Teardrop Shot

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“I don’t care.”

When the water was half-warm, he ducked in, taking both of us.

I shrieked, but he slid me down his body, and from there it was quick work. He’d said quickie, so the clothes were ripped off, he was more than hard for me as I wrapped my hand around him, readying him between my legs.

“Fuck.” His arms dropped under my thighs, but he reached outside to the counter beside us.

“What are you doi—”

He brought a condom in, ripping it open with his teeth. Like teamwork, I took it and sheathed it over him.

“Fuck. Yeah.” He grunted, bouncing me up and catching me by the ass. With my back against the wall, he lowered me. I sank down on him, and then he was in, he paused, his forehead resting just beside my face. We shared a grin as the water rained down on us.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Hmmmm.” I’d barely answered before he was moving in me, stretching me, pushing in, pulling out, thrusting back in, rotating his hips to get me from all angles.

Good Lord.

I couldn’t catch my breath. We were moving in a rhythm, and he felt so damn good.

“Reese!” I gasped.

His hands flexed on my hips. He dropped his mouth to my shoulder. “You’re going to hate me.”


That was my warning, before he was out of me and setting me down on the tile. My feet had only just found their balance and he was turning me around.

“What are you doing?”

He was on his knees, pushing my ass cheeks apart, and then his mouth was there.

I gasped, feeling his mouth and his tongue stroking me. Exploring.

A silent scream began to build. I couldn’t keep up with him, and then he was turning me again—to face him—and his mouth returned. He entered me once more, this time with his tongue, his hands holding my thighs apart. A new rhythm began, and I moaned, feeling my entire body slide toward bonelessness.

I was riding his face, and I had to grasp for the showerhead to hold me up.

Reese was relentless, determined to make me come, fast and hard, and with no regard for how that climax would rip me apart. I couldn’t hold the scream in this time. It ripped from my throat, and he reached up, his hand clamping over my mouth to stifle the sound. He continued licking me as my trembling began to wane.

“Holy shit.” I’d barely breathed out before he was standing again.

I just gave myself over to him, because he was manhandling me once more.

He turned me, pressed me into the shower wall, and angled my hips back. Still with the condom on, he surged inside of me, and I almost sighed from utter contentment. Falling back, my head rested against his shoulder as he pumped into me, one hand holding my hip and the other cupping my breast. He thrust over and over, in and out.

He was riding me now, and I was his.

He kissed my jaw, bending over me. His thumb grazed my nipple, then rolled around to caress my other breast.

I could only gasp. That was all the sound I could make as he brought me to another climax, flooding every inch of my body, and he wasn’t far behind. He surged up, and I felt him coming inside of me.

“Fuck.” Another kiss to my jaw, then my mouth, as he held me in place.

I couldn’t think. I had no idea what had just happened.

He chuckled, the sound soothing and low in my ear as he squeezed me in a hug before pulling out.

“I can’t walk.”

“No problem.” He held me, keeping me pinned against the wall as he reached for the shampoo and soap.

“Are you serious?”

He grinned as he turned me around, face to face again.

I shook my head, taking the shampoo from him. “You move me around like I’m a doll.”

He swatted at my ass. “You are a doll. You barely weigh anything. You need more meat on you.”

No one, ever, had told me that. My body warmed to it. Then I was putting the shampoo in his hair as he did the same to me. We shampooed, soaped each other, and when we stepped out, it was thirty minutes later.

After both of us finished washing up, he had another hard-on.

I eyed it as I left the bathroom, my teeth nice and brushed. “I’m not joking about your back. They can’t know.”

His hair was tousled, and I ached to slide my hands through it. But he ducked his head, running a towel over it briskly.

He turned so I could see his back, laying his last remaining towel around his neck. “Are they still bad?”

They weren’t as bad, but they were still noticeable. “Yeah.”

“Okay. I’ll hook up with Aiden before practice, have him cover them with something.”

“He’ll know.”

Reese winked at me. “He’ll never tell.”

I was struck speechless.

He proceeded to walk around naked, only the towel around his neck. I knew being naked didn’t bother professional athletes, but it was still something to get used to.

When I walked out after him, a towel tucked around me, his eyes darkened.

“Why are you wearing that?” He reached for it, and sensing he was going to take it from me, I danced out of the way.

“Uh, no.” I swatted at his hand. “Not all of us are so fancy free and comfortable being naked.”

He grinned, rummaging in his bag. “You should be. Your body is nice and tight. You look good with clothes on, but you look hot naked.” He whistled. “Anytime you’re over and feel the itch to embrace being nude, you’re more than welcome.”

He waited for my reaction, side-eyeing me as he pulled out his clothes for the first part of the day. He was reaching for his shorts, but paused. “I forgot. We have meetings this morning. I’ll still have Aiden put ointment on them, but they’ll be gone by afternoon when we do drills. We’ll be good.”

That should’ve been a relief, but I was still caught on his casual mention of coming over to his place.

I sat on the bed Reese usually used, tucking my hands under my legs. “So… um…”

He stilled, watching me, a wary look in his eyes. “No.”


“No.” He shook his head. “I recognize that look. It’s the thinking look. Don’t think. We’re having fun, right? That’s all. We’re friends.”

“We’re friends who fucked.” I remembered all the times. “A lot.”

His mouth curved in a rakish grin. “And it was awesome. I’m hoping to do it again, and often, but I don’t want to do the talk. I hate having the talks.”

“The talks?”

He scoffed, pulling his pants on. He turned to find his socks and step into his shoes. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“The talk,” I repeated.

Then I remembered it was morning. He was getting ready to go to breakfast—breakfast I usually helped set up.

I shrieked, jumping to my feet. “I’m so late!”

“No one’s using the courts.”

“I help with the food. You know that.”

“But you don’t have to. You’re not going to get in trouble for missing once.”

I threw clothes in the air, grabbing for what I thought would fit. Somehow I ended up in shorts I wasn’t sure were mine, a tank top that dipped too low over my cleavage, and I had no clue where my socks were, so I grabbed for my sandals.


I was about to dash out the door, my phone in hand when Reese caught me by the waist and pulled me back.

He tugged at my shirt. “You’re not wearing that.”

“What?” I looked down. “It’s a bit much, but it’s still cold. I’ll cover up with a sweatshirt.”

“I don’t care. If you forget and take that off, people will see all this.” He took my tank off, then flicked at some of the hickeys he’d left behind.

I’d forgotten.

Then I started laughing. “Hickeys. Could you have—”

Reese held back his grin as he handed me a different shirt. “Wear that. No one will see my handiwork, and no, I liked marking you.” His gaze darkened as he watched me pull the shirt over my head, then down and over my bra. “There you go. Nice and covered.” He swatted at my ass. “See you in about thirty minutes.”

Thirty minutes. I stifled another shriek and hurried out of there.

It wasn’t until I was almost to the main lodge that I looked at what shirt he’d given me. His.

I turned the shirt inside out, but even the tag in the back had a Seattle Thunder emblem on it. A lightning bolt.

Hadley and Owen were the only ones who saw it, and I caught the raised eyebrows, but that was it. Both kept silent except for one lone whistle from Hadley, which sounded at the same time Reese walked into the cafeteria. Juan was with him, and both looked over at me.

I busied myself with the dishes.

What do I do? Say hi? Look like a clinger already? Yes. My basic roots were fangirling and stalkerish, but I really wasn’t that.

Work. I was here to do a job, so after I did a certain amount of dishes, I grabbed some toast and snuck out through Owen’s office. I really loved that he had two entrances. The team was still eating when I popped into the office.

Ugh. So not a normal morning. I did not ever seek Keith out, but I had to today.


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