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Marie blinked a few times. Her voice came out raspy. “Oh yeah. That’s fine.” She cleared whatever emotion was pulling at her face and smiled. “I know you like coffee, but do you enjoy donuts, Aspen? I can run to the store and grab some in the morning.”

I waited, expecting Blaise to answer for me.

He didn’t.

His mom seemed surprised by that too.

I nodded. “Yeah. I’d love that.”

I wasn’t like Blaise. I was kinda in love with his mom. She’d only been kind to me. She also seemed broken in a way—like now, when she was holding her breath, as if preparing for Blaise’s harshness. It didn’t come, and she blinked again.

She nodded, her smile growing wider. “Aces. I’ll do that then.”

Blaise groaned. “Okay, Mom. We’ll be downstairs.”

She held a hand up, waving. “Do you—do you need anything tonight?”

Blaise eased in front of me, herding his mother back and out of the way.

She backtracked.

I followed.

We went through the kitchen, and I looked over. The television was still paused in the other room. Stephen sat on the couch. He lifted his hand in a wave. “Hello, Aspen.”


He didn’t greet Blaise. Blaise didn’t look over at him.

“Mom, I’ll handle it. I’ll come up if we need anything.”

“Okay, but it’s not too late. I can order pizza. Maybe I’ll do that? I’ll do that. Just in case.” She reached for her phone.

Blaise took the phone out of her hands, but he did it gently. “For real, Mom. Don’t order food for us. If I get hungry or Aspen wants something, I’ll make something here. You don’t need to order anything.”

“Are you sure?” She looked around him to me. “Aspen, what’s your favorite food? I feel like I should know this by now.”

I opened my mouth.

Blaise shot me a look, but it was tempered by a slight, crooked grin. “Don’t tell her. She’ll order it tonight no matter what I say.”

I smiled. “Okay.”

Marie swatted Blaise’s chest. “Oh my gosh. I’m sorry—”

He took her hand, his smile gentle. “I’m fine, Mom. For real. Aspen’s favorite food is pizza from a place in Roussou, and I won’t let her tell you the toppings because I know you. You’ll drive there to pick it up, and we are good. I promise.” He pulled her to him, giving her one of those forehead kisses I’d learned he reserved for me and his mom and no one else. “Enjoy your night with Stephen. We will be fine. Promise.”

He took my hand and led me past the dining room. We went down to the basement, and Blaise asked over his shoulder, “All that said, do you want pizza?”

I laughed. “I’m good. You know how much I had for dinner.”

A burger, fries, and a shake. I was still stuffed.

“Good.” He let go of my hand, nodding toward his bedroom. “I’ll grab some water for us, just in case. You want something else to drink?”

I shook my head, heading inside and going right to his bathroom.

It might seem silly, but I loved this part.

I loved getting ready for bed, knowing I’d be sleeping with him soon. I loved everything about it—dressing for bed, sliding under the covers, him crawling in beside me as he switched the lights off. Then he would pull me into his arms, and if I woke during the night, he was still beside me.

I stared at myself in the mirror.

That girl was alive. She was glowing, and there was happiness in her eyes.

I almost didn’t recognize myself.

I knew some people would be upset that Blaise and I were sleeping together, but those people didn’t get it. They didn’t understand how much we’d already been through, suffered. This was a moment in time for us—or for me at least.

A blip in my life when I wasn’t alone, when I had a partner with me.

I didn’t know how long it would last.

I didn’t know if it would last, but I’d been alone before Blaise. There’d probably be a time when I would be lonely after him, so I was going to focus on the now. I wasn’t going to think about what others would approve or disapprove of. They must have had great lives if they had time to judge mine. And good for them, but that wasn’t my reality.

I just wanted to be with him. That was it. And if that brought heartache, I’d survive.

Blaise was my respite. And I hoped, beyond hoped, that this didn’t end up being only a small blip in my life, but that was worry for the future.

