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I woke to a hand sliding under my top and cupping my breast.


Then I became aware of a very masculine and muscled thigh sliding between my legs and rolling me to my stomach. As he slid my tank’s strap down, his lips went to my naked shoulder and nibbled on the back of my neck. Goosebumps broke out as I sucked in a breath. My legs pressed together, and a deep, strong throbbing started. It was pounding in a steady beat. As his lips moved down my spine, I gasped out loud. Arching my back for him, I was pressed against him. He was hard, but Mason didn’t grunt, he didn’t make a sound. Instead, his hand fell to my hip, and he pulled me even further into him. His hand caressed down my back and my tank top was bunched together into one tiny scrap of fabric. Slowly, so goddamn slowly, he pressed his chest to my back, but he was holding me up now.

I needed him now.

He slid my top up my back, trailing kisses on my spine as he did. When it was lifted over my head, I pushed up from the bed, pushing him upright with me at the same time. Enough. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I needed more of him. We were now kneeling together. As the top fell to the floor, I reached behind me for him. I needed to taste him.

My hand slid around his neck to his hair, and I grabbed a fistful of it, taking a firm hold and anchoring him to me. He grunted now, grinding into me as his lips went to my ear. I could feel him smiling as his teeth took hold of it, sucking on it. Still holding me to him, one hand cupped my breast firmly while his other hand went to my underwear. They were pushed out of the way as he slid a finger inside me. Then a second.

“Mason,” I wrenched out, turning my head for his lips.

A deep chuckle came from him as he nuzzled along my jawline, so achingly close to where I wanted him. I needed him inside of me. Now.

A shudder went through me.

God. I was already wet. The throbbing was pounding through me. To wake up like this, feeling him slowly rocking against me, I was almost panting.

His fingers pushed further inside of me, building a tempo, going slow. Leaning back into him, my hand fell to his and I urged him to go faster. It was building, but I needed it harder. Faster. His lips curved up as he nuzzled along my cheek. His other hand was rubbing over my breast, teasing me, and I fell against him. He was holding all of me up. I could barely kneel anymore, but I moved my head, searching for his lips. The desire was so blinding, but he wouldn’t kiss me, and I growled in frustration. He chuckled as his lips nipped at the corner of my lips.

“More,” I rasped out. “Now.”


A thrill went through me when I heard the thick lust in his voice. I wasn’t the only one nearing combustion. He was barely holding back—I could tell—his hips were moving against me harder, faster. Then he started to bend me over. His hand left my breast and it cupped the side of my hip. He whispered against the back of my neck, “Hold onto the headboard.”


“Mason,” I whimpered again. It was too much, but my hands grasped onto the headboard. My fingers curled around it, and I held on. I had no idea how. I was so focused on him, at how he was almost in me now. I could feel him through his boxers. His hand was still between my legs, but he pulled out. Instantly, I ached for him. I was too empty. I groaned in protest. “No …”

Then he was back. He had switched his angle now; he was firmly behind me. Urging my legs further apart, his fingers began pistoning in and out of me faster than before.

I was going crazy.

I needed him, all of him, and I began moving faster, riding his hand at the same time.

“Jeezus,” he grunted over me, his mouth next to my ear.

A delicious shiver rushed through me as his breath caressed my skin.

“Now,” I cried out, gritting my teeth.

His fingers kept ramming into me, sliding back and forth, going deeper until I wasn’t sure they could go any deeper.

“Mason.” I was panting now. Goddamn. “Please.”

A deep guttural groan was my answer and his hand left me. His boxers were shoved down and in one smooth movement, he thrust deep inside of me.


I closed my eyes and welcomed the heat. He was home now. We moved together, knowing each other’s bodies so well. Turning my head to the side, his lips were there and they opened for me. I needed him. Sweeping my tongue against his lips, I tasted what was mine. He was mine. All of him was mine.

Bent over me, he held me anchored in place with a hand gripping my hip, but his other reached under me and took a firm hold of my breast. His thumb rubbed against my nipple. Shit. I gasped, pushing back into him so he’d go harder.

“Sam,” he whispered against my lips.

I needed him to go faster. I couldn’t handle it anymore and began to rock against him faster and faster.

“Shit,” he gasped now, but he straightened. Both of his hands held onto my hips and he slammed into me, pushing me into the headboard now. I didn’t care. My face was to the side now and I was gasping for breath. Some of my hair had fallen into my face so I couldn’t see. The strands dipped into my mouth, but Mason moved them. They were tucked behind my ear and I was gasping for breath. He kept thrusting into me.

I was nearing.

I could feel it.

“Mason.” A low groan came from the bottom of my throat.

I was right there.

Then, as his hands dug into my hips one last time, he emptied into me. I was right with him. My body shot over the edge and trembled as the waves rocked over me. He collapsed on my back and chuckled. His hand skimmed past my hip and he pushed off from the headboard. As our skin separated, he grunted.

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