Fathers and Sons

Page 4

"What did you do to the boy?" Martha demanded.

"What did I do to him? What did he do to me!"

Kate knelt by me. I raised my hand and touched her cheek.

"You are an idiot," she told me.

"I know. Martha already pointed that out."

"Is it settled?" Martha demanded. It didn't seem aimed at me so I didn't answer.

"Yes," Mahon said.

"Good. Get up."

There was some movement and then the two of them shambled off back to the door and the light of the Keep. As they passed us, Mahon dipped his head. "M'lord. M'lady."

Then they were gone. Derek followed them, carrying the door.

"You want to leave?" Kate asked.

"Not yet."

She sat in the snow next to me. I put my arm around her, puling her close. Derek fit the door back in place. We were all alone. Just us, snow, and the stars.

"That was a nice move with the jump," she said.

"You saw?"

"I saw."

I smiled. "I kicked his ass."

"Yes, you did. That snow has to be freezing. You need help getting to your feet, ass-kicker?"

"That's my line."

She laughed quietly. "I can't carry you, you know."

"Give me another five minutes. I should be able to walk."

We sat in the snow and watched the stars. Tomorrow I'd have to deal with all of their shit again. But tonight was ours. We earned it.


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