Love Her or Lose Her

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That scream was still echoing in the room when she was dragged off the table onto the floor, onto her hands and knees. A shaking hand pressed her cheek into the carpet and jerked her hips up. No amount of preparation could make her ready for Dominic’s invasion of her body. It was forceful and glorious, his hard length entering her so quickly and with such ferocity, her knees left the ground and plummeted back down, wider than before, shoved that way by masculine hands. A working man’s hands. Her husband’s hands.

“I loved you dancing in that dress. Looking so free. Like you could do anything. You can, honey girl.” He reared back with his hips and reentered her with a savage thrust, his muscular chest slapping down on her back so he could talk directly into her ear. “But you knew this was coming. You knew looking like a jack-off fantasy in front of other men would cost you.”

Did he speak the truth? Yes. Yes, the anticipation of Dominic’s reaction was part of the reason for tonight’s excitement. She couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to help it. This attraction between them had a nature all its own. One of those rare things in life where the frustration and strife were always worth the payoff. Taking her husband inside her body always sent her on a thrill ride, but she wasn’t trying to hold back her enjoyment this time in anticipation of the loneliness that usually came after. There was understanding and broken-down barriers between them now. She’d been honest with him, and in turn, her body did the same.

Rosie pushed a moan through her bared teeth, dropping her head forward to watch her breasts bounce again and again as Dominic pounded into her from behind. She watched his substantial length enter between the upside-down V of their legs. Could have gone on watching it forever, especially when the fingers of his left hand started massaging her clit, his drives turning hard and punishing, his tunneling shaft finding that secret spot deep inside her and teaching it a lesson. Owning it. Her.

“What are you looking at down there, huh?” Dominic panted, putting his middle finger on her clit and jiggling it until the motion blurred. “I’ll tell you. You’re looking at the inevitable, Rosie. Me inside you. Is inevitable. Us fucking like animals on the floor is inevitable. That’s how it’s always going to be, because you own my urges. You created them and you satisfy them.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted, her open mouth moving just above the carpet. “I want to satisfy you. I need to.”

He slid his fingers into her hair, gripping, tilting her head back until she was looking at the ceiling. “You’ll satisfy me by proving I fuck you right.” His thrusts slowed but didn’t lose an ounce of effectiveness as he continued to enter her, grinding deep with powerful circles of his hips. “We both know you’re not done for the night. You might hold out for a week every time, but once those panties drop, you can ride me until morning. Isn’t that right, honey girl?”

His words tightened the bolts in her middle, cranked them until her thighs were jelly, shaking, another release sailing toward her on a tumultuous sea.

“You really have to wonder why I stay jacked? I got my wife’s greedy little pussy to satisfy—wouldn’t trade it for anything on this earth, either. I handle my business.”

When Dominic let go of her hair and continued to rub her clit in perfect strokes, she broke. Couldn’t hold on any longer. Her body jolted and shuddered, the rush of sensations heightening when Dominic’s tongue licked up her spine, his erection pressing deep inside her, giving her inner walls that delicious flesh to seize on. “Dominic.”

“Don’t worry,” he growled, cinching his hips back and punching them forward, wrapping a forearm around her waist to hold her steady. “I’m taking my turn.”

Sobbing, dizzy, Rosie nonetheless planted her hands and knees, wanting to give Dominic the same relief he’d given her. Craving the chance to be the instrument that got him there. Instead, she was hauled off the ground, dangling in her husband’s arms for one step, two, before being tossed onto the bed. He grabbed her ankles and flipped her over and—God. My God. She almost had her third orgasm simply from watching Dominic fist his engorged arousal and position his bulky body between her thighs, panting, sweat shining on his brow, falling forward on a curse, and pressing the tip inside her.

“Fuck yes, Rosie, that’s how I love it.” He plunged his erection inside her halfway, then drew it out, smacking himself against the seam of her private flesh. “You know I love it all soft and satisfied. Don’t have to worry about waiting until you get comfortable with every fat inch.” He thrust deep to the soundtrack of her scream and gathered her wrists above her head, ramming his hips forward. “I can just ride my woman and listen to that slick slide of my cock taking her higher. And you are going higher again, aren’t you, honey girl? Can’t help it after coming twice. A couple of strokes of that sensitive clit and you’ll tighten up like a fucking dream. Again and again.”

