Prince of Wolves

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Thinking about him was really making her start to miss him. He really was a great guy and they had had a lot of fun together. He was tall, muscular from lifting weights, had messy wavy hair that he wore just long enough to be wild, and had unusual grey eyes. He liked to goof off, but he was always a gentleman and could be pretty intense sometimes. They dated for quite awhile before their relationship got physical and when she told him that sex wasn’t on the agenda he was completely okay with it.

“I don’t like where your thoughts are at the moment, Luna,” Jacque suddenly heard.

She had forgotten that Fane told her – when her emotions were strong he felt them even if she wasn’t broadcasting them to him.

“Well then, I guess you should knock before entering,” Jacque told him harshly.

“Who is this Trent? What does he mean to you? When and why was he kissing you?” Fane asked in quick succession.

“Ok, you listen up and you listen good, you little Romanian, voodoo-casting, mind reading, nosy -” Jacque stumbled for a minute, looking for a word and when she didn’t find one she lamely finished with, “person. I am NOT your loona or whatever you call me. You have no right knowing my business and I don’t owe you an explanation. So, so just…grrrrr!” She was so frustrated because she wanted to tell him to take a hike but a huge part of her rebelled against it because she wanted him with her. She was absolutely nuts.

Acting like he hadn’t heard a word she said, Fane asked again, “So who did you say Trent was?”

Jacque huffed in exasperation.

“Are you talking to the Romanian hottie?” Jen asked.

Jacque nodded. “He heard me thinking about Trent and wants to know who he is.”

“Why does he care…oooh,” Sally said with a thoughtful look. “He’s got the hots for you.”

“Aww, man. Why does Red always get the hotties?” Jen whined.

“Hold on girls, give me a sec,” Jacque said.

“Oh, by all means. Don’t mind us, the non-voodoo freaks. We’ll just hang out while ya’ll make out mentally,” Jen smarted off, and Sally burst out laughing.

“That’s a good one,” Sally told her as they bumped fists.

Jacque just rolled her eyes at them.

Turning her attention back to Fane, she had a feeling he wasn’t going to drop it so she just decided to tell him.

“Trent is the guy I dated for the past two years. We broke up two months ago.”

Fane was quiet for a moment, then he said, “I’m sorry for your pain because of that, but I will not deny my pleasure in knowing I will not have to convince him it was in his best interest to take his intentions elsewhere.”

Jacque was a little taken aback by his honest comment.

“And why exactly would you do that?”

“Because I intend to court you myself, and that would be most difficult if you had affections for another, don’t you think?” Fane asked her.

Jacque looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was five fifteen. The Henrys and Fane were supposed to be coming over in fifteen minutes.

“So, I guess you are going to be over in a few minutes,” she said more as a statement than a question.

“Yes, I am looking forward to seeing you again. Is that okay with you, Jacquelyn?” Fane asked.

Jacque thought about it for a minute and couldn’t deny the butterflies in her stomach at the anticipation of getting to see him again. She really needed to get some medication, she decided.

She heard Fane laugh and assumed he must be listening since she kept forgetting to try and put the wall up he had explained to her earlier.

“I actually have some questions I need to ask you, so yeah, it’s okay,” Jacque told him honestly.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes then, Meu inimă.” he told her.

Chapter 12

Fane had taken a shower after getting home from his motorcycle ride. He didn’t want to smell like the outdoors when he went to Jacque’s house. He found it amusing that he was so suddenly conscious of himself now that he’d met his mate. He so wanted her approval, as did his wolf.

He actually made an attempt to comb his hair out of his face, but it just fell right back in front of his left eye.

He had chosen a deep red, polo style shirt. It contrasted nicely with the markings on his neck, which at the moment he thought looked pretty cool. He grabbed his phone and wallet and put them in his back pockets and headed downstairs.

Sara and Brian were waiting in the living room. Sara had the brownie pan in her hands and Brian was carrying some games, one of which Fane recognized as Dominoes. This he was familiar with because his family liked to play.

He went over to Sara and took the brownie pan from her, simply saying, “I will take these for you.”

Sara smiled at him in appreciation.

“Ready?” Brian asked them.

Both Sara and Fane nodded yes.

Sara knocked on Lilly and Jacquelyn’s door, and he felt his neck markings sting just a little as he turned and saw a car driving slowly by. Fane let his wolf out just enough to see who was driving abnormally slow past his mate’s house. Fane was on edge. He now knew there were other Greys in the area and his father had informed him that Jacquelyn was in danger. He'd also received an anonymous phone call from a wolf claiming to be Alpha of the Coldspring pack, stating that Jacque had already been claimed by another wolf and that Fane was to leave immediately.

Jacque was the one who answered the door and Fane couldn’t help the smile that came across his face. She was, after all, his fiery miracle. He could have had to wait centuries before he found her and all it had taken was a mere seventeen years. How he was blessed.

“Come in, ya’ll,” she said politely.

Obediently, they all filed into the entry way. She pointed them in the direction of the kitchen and Fane could smell the aroma of the already delivered pizza.

“Hi, you guys,” Lilly greeted them. “I’m so glad you could come over!” Lilly and Sara hugged. Jen and Sally were already filling their plates when Lilly looked at them, “What, ya’ll couldn’t wait on the guests?”

“Hey, we were doing you guys a favor,” Jen said.

“Oh, really,” Lilly said. “And just exactly what favor is that?”

“Ya know, testing out the product, making sure it’s safe. Would hate to unknowingly poison our Romanian guest, although it would make for a great headline,” Jen answered.

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