For now, I got ready for bed and smiled as I felt the excited butterflies in my stomach. They were always there when Blaise was around, or even if I thought of him, and that was a good sign.

That told me I was living. I wanted to do more of that.

I slid under his covers and waited.



This wasn’t a good idea.

Why had I thought I’d hold back at my place when hers was becoming like torture to me? I was an idiot.

She was settled over me, her mouth moving on mine, riding me. Goddamn.

I loved this feeling. I loved this girl.

She could ask me for almost anything, and I’d try to make it happen—anything to make her happy. But I’d been holding back from sliding inside of her. It’d been a looong fucking two weeks. I was nearing the end of my control, though.

What had I been thinking? That the idea of my mom and Stephen upstairs would help me hold back? Yeah. Nothing was helping my restraint, and Aspen was on a mission. Like I hadn’t known what she wanted when she straddled me at the drive-in. She’d been working to get my dick in her.


Such a fucking crass way to think of it when it was the girl I loved, but at this moment that was all I could think: Dick. Inside. Her.


Those four words, and in that order.

I almost gasped as she pulled her mouth away from me, sliding down my body. “What are you doing?”

We’d been making out for two hours straight. Two long and intensely pleasurable hours, but I was going to blow. I didn’t want her mouth on me when that happened. That was for later, when she was older. Jesus. She’d been a virgin, and I’d thrust inside, almost unable to hold back and be gentle. I’d been shaking from the effort, but I never wanted to hurt Aspen. Ever.

Her mouth was on my stomach now, and she pulled my boxer briefs down. That wasn’t helping me.

“Oh, whoa, Aspen.” I reached for her.

“No.” She actually batted my hands away.


She ignored me, and oh God, my dick was out. She touched me.

I almost seized, my head throwing back.

Holy fuck. That felt so good. Insanely good.

This wasn’t—her mouth closed over me, and I was gone.


She could’ve asked for my bank information, and I’d have given her the password.

Hell. Hell. Hell.

Oh man.

She sucked like she’d been sucking me all my life.

Whoa. Shit. I wasn’t going to last long—not like this.

Growling, I sat up and yanked her away. Her mouth popped off in surprise, her eyes wide, but then she saw what I was doing.

She was clean. I was clean. She was on birth control. We’d had a long conversation about that. I wanted to make sure everything was fine with her, but this time, condoms weren’t even a thought for me.

I moved her over me, and she opened her legs.

I pulled her down and sheathed inside of her in one continuous motion.

We both froze at the contact.

And then, her hand against my chest, she began moving over me.

Aspen had learned a lot in the last few weeks. Her hips moved back and forth, riding and working me over like I was the novice. She watched me, toying with her lip, and I knew she was about to tease the fuck out of me.

She slowed.

I growled, reaching for her hips.

“No.” She laughed, stopping completely.

“Aspen.” I growled again, this one sounded more savage than I’d intended, and I closed my eyes, trying to calm down. My breaths came at a rapid pace. She was making me lose control.

“No. This is for me,” she said. “All me.”

I groaned, but damn, this was what she wanted.

And when she came, it was the best fucking thing I’d ever seen.

My girl was stunning.

But now it was my turn, and grabbing one of her tits, I flipped us. She squealed in surprise, but gentle had gone out the door when she took me in her mouth. I rode her hard, and it wasn’t long until I felt her come for a second time in my arms, and I let myself go right after her.

My lips found her throat, and I kissed her.

What the fuck did I ever do right to get her?

In the morning, after we showered together, she trapped me.

She’d been touching me, kissing me, and I took her over the counter. I was weak. I was whipped.

Then, as we were both dressing, she said, “I want to know why.”

I knew what she was asking. She wanted to know why we hadn’t been having sex the last couple weeks.

I didn’t want to talk about it. I hauled a shirt over my head, yanked it down, and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

I started for the door.

“Oh no.” She raced for it, getting there fast.

I glared at her, but she was cute. Hella cute.

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