This was her heaven. No denying it. Having her hands pinned, being filled by Dominic, nowhere to go. No way to escape the quickening of her body. She could only spread her legs and absorb the weight of him traveling up and back on top of her. A vessel on the water, cresting the waves and plunging back down. Rising and slamming. Her husband’s hips bucked, his teeth leaving marks on her neck, his thumbs pressing into the insides of her wrists, as if searching for her pulse so he could match it. And she swore he did. As her heartbeat kicked into a sprint, the slap of Dominic’s manhood against her happened in faster succession. Without cease or time to prepare, his flesh tunneled into her again and again, hungry grunts coming from his chest, his mouth. Delivered into her neck, they vibrated through her, and she gloried in the using of her body. In that moment, she was this man’s mate, and he was in need, and it was as simple as that.

“Christ. Oh Christ.” He raked his teeth over her shoulder, his hands frantically gripping her knees and pushing them up to her shoulders, pressing down with his entire muscular frame and sending euphoria coursing through Rosie. “Ten years later and I still can’t believe what a tight little fuck you are. My tight fuck,” he groaned, angling his hips and—

“Ohhh. Yes.” Her vision went black, then sparkly, as the base of his driving erection journeyed over her clit. Her fingers flexed in his grip, back arching. “Dominic, don’t stop. Right there. Please.”

“I got you. I’ve always got you.”


Jaw clenching, he bore down with his lower body, and she screamed, a climax tearing through her like teeth one moment, utter bliss the next. “God. Oh my God. Oh my God!”

His forehead dropped to hers. “Mine. You are mine. You are my fucking life.”

“I’m yours,” she sobbed, moisture leaking from her eyes, body on fire, heart under attack. “Yours, Dominic. Come inside me. Show me who I belong to.”

A choked sound fell from his mouth and his body tensed. Rosie clenched him with her intimate muscles for everything she was worth, moaning at the incredible vision above her. This beautiful man floating on the edges of another plane. One they could only travel to when they touched. His flesh jerked inside her, his mouth falling open, hissing her name, big body trembling enough to shake the bed.

“Rosie. Rosie. Fuuuuuuck. So good, honey. So sweet and tight.” He thrust one more time and fell on top of her, muttering brokenly into her hair, his hips rolling like they couldn’t help it. “Mine. Need my wife. Need her.”

Rosie was already halfway to losing consciousness, the tumult of emotions and physical satisfaction leaving her a pile of mush. The last thing she remembered was Dominic kissing her cheeks, her forehead, her mouth, then turning her onto one side and tucking her into the warmth of his body.

What do we do in the morning?

That was her final thought before everything faded to dark.

Chapter Twenty

Dominic woke up to the sound of his phone vibrating. His eyes cracked open and blinked back closed against the early-morning light. His phone wasn’t on the bedside table of the hotel room, and he resented the idea of getting up to find it, because for the first time in . . . he couldn’t remember how long, his wife was naked and wrapped around him, breathing evenly against his shoulder. His arm was asleep and it could stay that way, for all he cared.

They didn’t do this anymore. Cuddling. Unconscious or conscious. When they touched, it was an explosion of lust. Greedy. When it was over, they went about their regularly scheduled program. Rosie went to shower. Not wanting to admit he needed the comfort and intimacy afterward, Dominic went out to the shed and fixed something or simply went to sleep. They hadn’t gravitated toward each other in the dark and clung like this since those months before he’d been deployed.

How had he survived for years without this?

Rosie hummed drowsily in her sleep and the vibration went through him, tumbling end over end in his stomach. His cock stirred against the soft sheets, and he tucked his hips back, not wanting to wake her up just yet. She was too beautiful like this. There wasn’t a time when she wasn’t, but the trust it took to surrender to his protection in sleep was humbling. That trust had been missing—no way around it now. Rosie might have trusted him to provide, to be faithful, to protect her with his life, but she’d been keeping her heart guarded.

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