Prince of Wolves

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“Are you two sure you can be left unattended and to your own devices?” Jacque asked them, smiling.

“Go already,” Jen said.

Jacque opened her bedroom door and walked to the top of the stairs. She took a deep breath and let it out through her mouth.

“Luna, I’ve been waiting to see you all day. Are you rethinking going out with me? Because that’s okay, I’ll just go back to the Henrys' and let you be with your friends,” Fane told her through his thoughts.

“NO!” Jacque responded, realizing a little too late that she had just incriminated herself letting him know how much she wanted to see him as well. “I’m on my way down now. Quit being so impatient, it’s not becoming,” Jacque told him.

She felt his confusion when he asked, “Becoming what?”

Jacque couldn’t stop the giggle that came out of her but she regained her composure by the time she was at the last of the stairs.

“Never mind,” she answered as she came around the corner into the living room. Her mom was sitting on the couch and Fane was sitting across from her on the antique, high winged back chair that her mom had inherited from some distant relative. It was a horrible shade of peach but Lilly loved it so the ugly lump stayed in their living room. Somehow, with Fane sitting in it he managed to make it look good. Man, I have it bad, Jacque thought to herself.

Fane must've caught that last thought because he grinned at her knowingly.

He stood up when she entered the room and, without shame, looked her up and down from her toes to her head and back again. Jacque was a tad surprised that he would do this in front of her mother and supposed because of her nerves she could be excused for having a Jen moment.

“Did you get your fill or would you like me to turn around for you too?” Jacque asked.

“Jacque, is that anyway to speak to your date?” Lilly asked, clearly not shocked that Jacque had acted with such attitude.

“Actually,” Fane started, “I would love for you to turn around so that I may admire the new addition to your already beautiful skin.”

Jacque couldn’t help but blush for two reasons: one, he had called her skin beautiful. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t blush at that, right? And two, the way he commented about the markings seemed very possessive, like they tied her to him in some way and for some weird, messed up reason Jacque liked that. Yeah, she thought, they have a padded cell in the insane asylum just waiting for ya, babe.

Jacque didn’t miss the way her mom responded to Fane noticing the markings – she was glaring daggers at him, as if daring him to make any further comment. Jacque knew that look. It was one of the looks in her mom’s repertoire that meant if you wanted to keep your ass then you better cover it now.

So Jacque did a quick turn around and grabbed Fane by the hand. Oh, he had great hands. I mean, seriously, she thought. Does he have to have great everything? She nearly burst out laughing because she could just imagine the comeback Jen would have for that.

“Alright. We’re going, mom. Love you. Don’t wait up, I’ll wake you up when I get home. Yes, I will wear my helmet; no, I won’t be cold; no, I don’t need any money; yes, I have my house key, and yada yada yada,” Jacque answered before her mom could even ask.

They were out the front door before Lilly could get in a word.

“Was that really necessary?” Fane asked her.

“Did you not see the look my mother was giving you when you asked about these marks on my skin? Which, by the way, I know you know something about and you will be happily divulging said information tonight,” Jacque told him.

Fane acted as if he simply had not heard her and since he had not let go of her hand once they made it outside, simply pulled her along to his motorcycle. He handed her a black and dark pink helmet which, upon closer inspection, had different designs on it. It was actually pretty awesome. She put it on her head, trying not to feel too ridiculous, and waited for his instructions.

Fane looked at her and grinned a breathtaking smile, dimples and all, “You ready, Luna?” he asked her. It felt like he wasn’t just asking her about the motorcycle ride, more like he was giving her a choice, one that she had no plausible outcome for.

“Probably not, but what the hell. What’s life without a little excitement or craziness, ya know? Take your pick,” Jacque answered.

Chapter 16

As Fane drove across town with his mate behind him, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, he thought about how it had taken every ounce of self control for him not to reach out and run a finger across the markings on Jacquelyn’s shoulders and neck – his markings. It was bad enough that Lilly had noticed the possessiveness in his voice when he asked about them, but his wolf just wouldn’t ease up until he asked Jacqueline about them. Thankfully, he hadn’t made a total fool of himself by touching them or growling in contentment. But the night was still young, and he had ample time to make a fool of himself, so better not count your pups.

Before they got on the motorcycle, Fane asked her if she was ready, and although he meant for the date, he also was pleading with his eyes to understand he needed her to be ready for more. He knew that she was strong mentally and physically, the Moon would not give him a weak mate as he was Alpha, and she would be over the females. But Fane was not so naive to believe that it wouldn’t be a shock to learn werewolves were real, and quite possibly other things that went bump in the night.

“How are you, Jacquelyn? Are you cold?” Fane sent her the question.

“I’m great! This is awesome. I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle before. I can honestly see why you wouldn’t want to drive a car after you’ve been on one of these! Oh, and no I’m not cold,” Jacquelyn answered him, sounding excited.

It pleased him to know he was able to do something to bring her happiness. He could feel her joy pouring off in waves and it was so soothing to his wolf. His mate was happy and that was very important to him.

They reached the restaurant that Fane had decided on. Brian had told him about it when he mentioned he was taking Jacquelyn out. It was a mom and pop diner with a little bit of everything.

“This ok with you?” Fane asked her.

“Yeah, this is great,” Jacquelyn answered.

Fane looked at her for a moment. He couldn’t help it when his eyes lingered on the markings on her shoulders and neck. Those marks told all Canis lupus she was his, his to make happy, his to protect, his to…and to his astonishment he realized she was his to love as well. Even though he didn’t know her very well yet, he knew without a doubt he would love her.

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