Sins of Sevin

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Emily was reading on the couch while Elle followed me into the bedroom where I started to hang up some of my clothes.

Glancing out the window, I noticed it was getting dark and couldn’t help thinking about Sienna, hoping she arrived safely to wherever she was headed.

“What’s next on the agenda tonight?” I asked.

“Dinner at the house in about a half-hour.”

“Sounds good. I guess I should change out of this ratty t-shirt then, huh?”

Elle looked rattled when I suddenly lifted my shirt over my head to put on a button-down. I hadn’t been using my brain and forgot that undressing in front of her was against the rules. She whipped her head to the side to look away from my bare chest, causing me to laugh inwardly.

“You can turn back around now.”

Her cheeks pinked up. “You must work out a lot.”

“I got a fair amount of exercise working at the stables. I’d do some weights and pull ups in my room back home, too, but I really like to run. That helps me burn off steam.”

“My sister runs, too. I can’t seem to do it for very long without having to stop.”

“Well, we can do it together, start off slow if you want.”

“I’d like that. They’ll make Evangeline come with us, though. You know that, right?”

“Whatever. It won’t be that way forever. As long as we can spend time together.”

“Right.” She smiled. “Hey…how did your brothers take your leaving?”

“They were pretty bummed when I drove off.”

“And your stepmother?”

“Lillian was real devastated.”

“She was?”

Elle knew that Lillian and I didn’t get along. It surprised me that she didn’t sense my sarcasm.

“Not because I was leaving. It’s a long story.” One I didn’t think Elle would appreciate.

“I made you a little homecoming gift. Come see. It’s on the couch.”

Lifting a throw blanket, she opened it up to show me what was stitched on it. It was an S and an E.

I smiled. “Our initials.”

“Yeah…I’ve been designing this logo that we could use for the wedding. I figured out how to stitch the design onto the blanket. Do you like it? The back says Montgomery.”

“Sweet. It’s really nice. Thank you. It’ll keep me warm at night.”

“Well…until we’re married. Then, I can be the one to do that.” She bit her lip and giggled.

That was the single most suggestive thing Elle had ever said to me. It was good to see her loosening up a little.

Before I could respond, Emily closed her book and said, “Yuck. I’m hungry. Can we go back to the house now?”            

Poor kid, having to babysit two adults.

“Why don’t you ladies go ahead, help your mother. I’ll put away the last of my stuff and meet you up at the house in like ten minutes.”

When Elle and Emily left, I retreated to my bedroom, locked the door and let out a sigh of relief. I was still tense from this afternoon, unable to shake what happened with Sienna from my mind. I needed to do something to relax before having to sit through my first dinner with the Suttons. I grabbed some lotion from the bathroom and lay back on my new bed. Unzipping my pants, I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to finish. After squirting the white cream into my palm, I gripped my shaft, surprised at how fast I’d become hard as I pumped into my hand. Closing my eyes tightly, I tried to imagine Elle’s petite body naked, what it would feel like to be with her. I wanted to visualize it so badly. All I could see was the curve of Sienna’s ass through her long skirt, her messy black hair, her swollen lips wrapped around my cock. The image was clear as day and overpowering all other attempts by my feeble mind to envision anything else. I felt guilty but not enough to stop.

About halfway through, I decided to stop fighting the thoughts. To get the mysterious girl out of my system, I would allow myself to think about her just this once while she was still fresh in my mind. As the days passed, her image would slowly fade from my memory anyway. So, this would be the first and last time. Now, my imagination had her completely naked and riding me on the back of my truck as I pounded into her with all my might. My hand became her wet pussy wrapped around my cock. Tears nearly sprang to my eyes as I came so hard into my hand. Fuck. It felt so good to just let go.

The orgasm had knocked me onto my ass, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Deciding to take a shower to wake myself up, I washed my impurities away and reaffirmed my stance to never let that happen again.


“Hope you like chicken and dumplings,” Olga said as I entered their spacious kitchen.

“That sounds awesome. I’m starving.”

“Well, one thing we won’t ever let you do is starve around here.”

“Can I help with anything?”

“No.” Olga smiled as she took a pan out of the oven. “The ladies have it covered. Just sit down and relax. You had a long drive.”

Elle took notice of my wet hair. “You showered?”

“Yeah. I was in the truck for so long. I didn’t want to gross you out on my very first night here.”

“Elle’s quite taken with you. I don’t think that would be possible.”

“Mama!” Elle whined, rolling her eyes and looking embarrassed.

One thing was for sure; they all made me feel very comfortable and wanted here. That wasn’t something I was used to.

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