Bennett Mafia

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I could only hiss out, “Yesssss” through my teeth. I was blind with desire and drunk with pleasure.

Something crashed to the floor.

He kept thrusting in me, deeper and deeper.

He was making me his, but when had I not been? Really? Then his mouth found my breast again, and I was gone, lost in the darkness of our coupling.

He pushed in, out, in, out until I felt myself coming. An explosion crashed inside of me, and I screamed, gasping as it ripped through me, leaving me trembling in his arms. Once I was done, he carried me to the bed. Then he pulled out, moved me to my knees, and stood behind me.

He gripped my shoulder and molded himself over me.

His cock found my entrance, and as his teeth nipped at my skin, he pushed back in.

No. I’d been wrong. This. This was him claiming me.

One hand held my breast, the other held my waist, and as I turned back for him, his mouth found mine, and he fucked me until he came too.

It was rough, but it was us. He opened a channel inside of me where dark things happened, a place most people didn’t want to acknowledge. Not Kai. Not me. He’d found it in me, made me look at it, and then he took me there and was making it my home.

I shouldn’t have wanted it. I shouldn’t have wanted him, but I could no longer deny that I was his.

Everything had been leading to this point—the time when I would seek him out, when I would follow him, when I would make him come and get me. We were there now, and I hadn’t known until this moment.

I’d known everything was going to change when that plane left to bring me here. Now I knew how complete that change would be.

I rolled to my back, and he fell down next to me—both of us panting, sweating, tingling—and then his hand found mine and he squeezed. He curled toward me, his leg moving over me, holding me in place, and he pressed a soft kiss to my shoulder.

“Don’t leave again,” he murmured.

I squeezed back; that was all the energy I could muster. “Never.”

And there, we both fell asleep, my world completely changed.

I just didn’t know if it was for the better.


I woke and rolled over. It was still dark outside.

Kai sat on the edge of the bed, his back to me, his elbows resting on his knees. I sat up, scooting over to slip my legs around both sides of him. He tensed at first, then relaxed as I rested my cheek to his back, breathing him in.

He caught one of my hands, tugging it to his chest. “Do you regret anything?” he asked, his back rumbling with the question.

I held still a moment. He was asking so much.

“No.” I relaxed. I squeezed his hand. “Not one thing.”

He raised our hands, pressing a kiss to them. “Good.” Instead of turning to me, he reached behind him and dragged me around to straddle his lap. I raised my arms, resting them on his shoulders. I grinned at him, easing back to take in his entire face.

His hair was tousled. I could see soft lines of tiredness around his mouth, but his eyes were alert. Awake. He reached up, his fingers sliding to cup the back of my head.

He drew me close, my forehead touching his. “You’re here now.”

“I’m here now.”

“I have things to do here.”

“I know.” My hand twitched. He felt it, raising his eyebrows.

“Will you be okay with that?”

“I came to see my father.” But there was more. I’d come for him too. I just didn’t know it until I got here.

He nodded, his fingers tracing my sides. “I want to remove your father from his company.” He paused, observing me intently. “And I want you to replace him.”

I leaned farther back to really take him in.

There was a guardedness, a resigned expression behind his eyes—as if he was warning me, but also waiting for…something. I didn’t know what.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Are you willing to do that? I can have someone replace you, if you want. If you’re willing to help me.”

I grinned. “We’re back to the original proposition then?”

His grin was rueful, but ominous at the same time. “You came here of your own volition. I won’t send you away. I’ll only make you do something if it’s for your safety. That’s it. I promise.” He looked me over. “I don’t promise often.”

My mouth was suddenly parched. “Okay. I mean…” I licked my lips. “Yes. I’ll do what I can.”

“I need to remove your father from the Bello Company, and I’ll put you in his place. If you stay, it’s up to you. It can be real, or it can be for show. I can have Tanner come down to act as your spokesman. That’s all up to you.”

Why was he telling me this?

