Prince of Wolves

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Jacque’s phone beeped. She had a text message:

Sally: @ star bcks, frap moca?

Jacque: def.

Grateful that her friend could recognize a much needed caffeine binge when it was called for, Jacque turned back to her writing.

…jealous over a guy I barely know. I feel like we are somehow connected, like we’ve known one another our whole lives. I also feel like my mom knows something. She’s been acting a little weird, or maybe I should say she’s been feeling weird since I can feel her emotions. Funny, I haven’t felt Fane’s emotions when I’ve been around him – which has only been one time – and I haven’t felt them when we’ve been “talking” either. I don’t know if it can possibly get any stranger, but I'm thinking that it likely will….

Chapter 10

Fane and Brian were getting into the car when he felt Jacquelyn’s alarm and heard her scream at him, “Fane, what the hell is on my back!”

For a brief moment he got a picture in her mind of her back, but he quickly shut her out, not wanting to intrude on her privacy. He decided then not to answer her, even though it broke his heart to leave her in a state of confusion and fear, but he felt like some things were better said face to face. Especially if you’re going to be telling someone that they have Canis lupus markings on their body because they've found their werewolf mate they didn’t know even existed. You know, the standard ‘hey, let’s get to know each other bit.’

He flinched a bit when she screamed and Brian asked if he was okay.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just had some ringing in my ears for a minute,” Fane lied.

“So do you know where you want to go?” Brian asked.

“Just stop at the first dealership you see that has motorcycles. I’m not picky and I’m good at fixing them up, so it’s okay if it needs a little work,” Fane explained.

As they drove past Jacquelyn’s house, he found himself looking at it, fighting the urge to slip into her mind and see how she was. It felt weird when she had called out to him; it was the first time she had done so with out him prompting her first. It pleased his wolf that she was turning to him for help, he was her protector after all. He quickly reminded the preening animal inside that she didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go. That got a growl out of him that he quickly disguised as a cough.

Brian, as requested, pulled into the first dealership he saw that had motorcycles out front. As Fane got out of the car, his eyes fell instantly on a solid black Honda shadow with chrome pipes and wide wheels. It was used but still looked to be in good shape.

Fane liked his bikes to be simple. Nothing flashy or fancy. He just wanted to ride, not show off.

A salesman came walking out into the heat and went immediately to Brian, the adult, and Brian pointed him in Fane’s direction.

“Can I help you?” the salesman asked and in that same instant took a breath. Fane was positive he heard a low growl as the salesman abruptly stepped back, turning his head ever so slightly so that his neck was exposed to Fane.

Fane looked at him, briefly confused, and then it hit him. The thought nearly sent him to the ground: Canis lupus.

Brian, thankfully, had begun to wander around the car lot and was not paying attention, so Fane stepped toward the salesman, “Steve,” his name tag said, and sniffed. Sure enough, he was a Grey.

Instinctively, Fane growled as his wolf perked up at the presence of another male Grey in an area Fane had deemed his territory. After all, he was not aware of any Greys in Coldspring.

The Grey named Steve asked, “Who are you? Why are you in the Alpha’s territory?”

Alpha, Fane thought. What Alpha is he talking about? Fane didn’t want to divulge too much to this Grey, in case he and his Alpha were a threat.

“I wasn’t aware there were any Greys in this area,” Fane stated vaguely.

“Who are you that you think you deserve to know what Greys are where? You’re just a pup, and with a human at that,” he spat at Fane.

Fane’s wolf pushed to come out and he let him just a little. Power poured over him and the Grey felt it instantly, nearly bowing involuntarily as his wolf realized he was not more dominate than the “pup” he had so hastily named.

“I don’t have to dignify you with an answer, but just so you know what you have provoked, I will oblige you. I am the Prince of the Romanian Canis lupus. I am next in line to be Alpha and I submit to no one but my Alpha.” Putting as much push in his words as he dared without unleashing the full power of his line, he asked, “Who is your Alpha and how long has there been a pack of Greys in Coldspring?”

The Grey whined just a little but answered, “I have heard of your father. It is said he makes all Alphas bow just by his presence.”

“Answer my question, Steve. Now.” Fane glared.

“My Alpha is Lucas Steele. I have been a member of this pack for three years. I don’t know how long it has been active. Why are you here? You’re a teenager from another country. What could you possibly be doing in Coldspring, Texas?” Steve asked, bewildered.

“My business is not yours. Setting aside this interesting turn of events for a moment, please, I would like to purchase that black Honda Shadow. How much?” Fane asked.

“Don’t you want to test drive it?” Steve asked.

“No. How much?” Fane asked again.

“$2,500. There is no warranty left on it. It has five thousand miles, the tires are new, never been in an accident,” Steve rattled off like a recording.

Fane pulled out his credit card and handed it to him. As Steve walked off with his parents’ credit card Fane realized he had just made a big mistake. Steve now had his father’s full name. He imagined this might be a moment when his fiery little Luna would say something along the lines of, “Go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.” Yes, she would definitely say something like that.

Brian wandered back over to Fane but Fane didn’t realize it until Brian said something. “So you find something to buy?”

“Yeah, actually. I’m going to purchase that black Honda Shadow. It looks to be in pretty good shape. Do you think you could take me to wherever it is that I get the license and whatever else I need in order to finalize the sale?” Fane asked.

“That’s not a problem. Let me know when you are ready,” Brian responded.

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