Fix Her Up

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God, he was cold. Felt like a beggar watching a family eat Thanksgiving dinner through a picture window. It was all so wholesome. Exactly what Georgie deserved. Exactly what she wanted.

Exactly what he could never give her. Someone else would, though.

Travis was so focused on the chaos in his stomach, he didn’t notice Kelvin stand and make his way over. “Georgie is magnificent. You’re a lucky man.”

“Thank you,” Travis managed, some honesty slipping free without his permission. “I don’t know what the hell she’s doing with me.”

Kelvin chuckled, but his expression was thoughtful. “I didn’t believe my team when they suggested you’d changed, but part of my success comes from being a good judge of character. I don’t think a woman like her could be wrong about someone.” He paused. “Still, I can’t make an assessment on that alone. Why do you want this job, Travis?”

The last couple weeks came back to him in a rush of color and sound. Georgie was front and center of every memory. Throwing food at his head, tossing him baseballs in the middle of a rainstorm, sitting on her kitchen counter and telling him he was more than the sport. Somewhere along the line, he’d started to believe her, hadn’t he?

“If you’d asked me that a month ago, I’m not sure what I would have told you. The truth would have been that I wanted the job so I wouldn’t be a failure. I grew up surrounded by doubt and I didn’t want to fulfill it. When the league dropped me, I thought I’d earned that doubt. Become someone who deserved it.” He locked eyes with Georgie and her presence invaded him, rocked him full of confidence. “It’s different now. I want the job because I love baseball and I would work damn hard. I would never take the opportunity for granted. But whether you see fit to make me the voice of the Bombers or not, I’m not a failure. I wouldn’t fail you, either.”

The men stood in silence for long moments before Kelvin finally spoke. “I don’t think you will.” They shook hands. “Welcome to the Bombers, Travis Ford.”

Chapter Twenty-Five

Travis wrapped his arms around her and they stumbled into the limousine, landing in a tangle of limbs on the plush leather backseat. “You got the job, Travis,” Georgie squealed, laying kisses all over his face. “You did it.”

“No,” he said, taking her mouth in a kiss that tasted like lust, wonder. “We did it.”

Georgie pulled back to study him, running her fingers through his hair, down his cheeks, completely incapable of keeping her heart out of her eyes. As thrilled as she was over Travis winning the contract, she didn’t want to think in terms of the end yet. Panic crept into her now, reality raining down on her head. In a roundabout way, she’d found the place she wanted among her family and peers. Now Travis was the new voice of the Bombers and there was nothing stopping them from disembarking this ride they’d gone on together.

An intense need to delay the inevitable stole over her. “I want you,” she whispered, scrubbing her hands down his stomach, fingers curling in his waistband. Their exhales tumbled out and collided. The hand Travis wrapped around the back of her neck was just the right amount of tight. Close as they were, she was surrounded in the scent she craved. Travis’s aftershave traveled toward her on the cool air-conditioning and landed on her tongue. “I need you.”

With a groan, Travis undid his belt and let the buckle sag, knowing without looking down that his rock-hard cock was on display, plumping the waistband of his briefs. “This what you want?”

Georgie shivered. “Yes.”

“Cold, baby girl?”

Even in the dark interior of the limousine, it was impossible to miss the concern in his eyes. Not just for her comfort, but . . . something else. Was it too much to hope that the worry on his face was over tonight being the end?

“Get the dress off. I’ll keep you warm.” He loosened his tie and discarded it on the floor. Starting on his shirt buttons, his expression turning hungry. A little wild. “I said get it off.”

Georgie remained frozen in the headlights of his intensity. His sudden urgency. And her need turned wild to match Travis’s as he pulled her to the floor, turning her to face the leather backseat on her knees. “You want to leave it on? Fine. Bend forward for me,” he rasped at the top of her head. “Now.”

Heat dropped in her belly, loosening her limbs, electricity climbing lazily up her back to cradle her skull. Georgie flattened her hands on the wide seat, gasping when Travis shoved her knees apart with a guttural sound. She felt him lean back and peruse her, making Georgie’s neck heat, moisture gathering at the juncture of her thighs. The skirt of her dress was lifted inch by slow, painstaking inch, where it remained settled around her waist. Oh my God. Oh yeah, this was . . . different. Anticipation crackled. More was coming. More than usual. Without a discussion, she knew they wanted to make this last time between them count. Don’t think about it being over.

