Prince of Wolves

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“Is something wrong?” Jacquelyn asked him, looking very worried.

“No, everything is very right. I just need to slow down a little, my honor only goes so far. Wolf or not, I’m still a guy and you are a very fine girl,” Fane told her with no shame.

“Oh, I see. You were getting all worked up, only to realize all worked up is all there is. Am I right?”

“Yes, Luna, you are brutally right. Can I be brutally blunt?” he asked her.

“By all means,” she answered.

“At what point do you plan to make the same offer?”

Jacquelyn laughed at that. “You’re worried about how long it’s going to be before we do the deed?”

“Well, since you put it so eloquently, yes, that is what I’m asking,” Fane answered and actually looked embarrassed.

“I want to be married first.” Jacquelyn held up her hand to keep Fane from saying whatever was fixing to leave his lips. “Married in the traditional way, not just the werewolf bonding thingy,” she explained.

“You do realize that our werewolf bonding thingy is more binding than your human marriage, right?” Fane told her smugly.

“That may be, my little fur ball, but I still want our relationship recognized in the eyes of normal people as legit, got it?”

Fane grinned at her. “As you wish, Luna.”

“That’s what I like to hear, wolf-man,” Jacquelyn told him as she yawned.

“Try to get some sleep, love. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow,” Fane told her and kissed her on the head.

He began to hum the song he had sung to her earlier and even though he so desperately wanted to stay awake, his wolf knew they both needed rest and that helped push him into a deep sleep.

Chapter 31

From the minute Jacque woke up, things were a blur. Fane kissed her sweetly and held her close and then finally let her go and watched her walk across the street to the Henrys' house. She showered and put on the new clothes that her mom had bought, and they actually weren’t too bad. A pair of cute jeans and a simple green, fitted, v-neck top. She was proud of her mom for not taking the opportunity to put her in a ridiculous outfit that made her look twelve. Point to you, mom, she thought.

By the time she got downstairs, Jen and Sally had arrived, and that put a big smile on Jacque’s face.

“What are you two doing here?” she asked them, and before she could give them a chance to answer she added, “And don’t ya’ll smell like the wolves?”

“Nope. We went home, showered, and put on clothes that had not been at your house. So we are werewolf-smell free,” Jen told her.

“Awesome. So instead of fretting by myself, I get to make ya’ll miserable by fretting with you,” Jacque said, sounding very forlorn.

“Shut up! Do you honestly think we would let you spend this day of all days alone? Sorry, chica, no such luck,” Sally told her.

Jacque was so thankful that she wasn’t going to be left to her own thoughts. Already they were beginning to feel overwhelming, but Jen took charge and before she knew it, it was eight pm. Jacque went to the Henrys' front window and looked across the street at her house. Sure enough, she saw Sorin and Fane coming out the front door. Her heartbeat sped when he turned and looked back at her. It reminded her of the night he arrived, which had only been five days ago. Could it really be possible that it had been a mere five days since she first laid eyes on him? She felt like she had known him all her life, like he had always been there with her. He grinned at her and winked.

“I love you, Luna. More than I ever thought possible, I love you,” Jacque heard him tell her through his thoughts. A single tear ran down her face and she hastily wiped it away. She was not going to be weak. Jen and Sally had moved beside her and were looking out the window as well.

“That is one fine specimen,” Jen said with a sly grin plastered on her face.

“Why am I not surprised that is what you're thinking about at a time like this?” Sally asked her.

“Hey, there is never a time to not appreciate a fine looking man. Am I right, Jacque? You know I am.”

“Well, when it’s one as fine as Fane, then you are right,” Jacque said with a smile. She knew that Jen was trying to lighten the mood and she was grateful.

The next hour seem to drag. Jacque spent most of it pacing the Henrys' living room and mumbling things under her breath. She so desperately wanted to seek out Fane’s thoughts, but his father had made it very clear that Fane needed to concentrate on the challenge only, so Jacque refrained from it.

Jacque jumped when she heard a knock on the Henrys' front door. Jen went and looked out the front window to check if it was friend or foe.

“It’s Fane’s mom. Guess it’s that time,” Jen told them.

Jen opened the door and Alina stepped in. She was dressed in black cargo, military-style pants, a black t-shirt, black boots, and her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked so bad ass.

“You look like you are planning on doing more than just watching,” Sally told her.

“It’s always best to be prepared. I’m trained in all sorts of fighting styles, so if a full-out battle ensues, someone will have to stay in human form to take care of Jacque, and that is me,” Alina explained.

“Is there any way that we could maybe take a vehicle and just be parked close to the field as backup? Like if ya’ll need a quick get away? What do ya think?” Sally asked this and it took everyone by surprise.

“Who are you and where is my little safe Sally who won’t even go over the speed limit?” Jacque teased her.

Alina hadn’t said anything yet, and when Jacque looked at her she could tell she was actually considering Sally’s plan.

“You do realize that if I allow this I will be disobeying my husband’s orders?” Alina asked them.

“Don’t you have to do what he orders, like the other wolves? When he gives them an order sometimes they have to obey whether they want to or not.” Jen asked her.

“No, I am Alpha female and I am his mate. He cannot really give me orders. I like to think of them as firm suggestions,” Alina told them with a wink.

“Nice.” Jen gave Sally and Jacque fist bumps. “So what do you say?” she asked Alina.

“I think it is a good idea. However, you must be surreptitious. If the other wolves smell you, there will be an all out war. Do you understand?” Alina asked sternly.

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