Prince of Wolves

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“Yes and that is so the look I was going for. How ‘bout I just wear fishnet stockings with thigh-high boots and a sheer bra? Do you think that would look too desperate?” Jacque asked innocently.

“I’m just sayin'.” Jen shrugged her shoulders.

Jacque walked out of her bedroom shaking her head. She headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and put on the tank top and boxer shorts she had left there the night before. When she took off her shirt, she turned around and held out a hand mirror to look at the marks on her back and neck.

She realized as she studied it that the markings on her neck looked like they would actually fit into Fane’s like a puzzle piece. As Jen would say, “Wicked,” Jacque muttered.

She felt a shiver go down her spine and quickly shoved on her tank top before realizing it wouldn’t cover the markings on her shoulders. The last thing she needed was her mom to see them and start asking questions, especially since Jacque didn’t have any answers. She brushed her teeth and washed her face and darted across the hall to her bedroom. Going to her closet, Jacque took off the tank and Jen saw the marks for the second time. Almost if talking to herself, she said, “This is really happening, isn’t it?”

“I’m afraid so, sweet girl. There’s nothing to do but go with the flow or sink fighting the current,” Sally said, using her best Mary Poppins voice.

Jen looked at her and narrowed her eyes, “If you bust out in ‘Just a Spoonful of Sugar’ I’m going to duct tape your mouth closed.”

“You really should seek help for that temper of yours. You know, they have medicine that would help,” Jacque told her, trying to sound gentle as if talking to an unruly child.

Jen simply flipped them both the bird and changed into her sleep clothes.

Jacque turned off the lights as they all lay down to sleep. They were quiet for awhile, but just as Jacque was drifting off, she could feel the waves of worry coming off of Sally.

“Sally,” Jacque said. “It’s all going to work out, remember? We’re all too stubborn to accept any other outcome.”

Sally didn’t respond so it was quiet again. Then Jacque spoke up once more, “Jen, seriously. You didn’t have some smart ass comment right when we needed it?”

Jen was quiet. Jacque and Sally seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for their outspoken friend to work her magic.

Jen finally answered, “I was thinking about the game we were playing tonight and about the one where the answer was tires on your vehicle. When Fane said he had two, I so wanted to ask him if they were big.”

And just like that the atmosphere lightened and the three girls laughed until they had tears. Of course, Jen could never stop at just one perverted or smart ass comment, so when they had all caught their breath she added, “Jacque, you could always throw your friends a bone or, heck, even just a kibble and find out for us.”

“Is that all you ever think about, Jen?” Sally asked in exasperation.

“What, how big Fane’s are? Good grief, no. I think about other things,” Jen defended.

“Anything not pertaining to the opposite sex, or for that matter sex itself?” Jacque asked sarcastically.

Jen started to open her mouth then abruptly shut it. Looking at nothing in particular, thinking, she finally answered, “Nope, huh-uh. Don’t think so.”

They all broke out in laughter again until they finally drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 14

Fane woke up early and decided to go for a run. Running always helped him clear his mind. He got up, resisted the urge to reach out to his Luna, figuring she was probably still asleep, and changed into some workout shorts. He decided against a shirt, knowing he wouldn’t leave it on long anyway. He brushed his teeth and went downstairs to the kitchen. Brian and Sara were still asleep so he tried to make as little noise as possible, which was easy for him do, being a werewolf and all.

He peeled a banana and nearly ate it whole, then poured himself a glass of orange juice. He rinsed the glass and put it in the dishwasher and picked up his phone from the counter. After putting it in his pocket, he headed out the front door.

Because he was Canis lupus, Fane could run for very long distances even in human form. He didn’t have to work out to keep his muscular physique, it was just the way all Canis lupus were built. Some were leaner than others, but all were very muscular. He glanced up at Jacquelyn’s window and, giving into his desire, reached out to her mind briefly. He decided if she was thinking about something he thought she wouldn’t want him to know, he would retreat quickly. As it was, she was still asleep and her thoughts were scattered. He kept seeing his own face and then another, unknown male's face. He assumed this was the Trent she'd been dating previously. She didn’t seem to be interested in him anymore, but it was obvious he had hurt her. Fane and his wolf did not like that.

He pulled back from her thoughts and started up the street. He had to restrain himself from running full speed because he was much, much faster than a human. The wolf wanted to run, wanted to hunt. Fane pushed down the urge and kept it at a nice fast jog.

He found his mind going over the previous night, when the car had driven by Jacquelyn’s house. He'd seen two males, one of which was the salesman from the dealership he had gone to earlier, so he knew it had something to do with the Greys. He still didn’t know what they wanted from Jacquelyn, but from what his father could tell him, they wanted Fane out of their territory.

So far his Alpha had not given the command to leave, so Fane wasn’t going anywhere. The problem was that once his Alpha did give him the command to leave he was going to have to convince Jacquelyn and her mother to come with him. There was no way he was going to leave her here unprotected.

As he continued to run, Fane’s thoughts would switch back and forth between thinking about Jacquelyn and their date tonight, to thinking about the local pack he had not known existed. When he finally made it back to the Henrys' house, he had been running for over two hours.

He went through the front door and as he walked in he saw Sara coming down the stairs in workout shorts and shirt, her hair up in a ponytail.

“We’re going out to run some trails at the park across town. You’re welcome to come but it looks like you’ve already been out and about,” Sara told him.

“Thank you for the invitation, but I did just finish running so I will pass for today. I wanted to check with you and make sure this was okay. I asked Jacquelyn out on a date for this evening so I will be out. Will that be a problem?” Fane asked.

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