The Insiders

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Then … “How do you know they actually did?”

“Look up.”

I did.

“Is there a red light in the corner?”

Red. Red. Red. I was looking everywhere. I shook my head.

“They turned it off.”

That was good—very, very good. Then I could indulge some more. I lifted a hand, trailing it up his shoulder. Moving in, I grazed my nose against his throat.

I felt his rumble. “What are you doing?”

“Maybe I want to make you lose control too?” I looked up, enough to flash him my whites and wink before I moved my hand to his front.

“Bailey.” A gentle warning.

I didn’t care. Biting my lip, I was exploring, and I was loving it.

I dipped my fingers inside his shirt, between his buttons, and he sucked in his stomach. “Goddamn.” He grunted, grabbing for the railing behind me. “What are you doing?”

“Returning the favor.” I glanced up, our eyes met for a second, and I lowered myself below him.


He was hanging on, breathing harshly.

Good. That was so good.

I ran my hand over his pants, and he groaned, his body surging toward me. He was hard, straining against his zipper, and I was loving this. It was addicting, making him feel good, making him shudder from a mere touch, and pulling down the zipper, I reached in to bring him out.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

I looked up. His head had fallen back. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I saw his throat moving up and down.

Then I moved, my lips opening, and I encircled him.

“God,” he hissed.

I moved my lips over him, my teeth gently touching him, and he jerked in my mouth. Delicious. Dark. That’s how I felt, pleasuring him right back in this private box, in this club that had secrets in every corner. Here we were. My man and me. I was making him feel good, just as he had done for me, and I was loving every bit of it. Moving my mouth, angling for a deeper suction, I was bringing him how he had with me. I was leading him, taking him with me, and I could feel his stomach starting to tremble from the strength it took for him not to come.

I wanted him to come.

“Fuck, Bailey.”

He finished, but I still held him. Lowering his head, looking at me, there was a gentleness regarding me, and it made my heart squeeze.

He shook his head, catching me and lifting me. He didn’t help me stand. He picked me up, and I latched onto him. Like a damn koala. That was me. Legs wrapped around him. Arms holding on, and my head to his chest.

He walked me back to a couch and sat, me on top of him.


* * *


It was a bit later, after he had splayed me out on the couch and was bending over me, his mouth moving in another slow and torturous exploration, when the light flared on in the room.

I yelled, but Kash flattened his body over me, covering me, and growled, “It better be life-or-death.”

A voice sounded from the door, strained. “It’s Mr. Francis.” And then said, “Something’s wrong.”

That was enough.

The tension lifted, and he clipped his head in a nod. “A second. Please.”

“Of course, Mr. Colello.”

The light was switched off. The door closed.

And silence.

He expelled a strong burst of air, lowering his head and pressing his forehead to my neck. “I’m sorry.” He smoothed a hand down my side again, sitting up and helping to cover me.

I was quivering but moved my head up and down. I croaked, motioning, “Go. See what’s wrong with Matt.”

He frowned. “You sure?”

Another motion up and down. “Yeah.” My voice was hoarse. “Leave the guards. They’ll bring me down. I just need a second.” I might’ve needed more than a second.

“Okay.” He leaned in, kissing me before pushing himself up. “Don’t take too long. If something’s wrong, we’ll have to go before press finds out.”

“Okay.” My hand was weak as I tried to smooth out my hair.

Kash stopped, turned back. He took in the sight of me and grinned. That grin was everything. It held so much promise, but also fun. We’d been fooling around up here like high school kids. Maybe doing more than what we should have at that age, but it was still fun. It was a respite from all the other worries, and I wanted more. I just wanted more. That’s all I was feeling and thinking then, and when I gave him an answering grin, he turned and headed out.

Promise. I saw it in his eyes, and I couldn’t wait to hold him to it.

I was excited to head back to his place tonight.

Standing, I found a small bathroom off the entryway, and after using it, I tried to smooth out my appearance. I looked totally and completely laid.

I laughed softly to myself, trying to make my dress look normal again, and I headed out.

Three guards waited for me, and like the trek before, all eyes were on us as we joined the rest of the club. I ducked my head down to avoid seeing whoever was there. I had seen a few nasty looks before and I didn’t want to see them again. I didn’t want to feel nasty or to let their problems take away what had just happened upstairs.

It was beautiful up there.

It was special, important.

I was still telling myself that when suddenly I heard a shout. Someone screamed.

People began running.

The guards closed in around me.

A woman sprinted past us, and she was hip-checked out of the way. She would’ve hit me just from her mad dash to the front of the club.

The front of the club …

This wasn’t good.

Matt. Kash.

Where were they?

I started picking up my pace, then I was running as well. The guards moved with me, but they slowed the whole group down. People were folding in around us. They didn’t care about me, they cared about whatever was happening in the front.

I felt my phone buzzing.

Pulling it out, I saw it was Kash.

I answered, shouting, “Where are you?”

The shouts and screams from inside the club deafened me. I couldn’t hear him, just barely making out a shout. Then he hung up.

We were still trying to push our way out. I grabbed for a guard. “Matt and Kash. Where are they?”

He didn’t answer, just took my arm and helped me to keep going ahead.

My phone buzzed again. Kash.

Outside. Now.

I showed the guard my phone and he nodded. He already knew, touching his earpiece.

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