Forever in Cape May

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His features softened, and tenderness gleamed from his bright eyes. “Thank you.”

“Welcome. Now I’m kicking you out. It was a nice booty call, but I got work to do.”

“Ouch, you’re rough. Okay, I’ll see you later.” He pressed a kiss to her lips, dressed, and left as silently as he’d entered.

She couldn’t help the silly grin tugging at her lips. Her body felt beautifully used. Her soul was light and free. She showered, changed, and fired up Alexa to play some R&B, completely inspired to work the rest of the evening.

She was back on track. Maybe she’d needed great sex all along. She’d read somewhere that orgasms cleared out blockages for both the physical and mental processes. Maybe this new arrangement with Pierce was exactly what they both needed. They weren’t dating anyone else. No one would get hurt. And it was a delicious secret that made things a bit edgy and fun.

She already couldn’t wait for the next time.

Chapter Twelve

The wedding was held at the Southern Mansion. Jose and Marcus recited their vows before a packed crowd, but their gazes never left each other’s. Jose wore a white tuxedo; Marcus wore black. Cocktail hour was served outside, with beautiful white tents shielding guests from the sun. Classical music piped out of hidden speakers. Elegant, sculptured water fountains surrounded by vivid, lush blooms gave off an elegant vibe. Bite-size delicacies such as bacon-wrapped scallops, oysters on the half shell, and puffy brie tarts dazzled endless taste buds.

The grooms chatted and socialized in the gardens, hitting as many tables as possible while they sipped from martini glasses. Taylor oversaw the entire production, making sure the first part of the wedding was exactly how Marcus imagined it. Jose beamed at his side, proud to talk to his new husband’s coworkers, friends, and family. She watched with satisfaction as the two mothers-in-law chatted together, the dress war finally tabled. Vera from Vera’s Bridal had helped her fit Marcus’s mother in a bold new dress that she felt both confident and happy enough in to let the first gown go.

The formal reception was held inside the mansion, continuing with the extravagant classicism Marcus loved. It was out of The Great Gatsby, a scene of conservative beauty and culture. A band played old favorites and love songs. Marcus and Jose ate at their own table, enjoying the various speeches confirming that their future had always been meant to be. Taylor barely saw Pierce, who was busy snapping candids. By the time the cake had been cut and ten p.m. approached, Taylor was just beginning to ramp up for the second half of the wedding.

Jose’s part.

They moved to another room in the mansion, which was already decorated in a bold eighties theme. A DJ was set up, a glittery disco ball spun merrily, and Taylor had brought in a flashing dance floor. Props were given out to guests, and classic vending machines dispensed candy cigarettes, candy buttons, Dots, Mike and Ikes, and Jolly Ranchers, all with free tokens.

Jose made his entrance dressed like Cyndi Lauper, with a pink wig and tall combat boots, and Marcus had morphed into Boy George. The crowd roared as the music pumped out classic pop, and servers carried platters of cocktails: sex on the beach shots, gin fizzes, and orgasms. Iconic desserts were distributed to tables containing ambrosia, trifles, and upside-down pineapple cake.

Taylor worked the room, bobbing her head to the pop music she’d always had a weakness for. After glancing at her watch, she checked her phone and found the text. Good, Jose’s special surprise was ready and waiting in the private room for her. As she headed back, she ran into Pierce.

“Um, I hope you know this, but Cher is here.”

She laughed. “Yep, that’s a surprise for Marcus. He’s a closet Cher fan.”

Pierce blinked. “Why would he be in the closet?”

“Because he gets tired of hearing that all the gays love Cher. He likes to buck convention.”

“Got it. Well, she looks ready. How’s everything going?”

“No disasters as of yet. Personally, this is my favorite wedding I’ve worked on all year.” She cut him a sly look. “Wanna meet her before she does her performance?”

A muscle ticked in his jaw. “No.”

A delighted grin curved her lips. “Liar. You used to play ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ at full volume in your Miata.”

He blew out an annoyed breath. “As if. I was more the Def Leppard type. Now, stop screwing with me and get back to work.”

She laughed and watched him walk away, appreciating the sleek cut of his black suit and the way it cupped his very fine ass. Funny, she’d never noticed before how sexy he was. No wonder most of the women at weddings were always following him around and trying to flirt. She’d always taken him for granted, comfortable he’d always choose her over another woman if asked.

Had they been moving toward this evolution in their relationship the whole time? Had their friendship always been an open door to more, but they’d just refused to see it or admit it?

The questions whirled in her mind, but she had no time for answers. She had a show to put on.


Pierce watched the Cher look-alike take the stage. She was dressed in the singer’s well-known netlike jumpsuit, her bare ass proudly wiggling and shaking with each belted-out lyric, and the crowd roared. Jose yelled in triumph, and Marcus covered his face in embarrassment. But Pierce caught the joy in Marcus’s dark eyes and the way he boogied on the dance floor, hands entwined with his new husband’s.

Pierce worked around the couple, taking a variety of candids before fading into the background. He’d gotten plenty of money shots, and it was time for the couple to enjoy themselves without being constantly recorded.

Craving fresh air, he made his way outside. A few stragglers roamed the grounds, and plumes of smoke betrayed the smokers needing a fix. He took a deep breath of the sweet night air and tilted his head up.

The past two weeks, he’d poked around and had begun taking some new photographs around town. Nothing seemed to really excite him, but he’d uploaded a few collections to various stock-photo sites and had crafted some emails to friends in town, asking if he could display his work. Unfortunately, he’d only been contacted for an engagement party and two weddings, which he’d declined. His friend George kept pushing him to do his sister’s wedding next year, and Jake down at the Rusty Nail wanted him to recommend that Sunshine Bridal use his venue on a more regular basis.

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