Sins of Sevin

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So much time passed that it became doubtful she was going to go for it. The waitress reappeared, and I stood up.

“She’s agreed to it provided it’s just a lap dance you want, nothing more. There wouldn’t be any sex involved. I do have other girls who would be willing to do that for that kind of money.”

“No. I told you. I just want a lap dance. It has to be Sienna.”

“Let me verify your card.”

My palms were sweaty as I waited for her to come back.

She waved her hand. “Alright. Come right this way.” The woman led me down a dark hallway and into a dimly-lit room tinted with red light.

The long wait was excruciating. Finally, the door slowly opened.

Evangeline entered with her head down, black strands of hair covering her half-naked body. When she finally looked up at me, I took down my hood.

Our eyes locked.

Gasping, she covered her breasts and froze.



When Wilma walked into the dressing room and told me that there was a man who offered ten-thousand dollars for a lap dance, I couldn’t believe it. Who would pay that kind of money for something that didn’t involve sex? I asked her if he was a businessman-type, and she said he wasn’t. Just a younger guy in a black hoodie. She said he was gorgeous. That made it seem even more bizarre.

At first, I had adamantly refused. I’d never given a lap dance before and swore I never would. I wouldn’t even take my panties off during my performances. The club allowed me to get away with my hard limits because the regular patrons seemed to love me. Just my dancing topless brought in a lot of repeat business.

As the offer started to sink in, I thought about what that money could mean for me. Dean didn’t know about my secret bank account. I’d only bring home half of the tips I made. The rest was put away. When there was enough cash in it to stand on my own, my plan was to eventually leave Dean and go back to school, start a new life. I’d have to figure out how to leave him carefully, though. Somehow, it had to seem like it was his idea. I couldn’t just leave him on my own accord, because he would come after me. That ten-thousand dollars would give me a huge head start toward my dream.

So, I reluctantly agreed.

I took my phone with me in case I needed to call for help. Wearing nothing but my black lace bra, underwear and stilettos, I was covered in goosebumps as I walked down the hall to the back room.

I felt like a whore.

After opening the door, I couldn’t bear to look at his face. The man had great stature from what I could see through the hair covering my eyes. His intoxicating cologne seemed oddly familiar. I finally looked up. When he took down his hood, my heart nearly stopped.

Covering my chest, I lost my breath.

Sevin’s voice gave me the chills. “Don’t hide. I want to see you.”

I backed up against the door. “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” he seethed.

“Why did you come here? I thought you didn’t want to see me. Hated me.”

“That’s how I should feel, isn’t it? That’s why this is so fucked up.”

A wave of nausea hit me. Holding my stomach, I said, “I’m gonna be sick. This is a shock.”

“Maybe I wanted to shock you the way you shocked me when you came back.”

“Well, it worked. We’re even. Were you watching me out there, too?”

“Yes. You put on quite a show.”

“I can’t believe this.”

He walked slowly toward me. “Come here.”

Shaking my head, I said, “No.”

“No? You already agreed to it.”

“I don’t normally do this, Sevin.”

“But apparently, you can be bought.”

That was a low blow, but he was right. I felt like a cheap slut.

“Tell me why you paid ten-thousand dollars to talk to me now after you turned me away at your house. Why?”

“Because I didn’t pay to talk to you. I paid for you to sit on me.”

His words, and the tone in which he said them jarred me.

“You’re not serious…”

“Do you see me laughing?”

“This is insane.”

“Sienna, huh? Just like the first day we met.”

“Yeah… ”

'“Come here, Sienna.” He’d emphasized the ‘S’ sound tauntingly.

What kind of a game was he playing? And what was wrong with me? Because as mean as he was being, I was aching to touch him. Sevin walked over to the plush seat, sat down and leaned his back into it.

He was gonna make me go through with this.

I slowly inched toward him until my knees were touching his.

“Give me my money’s worth,” he said huskily. For the first time, the alcohol on his breath registered. Maybe it was impairing his judgement, contributing to his aggressive behavior toward me, which was out of character. Or maybe Sevin had just changed. A twinge of fear had developed at the pit of my stomach.

It was quiet in the room aside from the muffled beat of the club music in the distance. My thighs were trembling as I wrapped them around him one by one and sat on his lap. His chest was heaving as he looked up at me, his eyes reflecting a wild intensity.

I wouldn’t move at first. His pupils seemed to darken with each second that passed as he continued to stare at me.


With his more muscular build, grown out hair and chin scruff, age had definitely become him. Despite my fear, sexual awareness overtook my body, which had been longing for him. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be this close to Sevin again in my lifetime.

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