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“Already getting there.” And I was.

“They wanted me to drug Sam one night and take pictures of her.” Nate didn’t hold back the truth. He delivered without missing a beat. “They wanted her naked and put in embarrassing positions.”

“Were you supposed to do anything to her?”

Nate hesitated, but answered a second later. “Yes, but you know I wouldn’t have done any of it. I’ve been stalling and trying to fix this on my own.”

Kate’s fate was sealed. I was going to destroy her. “Push Parker to find out when the tape was created. Maybe we can figure out if there even is a tape before we call her bluff.”

Nate flinched. “We’re going to call her bluff?”

“We’ll search her house first.”

“Or you can pretend to be tight with Kate and get the tape from her.”


“That’s the only thing she wants—you. Kate’s obsessed with you. She’ll do anything for you, even hand over a video she used to blackmail your best friend.”

“Kate’s obsessed with power. She’ll go through anyone to get it, even my friends.” Nate looked away, and I paused. “Or has she already?”


“Don’t f**k with me.”

He nodded, sighing at the same time. “Yeah, she’s come on to me a few times. Parker doesn’t know. I haven’t told her yet.”

If she had with him, she would’ve with the others. A new plan was forming in my head. “Don’t. If Kate does it again, record it on your phone. We can use it against her.”

“Hey.” Logan came around the car. His eyes darted between us. “What’s going on?”


Logan shot me a questioning look.

“I’ll fill you in later.” I punched Nate in the shoulder. “Go to your woman. Keep stalling for us.”

“Actually,” Nate glanced from me to Logan, “I told her I’d meet up with her in the morning. She thinks I’m going for pizza and then Ethan’s party.”

Logan narrowed his eyes, his jaw locked in place, but he kept quiet.

I kept a wary eye on my brother. He wasn’t known for keeping his temper in check. This was one of those moments so I said to Nate, “Then go. We’ll see you later.”

As Nate went to his car, I knew my brother was a heartbeat away from exploding. I lowered my voice. “Relax, okay? I’ll tell you the plan in a second.”

“Fine,” Logan growled and waited for Nate to reverse.. As he did, Logan said, “He was with Parker just now, but it sounds like you already know—”

A screech of tires silenced him. We darted around my car and heard a thud, followed by metal crashing into metal.

Everything slowed.

Holy shit.


“Oh my god,” Logan breathed out next to me. We stopped, just for a moment and we stared.

Nate’s car was in the middle of the intersection. Another car’s front end had barreled into him and both cars were smashed together.

A sudden pause fell over me. I couldn’t think, breathe, or hear anything. Then it cleared just as quick. Nate’s horn kept blaring as someone screamed. Then I took off, sprinting to the accident. My heart had leapt into my throat and my feet pounded onto the pavement. I couldn’t get there fast enough.

The place was packed for the rest of the night. Heather popped her head in once to warn me Kate and her Bitch Crew had arrived. When they didn’t see me, she said they left right away. A different emotion flared over her face as she passed along the message, but it was gone before I could place it. Maybe fear? But no. Heather seemed to be getting pissed by them. She couldn’t be getting scared. A shiver went through me. I hoped she wasn’t getting scared. That would mean they were winning. That they were getting to the one female friend I had. No one else had befriended me over the past week, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would.

It was later on, a few hours before closing, when I realized she hadn’t told me if Logan or Mason had arrived. I was half expecting them to find me in the back themselves. Mason would’ve helped me, but Heather only came back to ask if I wanted to see any of my Academy friends. I didn’t. Adam and Becky both had been trying to remain friends, but there was too much disloyalty and pain that came with them.

When the grill closed, I still hadn’t heard a thing. Because I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, or worry Heather, I found her brother during a break. “Brandon?”

He looked up mid-pour. “One second.” Finishing, he slid the drink across the counter to his customer and headed over. Wiping his hands on a towel, he raised his eyebrows. “What’s up?”

I felt so stupid. “Did any of Mason and Logan’s friends come in?”

He frowned. “No, now that you mention it. That’s weird. You worried?”

Not helpful. I sighed. “I’m sure things are fine. I’m just surprised, is all.”

I was about to go back for the last of the dishes when Brandon tapped my arm. He’d come closer and lowered his voice, “Listen, I know what you’re thinking, and that’s not the case. I was being a jackass earlier. No way would Mason cheat on you.”

Thanks, Brandon. I am now thinking it’s a possibility.

Inching even closer, he scanned the room before he continued, “Listen, none of their crew came in.” He shook his head, staring at me like I was supposed to know what that meant.

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