The Soulmate Equation

Page 72

She couldn’t resist; he was too sweet. Jess leaned in for a kiss. “Yeah.”

But it was cut short by the appearance of Mrs. Klein at the front of the room. River jerked himself away, tapping Juno’s shoulder. Jess watched as they looked at each other, and then ahead, and smothered a laugh with her fingertips. She’d always joked that Juno was half Fizzy’s, but now she had to admit there was an even more dominant influence afoot. Because, in unison, Juno’s and River’s eyes went big and round, their spines went ramrod straight.

So, Jess wished for one more thing.

And as the room broke out into applause, and River lifted Juno up into a celebratory hug, Jess quickly threw a few more wishes out there for good measure. But even if nothing went the way they’d planned tomorrow, GeneticAlly had already done at least one spectacular, extraordinary thing.

Juno closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “We did it, River Nicolas!”

Yeah, Jess thought, watching them. We did.

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