Love Her or Lose Her

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“There are parts of me that I will never share with anyone else in this world. Not a single soul. Only you. And that is never, ever going to change,” she said.

She turned in his lap, straddling him, laying soft kisses on his mouth, his cheeks, ruining him. Winding him all over again.

“No one is ever going to see me cry or be at my weakest inside these four walls. That’s something I’ll always save for you, because you’re the only one who can make me stronger. No one is ever going to turn me on and piss me off at the same time or make me feel protected. Or alive. You’re the only one who’ll ever do that.”

Every word out of her mouth stitched shut the gaping wound inside him, tied knots, made sure it was securely closed. Maybe his wife wasn’t the only one who craved words. And Jesus, he hadn’t cried since he was a kid, but he was suspiciously close to it right now. Had to drop his head back and look up at the ceiling, so the suspicious moisture in his eyes wouldn’t escape.

“Dominic, do you honestly think I could ever love anyone the way I love you?”

That snapped his head and eyes forward, sent the organ in his chest into a frenzy. Had he heard her right? “You’re back to loving me?”

Rosie made a small sound, her expression a mixture of regret and love. “I’m sorry I said that. Maybe at the time I was angry enough to convince myself I meant it. But, Dominic, I couldn’t stop loving you if they cut the heart out of my chest.”

With a gruff exhale of her name, he shot forward and snared her mouth in a rough kiss. Oh Jesus Christ. His heart was going to beat hard enough to incite an earthquake. Rosie loved him. His wife loved him and nothing else on this fucking earth mattered but thanking her for it. If he took his mouth off hers, he was pretty sure poems were going to come tumbling out and he’d never written a damn poem in his life, so he pried her lips apart with his own instead, licking into her mouth and intercepting her unrestrained moan.

Dominic knew his wife’s signals better than the back of his hand, so when her thighs got restless around his hips, he wasted no time standing. It would be a cold day in hell before he fucked this incredible woman on a floor covered in sawdust and dirt.

When Dominic reached his full height, her thighs tightened around him like a wrench, her hands busy stroking his face, mewling coming from her throat. It was everything he could do to stumble toward the back of the empty room, toward the kitchen, when all he wanted to do was jerk down his zipper, impale Rosie, and bounce her to an orgasm. They’d ripped some of the paper coverings off the window throughout the evening, however, so anyone passing by would see them—and he wasn’t having that.

“Please, baby, please,” she whimpered in his ear, her teeth tugging on the lobe—hard—making his cock swell like a motherfucker in his pants. “Now, now, now.”

Dominic strode toward the kitchen with the word “baby” tumbling through his head. “You haven’t called me that in a long time. God, Rosie. I’ve missed it. I had no idea how much.”

“Baby,” she whispered, working the juncture of her thighs against his erection. “Baby.”

His groan echoed in the dark kitchen when they stumbled inside, ramming into a metal storage rack and sending it flying into a nearby wall. Not that either of them stopped kissing long enough to care. Dominic took two steps and threw his wife up against the first flat surface he encountered. A stainless steel fridge. Having her sexy body cling to his made Dominic feel like a god, so he flattened his palms on the steel above her head and forced her to cling harder. And when he looked her square in the eye and started to roll his hips, she climbed higher, her head falling back on a moan of his name.


He reached down and lowered his zipper, releasing a rough expulsion of breath when his dick finally had the room it needed. “Going to give this to you, honey girl.” He stroked himself a few times and felt moisture bead at his crown. “Take your pants off and tell me how you need it,” he rasped, nipping at her chin with his teeth. “You always want it hard enough to last the week, but we’re not doing that shit anymore. No more games. No more building up until we’re ready to explode. I’m going to satisfy my wife’s tight pussy every night of the week.”

Her eyes were dazed and glowing as they locked on him, wicked intentions like he’d never seen before in Rosie’s expression. She leaned in and spoke just above a whisper at his mouth, her tongue sliding out to taste him, slowly, teasingly. “I want to satisfy my husband’s huge cock just as much.”

