, but...shit, baby. I’m working. Your brother’s...” Hell, I couldn’t even finish listing all the reasons why this was a bad idea. I ripped her panties off and plunged a finger inside her. She immediately lit up, and I almost went off with her while I was still tucked in my pants.

“Wait, I...fuck.” I couldn’t see shit in this dark-ass office.

While Caroline was still coming against my fingers, I searched the wall for a light switch. Once I found it, I flicked it on and caught the last of her orgasm as she rested the back of her head against the door and panted. Perspiration misted her brow and upper lip. She was so damn beautiful I once again almost came.

Spotting the couch across the room, I carried her to it and laid her down. Then I dug my hand into my pocket and whipped out my wallet. As I fumbled for a condom I was sure had to be inside, Caroline sat up and unzipped my pants. I groaned as she pulled me free.

She flitted her fingers over my birthmark first, as was her way, smiling softly as she touched it with a gentle kind of reverence. Then she kissed it before she licked me from base to tip and lapped up a drop of pre-cum at the end.

I wondered why this didn’t feel strange. I’d spent years freaked out about my spotted dick and had gone to great pains to keep it hidden from everyone. But a month with Caroline and I had no qualms whatsoever about whipping it out in front of her. She actually made me feel more special because of it.

Her mouth covered me completely before her face bobbed forward and she took most of me down her throat.

Goddamn. That felt good.

I grabbed a handful of her hair. When she moaned, I tightened my grip. “Shit. You’re really good at that.” She sucked a little harder and pulled me deeper into the hot, cavity of her mouth a little deeper. “Damn. How do you make me ready to come so easily?”

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