Sins of Sevin

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Evangeline stood before me completely bare—meaning her pussy was just that. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I never expected that she shaved it. Knowing that I was the first man to ever see her like this meant more to me than she could have ever possibly known.

But this was more than just physical.

She was baring herself to me because she trusted me. She knew that I felt as strongly about her when my eyes were closed or when we weren’t even together as I did with her naked in front of me.

Feelings of pride and possession overtook me. I knew with absolute certainty that I couldn’t possibly share this with anyone else. This was sacred to me. She was sacred to me. It was the purest thing I had ever experienced, and I wanted it all to myself. All of her. Evangeline didn’t know it, but that was the exact moment I vowed to do whatever it took to fight for her; even if that meant giving everything else up and suffering whatever consequences resulted.

Her eyes were still shut as she shifted her head to the other side, causing her wild black tresses to slightly cover one of her breasts. I would draw her exactly that way.

It took everything in me to muster enough energy to start the first stroke. I much preferred staring at her and marveling at her natural beauty without having to think about anything else aside from what it would feel like to be inside of her. I forced the movement of the pencil.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop, so incredibly focused on the precision of the angles and depicting her proportions accurately. All of my practice runs prepared me for this. The way she was standing, I couldn’t make out her chest as clearly as I needed to. I had to know if she had any beauty marks, too.

As much as it was a risk, I stood up from the bed and slowly walked over to her. “Keep your eyes closed.”

Her breathing intensified, but she did as I told her. Holding the pencil in my hand, I used it to lightly trace the shape of her breasts one at a time. When she flinched and opened her eyes, I whispered, “It’s okay. I’m just tracing them to get a feel for the shape. I promise I won’t do anything else.”

She nodded, but now her eyes were open and following the movement of my hand. Her breathing was labored.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she breathed out.

I tried to burn the fine details of her body into memory: the pear shape of her breasts, the small brown beauty mark on the inner skin of her right one. Her beautiful bare pussy…it took everything in me not to kneel down and devour it. When I’d gotten what I needed, I forced myself to step back. She looked up at me when I stopped touching her with the pencil. Our eyes locked. As erotic as it all was, I couldn’t take it any further.

I knew she was turned on. There were obvious signs, like the way her nipples puckered and the way she kept shifting her legs. But more than that, I felt it. In fact, her resistance was weaker than I ever expected. I would have been willing to bet anything that she was as wet as I was hard. The mere thought of that was making me insane. But as much as my body craved her, this wasn’t the right time to consider anything more than what we were doing. I wasn’t going to take advantage of the gift she’d given me tonight.

So, I returned to my bed and vowed to stay there until I finished the sketch.


It was almost morning by the time Evangeline got dressed and returned to the main house.

Seeming to really love it, she’d gasped when I showed her the drawing. I had to admit, it was truly my best work. I hadn’t ever realized how much easier it was to create an accurate depiction when you had an actual live model.

Before leaving, Evangeline hid the picture inside a large Ansel Adams photography book that I’d let her borrow. She’d better have found a damn good hiding place for it.

Left in a state of excruciating need, I immediately retreated to the bathroom and jerked off to thoughts of all the things I wanted to do to her but hadn’t. Now that almost every corner of her body was crystal clear in my mind, the fantasies were unbearably vivid. I came hard three times in a row…in the bathroom standing, in the shower and again in my bed. I’d considered taking a day off from work just to masturbate but stopped myself when I thought about how ridiculous that was.

At breakfast that morning, I could barely look Elle in the eyes.

“Sevin, are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just a little tired. I wasn’t able to sleep last night.”

As I looked into her sweet eyes, for the first time, my guilt felt like it was completely transparent. The one consolation was that Evangeline was apparently still upstairs sleeping.

When Elle had recently suggested we take things to a physical level, I’d somehow managed to convince her that it was best to continue waiting.

When Olga was out of earshot, Elle whispered to me, “I want to come see you tonight.”

“Okay. Sure.” I didn’t know how to respond. I knew for certain that I wasn’t going to lay a finger on her, but being alone with her lately still made me uncomfortable. She seemed desperate to connect with me while I just became more distant.

With each day that passed, it seemed less likely that the wedding to Elle was ever going to come to fruition. The chances of my moving back to Oklahoma, however, seemed greater than my ending up with Evangeline.

“Callum is coming to visit this weekend. I told Evangeline the four of us should go out again.”

It felt like everything was closing in on me. Evangeline had all but told me outright that she was leaving town with her “boyfriend.” Meanwhile, the wedding plans were ongoing. I felt like I needed to do something drastic and soon.

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