“Baby girl wore this tight dress for me.” He groaned, a single finger sliding into the back waistband of her panties to tug them down, down, until they eventually caught at her knees. Leaving her bare bottom on display. “What are we going to do about this pretty ass of yours, huh? Rode all the way here with it so sweet and tight in my lap.” Without warning, her hips were jerked high onto Travis’s thighs, his erection huge where it prodded the split of her backside. “Look at what it did.” He yanked Georgie’s hips higher in his lap, swiping her earlobe with a flick of his tongue. “Look at what you did. You’re not the least bit sorry about it, either, are you? If you are, it’s not stopping you from pressing back on that dick you tortured. Rubbing on it like a hungry little cat.”

“Sorry,” Georgie breathed, ceasing the movements she hadn’t even been aware of.

The apology was only halfway out of her mouth when Travis wrapped her hair in a skilled fist, easing her head back. All the way back until their eyes locked. “I didn’t say to stop.”

Writhing her hips in that position—back arched, face tilted toward the ceiling—started as awkward, but the slight contortion made her thighs slide together differently, thrust her breasts out, and put her womanhood at an angle and holy shit. Ten seconds of circling her naked backside on Travis’s lap turned her into a needy mess. Hard eyes watched her from above, growing smokier with every swish of her bottom.

“That’s right. Apologize for being a cock tease by teasing it even more.”

“You feel so good,” Georgie whimpered. “I can’t stop.”

The fist in Georgie’s hair tilted her head sideways, Travis’s tongue licking a warm, wet path up the side of her neck. “Good. Never stop.” He moved close—so close—his body flush with her back, fingers busy on the side zip of her dress. Cool air kissed her skin as he pulled the garment off over her head, then settled her ass in his lap once again, inching her knees wider and thrusting himself against her body. Soft nudity on hard, clothed male. The contrast was so devastatingly hot, she moaned long and loud. “Tease me any time you want, because we both know your dirty little secret. You don’t know how to tease me without giving it up. You want my cock and you want it deep.”

Was it possible to have an orgasm from words alone? Because God, she was close. Her clitoris felt swollen and sensitive from her legs rubbing together. Her throat hurt from taking shallow, rasping breaths. Hot, I’m so, so hot. Georgie was so overwhelmed, she could only press the side of her face to the leather seat, Travis guiding her there with a firm hand. Could only hear the jingle and clunk of his belt hitting the ground in the distance, her backside lifting in an involuntary move. Just have me. Have me.

“Never banged you like this, have I?” Travis ground out, lightly slapping her butt cheeks with his erection. The way she’d seen men do on the internet—and why it came across so hot and animalistic to Georgie? A mystery. Travis spanking her with his arousal was enough to make her desperate, her fingers turning to claws on the seat. She heard the rip of a condom wrapper, and finally, the head of his manhood nudged her entrance. Georgie held her breath, whimpering when he grazed her neck with his teeth. “You know why I haven’t put my dick inside you from behind yet?”

She let out a shaking breath against the leather, her heart hammering. “Why?”

Travis rammed himself home and Georgie’s scream filled the limousine. “Because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to control myself once I got you on hands and knees. With your ass smacking off my belly, I worried I’d cross that line into disrespectful—and some part of me still thought of you as my friend’s little sister.” He made a choked sound, falling on top of her, thrusting with a groan. “Not anymore. You’re all mine now. I’ll take you how I want.”

With that pronouncement, his teeth grazed her shoulder, enough to make her jerk at the pleasure and pain. His hips never stopped thrusting, the ridges of his abdomen riding over the curve of her backside, their skin slapping together. And then those teeth left her shoulder, finding the back of her neck, dragging up and down, kicking off a wild surge of satisfaction in Georgie. Her back arched, thighs widening on the floor, becoming this man’s pleasure tool. With her open mouth pressed to the seat, she could only whimper his name in a litany, glorying in the repeated driving of hard flesh into the giving entrance of her body, Travis grunting and cursing between love bites of her neck, shoulders, upper back.

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