Dominic growled and thrust himself against the seam of her jeans involuntarily, his blood heating to a fevered state over the wetness of the material. Their mouths fused together, heads tilting, and fucking hell, she tasted so sweet, he had to bang his fist against the fridge. Dominic was two seconds from ripping the crotch out of her jeans so he could get inside his wife without losing the perfect death grip of her thighs around his hips. Before he could proceed, Rosie’s legs dropped, her palms pushing against his heaving shoulders to ease him back. Away. Confused, needing more, Dominic didn’t want to go—but then she dropped to her knees and swirled her tongue around the head of his dick.

“Rosie.” Watching from above as half of his inches sunk into Rosie’s mouth, Dominic beat off the remaining length of his stretched cock, angling himself toward her giving lips. “Ohhh. Jesus. Jesus. You’re asking for it.”

Looking up at him, she nodded, her plump, wet mouth riding up and down his erection. They were tempting fate with him so clearly ready to burst, but when was fucking Rosie not a combination of pain and perfection? That’s how it would be until the end of time. The attraction was too fierce, too consuming. They challenged, they taunted, they didn’t hold back a single thing. No choice but to savor this, Dominic planted one hand on the fridge and wrapped the opposite fist in Rosie’s hair, slowly fucking her mouth, his hips pitching forward and stopping short when he felt resistance, well aware she needed a little longer before welcoming him into her throat. He anticipated that moment the way a prisoner anticipates getting sprung from prison. His queen might be on her knees, but he was the one begging for that reward, harsh pleas falling from his mouth without permission.

“So good, Rosie. Honey, can I, please. Please. Rosie.”

Her eyes teased him from below, that pink tongue dancing up the side of his length in a featherlight lick before she wrapped him in a fist and went lower to draw one of his balls into her mouth. Sucking hard while he shouted epithets in the dark kitchen. She moved on to the other one, and Dominic reached down, pinching himself in the right spot to stave off release. His wife took mercy on him, but by no means was she finished. Letting go of his sack with a pop, she took his cock back between her lips and consumed the entire length.

Dominic bit down on his lower lip so hard he tasted blood. “Shit,” he gritted out, his fingers tightening in her hair, his thighs quaking, his hips remaining still despite the overwhelming urge to rock deeper. “Can’t. Ah, Christ. Can’t take any more. Stand up,” he ordered raggedly, dragging his dick out of her mouth with a curse.

No sooner had she swayed to her feet with a feline smile did Dominic strip off his shirt. Her smile disappeared, her eyes glazing over more than they already had. Smirking as much as he could when his balls were full and welded against his lower body, he yanked the jeans down Rosie’s legs. The button ripped off and pinged on the floor, but Dominic could only shove at her panties with frantic movements, wanting them out of the way. They landed on the floor with a soft whoosh that could barely be heard over his and Rosie’s uneven breathing. Dominic stooped down, picked her up, and urged Rosie’s thighs back around his hips, sinking his teeth into her neck and making her cry out, her fingernails breaking the skin on his shoulders.

Finally, finally, he guided his cock to her drenched entrance and thrust inside, pushing her a good foot higher against the fridge. He caught her scream in his palm at the very last second, but could do nothing to muffle his own deafening groan. The walls of her pussy wrapped around him, clenching, her scream rising another octave, making it almost impossible for Dominic not to ejaculate on the spot. How he resisted when his wife was shaking and coming for him, her knees digging into his waist, he had no goddamn clue.

Commanding his body to hold off, Dominic dropped his head to her shoulder and breathed through his nose. In, out, in, out, all while Rosie clawed at his back, her pussy squeezing on and off around his aching sex. A month ago, he would have already been driving into her almost angrily—and now, in this moment, he realized he’d been searching frantically for their old connection. The one he’d known was there, but had been buried deep. It wasn’t anymore. It was a burning flame between them, more real than anything he’d ever known. His wife. God, he loved her so much, his heart threatened to crack under the pressure.

“Tell me you’ll come home tonight. To our home.” He caught her chin in his hands, tilting her face up and waiting for her dazed eyes to focus on him. To see him. “Give me that, Rosie. Say you’ll come home and I’ll fuck you harder than I ever have in our lives. Your screams will still be echoing in this kitchen when you open for business.”

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