What else was going to happen?

But I nodded. “I’ll do it.”

And as soon as I said those words, the butterflies were back, and this time they had steel-edged wings. That meant so many things: I would reveal myself as not being dead to the public. I would have to face my father. It had been a nightmare for half my life, a revenge-filled dream, a goal, and now—I gulped—a reality. A whole tornado kicked up inside of me.

“What about my cousin?” I asked.

Kai shook his head, closing his eyes and tugging me against him. I looked into his eyes, seemingly closer to him than I’d ever been before. He wasn’t guarded now. He seemed to be seeking comfort in me, in my embrace.

Some of the tornado lessened.

He moved to kiss my neck and breathed out, “She won’t be a problem.”

I tipped back, a finger under his chin as I raised his face.

“Why not?”

A shudder went through his chest. He gripped my hand and held it between my breasts, his thumb sneaking out to graze one. “Because she’s a non-factor. She’s not his daughter. She’s not related to him by blood at all. She is his mistress. That’s it.”

“Not girlfriend?”

“Mistress is more appropriate. Trust me.” His gaze hardened. “She doesn’t matter to him, not after he sees you again.”

“Is she the only one who might have a claim to his position, though?”

“Only if they were married. They’re not. I checked.”

“I thought they were engaged.”

“An engagement doesn’t beat out a daughter. And when you’re presented to him, he’ll champion you. I promise.”

The dark shivers I’d begun to equate with Kai went down my spine again. He was planning something, but this time, I wasn’t on the other side. This time, I knew I needed to trust him.


“Okay?” His grin showed, becoming infectious.

Those damn dimples too.

I laughed, shaking my head. “You look like a little boy who got his favorite piece of candy.”

His eyes darkened. “Because I did.” He hardened beneath me and leaned forward, his eyes holding mine until I felt his lips on my throat. They were now commanding, and the throb within me burst into a full-fledged fire.

My breathing quickened, along with my pulse, and I tipped my head back as his mouth began to explore. Down. Down. Nuzzling between my breasts, then sweeping over to take one nipple into his mouth. His tongue wrapped around me, kissing me, tasting.

A full body sigh left me, and slowly, inch-by-inch, he lowered me back to lie on his legs. My head came to rest just over his knees. I was stretched out for his feasting, and as he released one breast, he moved to the other. He took his time, making my entire body clench, tremble, and tighten, only for him to do it all over again.

He moved farther down.


All the way until I felt his lips on my clit.

He was bent almost in half, and his tongue pushed inside.

I gasped, sensations coursing through me, setting everything on end.

He kissed and sucked, thrusting his tongue in, then licking, while his fingers rubbed over me. It wasn’t long before I was gasping, air caught in my throat, and I exploded for him.

A few moments later I still wanted him, but that had mixed with a languid contentment. Every bone in my body melted as he readjusted us, laying me on my back and moving between my legs. He crawled up, holding himself above me, his muscles rock hard, and then he pushed inside. He watched me the whole time.

Dark. Delicious. Desire.

All of it rolled together as he moved inside of me. This was different than before. This was a meeting of the souls. He was tugging me farther into his world.

A tremor wound up inside of me, like a snake, and once it worked itself all the way to the top of my head, I exploded once more.

He was right behind me, falling over me, his body quaking and trembling with his release.

I lie beside him as his heartbeat slowed to match mine.

He ran a hand down my side as he eased out of me. I couldn’t form a thought or even a word. We had started to fall asleep when there was a shuffle of feet outside my door.

“I say, this is my house. My business,” a sharp voice protested. “You let me in there. I need to check on my customer. It’s my right!”

A low male voice spoke to her.

“I said what I said! I ain’t moving.”

Another shuffle of feet and a soft, reluctant knock on the door.

Kai tensed for a second before pushing up. “Hold on.”

He jumped out of bed, moving with ease and athleticism. Flashing me an apologetic look, he dressed and moved to the door.

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