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This couldn’t be said. It would make it real.

“She saw what he already knows.” Tate kept going. Her voice was so goddamn cheerful. “And I love it because it sent him into a tailspin. It wasn’t that he couldn’t lose his brother, it was you. He couldn’t lose you. I don’t know what he did, but I’m not stupid. I know how Mason works. He was behind Logan dating her and dumping her, wasn’t he? I love this. I love that I’m the one that’s going to spill it.”

I held my breath. My hands were in fists now, and I pressed them into my legs.

“He wanted to silence the one other person that caught on, and she might’ve said something. Too bad she never figured it out, but she is dumb. Quite dumb, though she acts like a princess.” A hollow laugh came from her. “She saw the same thing. She saw why Mason stopped giving a damn about me this year. That’s what she saw and why she was so confused that you were with Mason.”

I continued to hold in my breath and kept my eyes closed. No, no, no, no …

“Mason didn’t get that video of me sucking off Logan out of the goodness of his heart. He didn’t even get it to help Logan. This is Logan. He doesn’t give a shit if someone watches him getting a blow job. Oh no. Mason got that video because he was hoping it’d keep my mouth shut because he knows I figured it out.” She snorted to herself. “He didn’t want me to tell you what I know. And like I said before, I no longer give a shit. You want to know what Miranda saw all those months ago, even though she never connected the dots?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t lose them.

Tate continued to laugh as she started to back away. “Logan couldn’t love me because he’s in love with you. It’s finally out there now.” She paused and an abrupt laugh came from her. “Logan’s in love with you.”

She kept laughing all the way to her car, but I couldn’t move.

Logan was in love with me.


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