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“Sorry I kept you waiting,” I whispered.

“Me too,” he said, tucking his arms behind his head. “My balls are so damn blue by now, they are solely responsible for creating a new shade in the blue spectrum.”

I started to laugh, but caught myself. The last thing I wanted was to wake one of the four sleeping bodies in this apartment, because I could not handle a serving of delayed gratification tonight. If I had balls, I could guarantee mine would have been bluer than his.

“Let me make it up to you,” I said, shrugging out of my robe. Before it had dropped to the floor, Jude’s eyes had widened beyond their capacity.

“Consider yourself made up,” he said, his eyes running over me.

I tried to ignore what was rising in his boxers, but I couldn’t. I needed that inside me. I wanted it now.

I crawled across the mattress to him, holding myself above him to purposely drive him a little crazy. When my face was directly above his, I stopped. I smiled down at him, reveling in the power I so obviously had over him. “How’s it going down there?” I said, lowering my mouth so it was just above his. So close I could taste his breath coming from his lips.

His hands grabbed my h*ps as his h*ps flexed up to meet mine. “It’s going to be a lot better down there when I’m buried deep inside you.”

I wasn’t sure if the moan that escaped me was due to his words or the continued pressing of his h*ps against mine, but I’d place an equal bet on both.

Fresh out of willpower, I lowered myself onto him, letting all my weight curve against him. I felt his erection running from the bottom of my panties to the top of my belly button. I moved up and down against his body. His mouth was no longer gliding against mine; it was sucking and nipping.

When I slid up him a third time, I almost came right then. I was so ready it was dampening his boxers, but I didn’t want to before he was inside me. I lifted my h*ps to remove the temptation of friction, and tried to catch my breath.

Tried and failed.

“That’s a nice bra, Luce,” Jude said, sounding about as breathless as I felt. One hand left my hip and traveled up my stomach before cupping my breast. His thumb and finger caught my nipple and gave it a gentle tug. “I wonder what your ni**les taste like through it.”

In one seamless move, Jude’s mouth took the place of his fingers. His tongue played with my nipple before he took it into his mouth. He started out gentle, but that changed. The harder he sucked, the closer I got to coming.

Leaning back, I freed myself from his mouth. I wasn’t going to come until he was moving inside me, and since it was obvious I couldn’t hold off much longer, I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down.

“What?” Jude whispered, grinning at me. “All done with the foreplay?”

How could he not be? I felt like I was ready to explode if I had to wait another minute, and here he was, casually relaxed and reclining, seemingly happy to grind and suck the night away.

“I need you inside me, Jude,” I said, grabbing hold of him. That got a reaction from him. “Please.”

I was just lowering my hand down him when he lifted his hips, successfully rolling me off him. I was on my back and he was hovering over me before I knew how I’d gotten there.

“Say that again,” he whispered, before running his mouth down my neck.

“What?” I breathed.

“Beg me,” he said, right before his teeth sank into my neck. I flinched, but more from pleasure than from pain.

“Please,” I said, pressing my pelvic area against him. “Please, Jude.”

His mouth stayed on my neck, gently sucking at it. His hands skimmed down my waist, continuing on past my h*ps and gliding around the front of my panties. That thumb of his stopped over my cl*t and circled it.

“Yes.” I sighed, flexing against his touch. “Please, baby. Do me.”

His thumb came to a stop, right before he tore the lace away. “With pleasure,” he said, right before he thrust into me.

I practically screamed in relief before Jude’s hand covered my mouth.

“Shhh,” he whispered, his voice gravelly as he moved deeper inside me. “I’m going to make you come hard, Luce, but I need you to be quiet so we don’t wake the whole house.”

He slid out, and I wanted to cry.

“Can you be quiet?” he asked, waiting.

“When was the last time I was able to be quiet?” I said, trying to get him back inside. But he wasn’t having it. He wasn’t going to enter me again until I agreed.

“I’ll be quiet,” I said, as quickly as I’d ever said three words.

“Good,” he said, just barely entering me, “but just in case . . .” Grabbing the satin scarf I had tied in my hair, he slid it down over my face until it was covering my mouth.

That, with the smallest amount of him inside me, almost caused me to come yet again.

His mouth found my other nipple this time, and right as he took it deep inside, his h*ps flexed and he thrust even deeper inside me. I almost screamed out again, but my promise fresh on my mind, along with the scarf covering my mouth, served to keep it contained. His pace picked up until he was breathing as heavily as I was. I was proud of myself that I’d managed to hold my orgasm off, but when his mouth moved from my breast to just outside my ear and he started whispering words, I started to spiral out of control.

“That’s right, baby. That’s right,” he breathed, not only moving faster, but harder now. “I want to feel you come, Luce.”

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