Sins of Sevin

Page 46

“I love you, too.”

“We could go somewhere else if you want.”

“No. I want it to be right here.”

Letting out a slight laugh, he said, “Thank God.”

He slowly unzipped his damp hoodie, throwing it aside. After he lifted his shirt off his head, I rubbed my hands across his broad chest and could feel his heart pounding just as hard as mine. It was hard to believe that I was touching him freely, feeling all of the ripples and muscles that I’d only been able to admire from afar.

“I’ve always wanted to touch you,” I whispered.

He grabbed one of my hands and placed it on the bulge straining through his pants. “You’re gonna be doing a lot more than touching me.”

He was even harder than before as I massaged him through his jeans.

“Take it out,” he demanded.

I slowly unzipped his jeans and stuck my hand inside his pants. His erection sprung forward as I lowered his boxer briefs. The skin of his cock was like warm silk wrapped around a thick bone. I couldn’t help marveling at how phenomenal it felt. His tip was beautiful, like a sprouted mushroom covered in his wet arousal. Going down on a man was never something I’d ever fantasized about, but there was nothing more I wanted than to take him into my mouth and run my tongue along the line that ran across his crown, sucking every ounce of the cum off of it. I didn’t have the guts to do it yet, but my urges definitely surprised me.

As he jerked himself off slowly, I let him direct me. He repositioned my hand over his cock as he spread my legs open wide. His voice sounded different, thick with desire. “Touch me to you. Put me where it feels good.”

So incredibly wet, I gripped his shaft and slid the head slowly up and down over my opening. He hissed, letting out a shaky breath and for the first time, seemed to exhibit a slight loss of control as he looked down at his cock rubbing against me. “God, that feels…so good. So fucking good. It’s taking everything in me not to come all over you right now. I can’t imagine what it will feel like inside you.”

Sevin took back control and rubbed the length of his cock across my slit over and over. Slow. Back and forth. Back and forth. The rhythm of his breathing matched each stroke. It was hypnotic. I looked up at the starry night sky for a moment, thinking that this all felt like a dream. It was surreal being out in the middle of nowhere with no sounds except our breathing.

“I love just feeling you like this,” he said.

The extent of my need was surprising. I shocked myself when I said, “I want you inside of me.”

“Not yet. I need you to be ready for me.”

He continued rubbing his cock against me for several minutes. My legs were quivering with need, and I was soaking wet.

“Slide back.”

He placed his hoodie underneath my ass and positioned himself over me, holding his body up with both arms at each side of me. His pants were still halfway down his legs, so he pushed them off.

“Put me inside of you.”

Wrapping my hand around his cock, I led him into my opening. He barely made it halfway in when I gasped. It was definitely more painful than I anticipated.

“Are you okay?”


“No, you’re not. We need to take it slow.”


He hovered over my body while we kissed as he pushed slowly into me. His mouth never left mine as he kissed me deeply with each movement. Inch by inch, I felt the slow burn of him entering me.

Sevin let out a loud moan of pleasure once inside me, his voice echoing in the night. No one was within earshot. Hearing him lose control made all of the pain worth it. With each slow and steady thrust, he entered me more easily until eventually he was balls deep.

Grabbing his ass, I pushed him into me harder. “It’s okay. Give me more.”

“You’re sure?”

When I nodded, Sevin wrapped my legs around his back and fucked me harder. His hips were moving in a swift circular motion as he filled me over and over. Our bodies rocked together rhythmically, shaking the truck. The harder he pumped into me, the more turned on I was. I never imagined I would want it rough, but I loved him hard, and so it only made sense that our lovemaking reflect that intensity.

The rain started to fall harder over us as I dug my nails into his back. My muscles began to contract, and my orgasm came on strong and unexpectedly. Sevin could feel it.

“Come, Evangeline. Come. Come all over me. God…you feel…so amazing.” When he sensed I was done, he pulled out of me and jerked himself hard as he bent his head back. I watched in amazement as endless streams of his hot cum shot out onto my stomach. Out of everything we’d done, nothing had turned me on more than seeing him come.

Even though I was sore, I wanted to go another round just so I could see him orgasm again. It truly fascinated me.

Sevin planted himself on top of me. His hard chest pressed against my breasts as he kissed me deeply before pulling back. “That night in the barn, you said you dreamt about making love in the rain. I’ll never forget that. I wished so hard that I could be the one to do that with you, thinking it would never be possible. No matter what happens, I’ll never forget this, the best night of my life.”


We lay together for an indeterminate amount of time before Sevin led me into the truck. We sat in silence for many minutes until he turned to me. That was when the mood darkened. “Do you know how it felt to know that the next time I was supposed to see your face was when you were walking down the aisle at my wedding to your sister? How fucked up is that?”

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