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“Uh …”


“Okay.” His shoulders lifted when he sucked in a deep breath. “So when you shooed me out of Sam’s room when she was in the hospital, I wasn’t thinking clear, and I needed to get my mind off things …”

“Spill it.”

“Yeah.” The hand with his phone went to his hair and he grabbed onto some of his locks, pulling at them so they stuck up. His other hand tightened around the bottle. His shirt rode up, exposing the waistband of his boxers. His jeans slipped down an inch, but Logan wasn’t aware. He shook his head. “I forgot all about it.”

He stopped again. Seriously.

“Yeah, so I went to Tate’s that night, and we were in the living room. No one else was there. There was a time when she went to the bathroom, and I was looking through her magazines.”

“Logan, tell us what happened.”

His hand dropped from his hair. “They have video tape of Tate giving me a blow job.”


I began to giggle again. This night couldn’t get any worse.

“Like I said,” Logan’s head went down. His shoulders drooped. “I can’t believe this. I wasn’t thinking that night. Now Tate’s freaking out. She thought I covered the camcorder. She never knew where it was, and I stopped caring. I thought it would’ve ran out of batteries, but I guess they fixed that somehow.”

“How’d they get the camcorder back?”

Logan groaned.

Mason cursed. “Just tell us.”

“It’s because of you.” His hand jerked up and gestured to Mason. “Tate was freaking out because she thought you and Kate were tight again. She said they came over this afternoon to get ready for the street dance together. She let them in. She figured if they were tight with us again, she didn’t want to be on Kate’s shit-list anymore.”

More curses spewed from Mason. He was like cement underneath me. Lifting a hand to his chest, I felt his heartbeat going off like a stampede. His eyes caught and held mine, but I couldn’t share in his misery.

They got Tate giving Logan a blow job. That was karma.

He explained the misery. “I have to kiss Kate’s ass again and get all those copies from her.”

“Yeah.” Logan came into the room and collapsed down on the couch. His elbows went to his knees, and he leaned forward. The bottle and phone were left on the cushion beside him, and he covered his face with his hands. They slid into his hair again and he tugged once more on his strands. “This blows.”


I snorted at the joke, but stopped. Neither of them were amused.

Another curse sounded from Mason, and then he asked, “What do they want from Tate?”

“Huh?” Logan glanced back up. His eyes were glazed over, and I wondered how full that bottle had been in the beginning. There were only a few droplets left inside.


“Oh. Yeah. Uh, she needs to find out where Sam’s living now. Guess you weren’t too sharing with Kate over the week, huh?”

“Are you kidding me? She’s still looking to f**k Sam over?”

“I’m sure Kate thinks she has free reign since you two are hooking back up again. Probably hopes you won’t find out until after she finishes whatever she has planned. That’s what I’d do.” He caught the glare from Mason and corrected, “At least that’s what she thinks, that you two are good. Not that you are, not from your side, but whatever. She’s a hateful bitch. Let’s go blast her. I’ve had enough dealing with them all week.”

Mason groaned as his hand curved on the inside of my thigh. His finger rubbed between my legs in a smooth motion as he started to lift me back to my feet. I gave him a lopsided grin when he stood next to me, and his hands found my waist once again.

I was still drunk. A bit.

He shook his head, but the corners of his mouth curved up. Pressing his lips to my forehead and then to my lips, he whispered at the same time, “I love you. You need to know that.”

I did. As they headed off and I stayed back, I continued to know that. Then I grabbed my phone and dialed Mark’s number. When he answered, out of breath, I told him, “You need to come pick me up again.”

“What? Come on—”

“You said you’d help.”

He grew quiet, then groaned. “Fine. Be there in a little bit. I’m in the,” he hesitated, “middle of something.”

“Again?!” someone screeched in the background.

It was a screech that I recognized, and I couldn’t hold back a smirk. “Cass? Really?”

“Yeah,” he grumbled. “Hold on. I’m getting clothes on. You’re at your dad’s?”


“Alright. See you in a few.”

Yes, I knew Mason loved me. Yes, I knew he was doing all of this to protect me, but I wasn’t a sucker. I was going to be at that confrontation. Nothing was going to stop me from being there with front row tickets. When Mark pulled into the driveway twenty minutes later, I was glad that I hadn’t changed out of my clothes or washed my make-up off. He gave me a quick perusal and nodded in approval. “Can’t see the bruises anymore, but you smell like booze.”

My day was complete. “Thanks. Just what every girl wants to hear.”

He grinned. “Where to, boss?”

Where would Kate and her friends be? Or the better question is, where would they go after sending Tate a blackmail message? I shrugged. “Where’s the party tonight?”

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