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I sucked in a breath. “Are you guys going to hurt them?” Did I want that? Didn’t that mean they’d retaliate? Mason or Logan could get hurt. That couldn’t happen. Maybe I could talk to Brett … no. I’d make it worse then. “They’ll hurt you guys back.”

“Oh.” Understanding flashed in his eyes and he lifted a hand. It went to my arm, meant to comfort me, but I bolted into him. Bumping against his chest, I wrapped my arms and hugged tight. Logan was family. Mason was more. I couldn’t lose either of them.

I mumbled against him, “Don’t hurt them. They’ll hurt you back. I can’t handle that.”

“Oh, Sam.”

“Logan, promise me.”

He stiffened under my arms and moved me back. “I can’t promise you that.”

I knew it.

It felt as if a hand reached inside of me and was gripping my heart.

Logan added, “I’m sorry, but they’re going to do it anyway. They’re looking for you. Why do you think that is?”

“For running lessons?” My voice came out high-pitched and shrill. The panic was full blown. “Why wouldn’t they?”

He sighed and shook his head. As he bit down on the corner of his lip, I turned away. I couldn’t see the pity there. They were going to do it anyways, no matter the consequences. One of them was already hurt. When would they be next? I knew it was only a matter of time.

I had to try again. “Please, Logan. Go to the police. This is going to end badly.”

“They’re hoping to hurt you. You’re Mason’s girlfriend. Everyone knows how protective we are of you. You’re our weakness, Sam. We have to finish this before they do something to you.”

I gritted my teeth. Mason and Logan would not get hurt, not if I had anything to do with it …

“Logan,” Mason called from down the hall.

“Gotta go.” Logan cupped the back of my head and pressed a chaste kiss to my forehead. “You okay?”

I nodded. The numbing sensation had left, but it was coming back. As he broke away and headed off, I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling. I was given a glimpse into the future. One where it was one of them, not Nate, in that hospital bed, but it was worse.

“Um,” a voice broke through my reverie. I jerked my head sideways and saw a girl standing in the doorway. Her top lip was curled up in a sneer, and she was eyeing me up and down. Dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and jeans that clung to her tiny form, I figured she was cheerleader. The glitter was still on her cheeks. Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, she pointed at me with her other hand. “Your leg is ringing.”

My leg is ringing … Oh. My phone.

It was James. I closed my eyes for a second and heaved a big sigh. I could only take so much, but I answered as I left the room and headed back outside. “Hello?”

“Sam.” His relief was clear. “Thank you for answering. I can’t get Mason or Logan on the phone.”

“They’re busy right now.”

“I know. Is Nate okay?”

I frowned. “How do you know?”

“About the accident? His parents were called, but they’re in New Zealand so they called me right away.”

His parents? Sometimes I forgot he had them. “Uh, I’m not sure. I think he’s fine. Mason and Logan are with the doctor right now.”

“Yes. His parents told the doctor to release information to them. Are they okay?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m sure they’re worried.”

He was silent. Then, he added, “No, not Nate’s parents. I meant my sons. Are they all right?”

“Oh. Yeah, they’re fine.”

“Good.” I could picture him, nodding with the phone pressed to his ear. “That’s good. Do you think I should come down there?”

Oh dear god. “NO! I mean, no.” There was no way I could handle Analise right now.

He gentled his voice. “I wouldn’t bring her, Sam. Not to this. I know Helen was called as well. I’m sure she’s heading there now.”

My heart started to race again. I couldn’t handle her either. “She is?” My fingers gripped the phone tight.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m trying to get ahold of my sons. Could you ask them if they want me to come down? Neither have responded to my earlier text about them moving back in and dinner.”

“Um …”

“I’d imagine Helen will want them to stay with her,” he commented without waiting, then continued, “and I’m sure they won’t want to stay at Nate’s house since his parents are coming.”

They are? That was not in the conversation. Had I missed that?

“Do you need a place to stay? I couldn’t imagine Helen being okay with you being at the hotel with them.”

“What?” I squeaked into the phone. Was it possible to have a heart attack at my age? It was pounding in my chest. A rush of heat came over me as chills went down my spine at the same time.


Hearing Mason’s voice, I jumped, and turned in the air. His eyes widened when he saw my face, and he took two steps to reach me. My phone was plucked from my hand and he barked into it, “Who is this?”

The fight left him when he heard his father’s voice.

Glancing at Sam as I drove to Nate’s house, I watched as she curled in a ball. The seat belt was restricting her from completing the fetal position, but that wasn’t what sent a searing pang through me. It was the look on her face. She was lost. I recognized the look and heard her sniffle, trying to cover up the lone tear at the corner of her eye. I figured it had something to do with our upheaval. Nate’s parents were flying in. The last I heard, they were in New Zealand so they’d be here in a day, but we would be booted out when they arrived. James said that Helen was coming as well. That meant she would book a suite in the best hotel, expecting Logan and me to be there.

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