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Moving closer to the door, Mason flashed a warning at his brother. “Give us a minute.”

“What if I don’t?”

He bared his teeth at him. “Not a request, dipshit.” Then he shoved him and stepped closer to me. His hand fell to my arm, but he added to Logan, “March. I’ll bring her.”

Logan smirked at him. “We’re going for coffee. Besides,” he gestured inside the house, “you’ve gotta wait for your other girlfriend. His car’s still blocked in from the party last night.”

“People are still here? Where is he?”

He shrugged. “Nah, they all got rides home, but their cars are still here, and as for your girlfriend, I have no idea. Check his room. I think I heard Parker down there.”


“Yeah. Pretty sure I heard her voice from downstairs. I was headed down to see if he knew how to fix the coffee pot.”

Mason cursed under his breath and twisted around. His hand fell from my arm. “He agreed to the exile.”

“Guess it starts later today for him.”

“Not helping.”

“Not trying to,” Logan sniped back.

“What is your problem?”

“With you? Nothing. With your other girlfriend, figure it out.” Logan’s eyes darkened, letting his anger show.

I held my breath. There hadn’t been a lot of times when the two bickered, but I could tell that Logan was fed up. Not that I could hold it against him. I was getting fed up as well, but I knew that Mason hadn’t let his friendship with his best friend affect our relationship. Not yet. As the two glared at each other, I stepped in between them. Softening my tone, I gestured to Logan’s Escalade. “Let’s go and get coffee.”

Logan turned on his heel, his jaw rigid as he went to his vehicle.

Mason caught my wrist and held me back. “Are we okay?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. I had already melted as soon as I saw his regret earlier. “It just sucks, Mason. You’re leaving. You. Leaving. As in you’re not going to be here on a daily basis anymore. I’m not the only one bothered by that.” I jerked my head over my shoulder, where Logan had started the car and was waiting for me.

“That’s not Nate’s fault.”

“No, but it’s not the three of us or even the two of you anymore. Nate came back. This is Logan’s last semester with you, but …” I gestured inside. “Your best friend gets you for the next four years, you know. You’re leaving early for football.”

He groaned and his head fell back. “Shit, I didn’t even think of it that way.”

I shrugged. “Anyway, I really want to get some coffee, and I have to talk to my coach. He said to come by his office this morning.”

Mason’s head lifted back up and he grinned, his eyes darkening as he tugged me close. “Coach Grath is lucky to have you. He knows that.”

I was about say thanks, but then I stopped thinking. He bent closer to me. Closing my eyes, I felt his lips softly touch mine. One damn touch was all it took. A tingle began and the lust for him sparked again. I became heated as he deepened the kiss, and I burrowed closer to him.


Jerking back, I twisted and glared at Logan, who still had his hand on the horn. He flashed me a grin, but hollered out the window, “Let’s go! You can screw later.”

“Idiot,” Mason muttered under his breath.

“He’s right. Go see Nate, see what’s going on. I’ll see you at school.”

He nodded, but flipped off his brother. Logan’s laugh was heard clearly and I gave Mason a quick wave as I got into the yellow Escalade.

Reversing the vehicle, Logan extended his middle finger in the rearview mirror and gunned the engine. He didn’t pause when we got to the road. Clicking my seatbelt in place, I settled back in my seat. Logan liked to drive fast, but he had the reflexes to keep us safe, so I wasn’t worried. I did comment, “All you had to do was say something to him, you know. Mason’s a good brother to you.”

He jerked in his seat. His face grim. “Yeah, well, it’s easy for you to say. You’re supposed to talk to him. You don’t come across as bitching and whining.”

“I said something.”


“Yes.” It was getting ridiculous. “You used to be friends with Nate.”

“That was before he turned shady. I know he had Parker over last night.”

“You said this morning.”

“Last night. This morning. What’s the difference? He still violated the exile. Mase won’t forget that.”

I heard the anger in his voice. It was low and underlining. Frowning, I asked, “Are you mad at Nate about something else? I thought it was just because he came back for his last semester.”

Logan jerked a shoulder up, holding the steering wheel with one hand. “What does it matter? He’s so far up Mason’s ass, I’m surprised my dipshit brother could even hear you.”


“It’s true.” But his voice lost some of the aggression. “Nate’s not the same. Mason needs to know that.”

“So just tell him.”

“Why don’t you tell him?” he shot back, throwing me a sidelong glance.

“Maybe I will.”

Rolling his eyes, he looked back to the street. “Mase won’t listen to you.”

“Yes, he will.”

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