The Sweetest Fix

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They broke the kiss out of necessity, breath pelting each other’s lips. “I want to go down on you,” they said at the exact same moment, their resulting laughter one of the best sounds she’d ever been a part of making. “You first?” Reese purred, pushing at his shoulder in an attempt to roll Leo onto his back.

But he wouldn’t budge. “No. You first.”

He started to kiss his way down her throat, breasts, stopping for several moments to kiss them, rolling her distended nipples on his tongue, making her hips writhe until he had to pin them down beneath his weight—and God, God that made her so hot. “Maybe.” His teeth raked her nipple lightly and she whimpered. “S-same time?”

Why she was suggesting such a maneuver when she’d never done it before in her life was anybody’s guess. Leo didn’t hesitate to agree, though. In his own way. The moment the suggestion was out of her mouth, she was quite simply being manhandled into position.

Leo turned onto his back, all heavy lidded and flexed with anticipation, dragging her over for a stabilizing kiss. Pulling away to look her in the eye, his hand took her knee and hauled it over his chest, facing her away from him in a straddle, her bare backside on full display a matter of inches from his face. And it should have been nerve-inducing, right? It wasn’t. Drowsy from kissing in the dark, with this man, it was decadent, especially when his hands molded to her buttocks, his breath rasping in and out, that big thumb sliding up the center and making her gasp. “Get back here and let me lick it, Reese.”

Well heck.

You don’t have to tell me twice.

Her knees slid backwards in the sheets, partly of her volition, partly because Leo was tugging her hips closer, then sliding his hand up to her back, pressing her forward, giving him access to her sex—and he immediately took full advantage, holding her still to tongue her folds apart, the tip teasing her clit, easy, easy, then laving it richly, his groan of male appreciation vibrating up through her body and making her desperate, achy to give, as well as receive.

The pleasure he wrought blurred her vision slightly, making it hard to concentrate on leaning forward to push down the waistband of his briefs. Freeing him.

Oh my God. Definitely proportionate to the rest of his large body.

And then she was so eager for the hard weight of him in her mouth, no concentration was required. There was only feeling. Only the slickness of her mouth and the salt of him waking up her taste buds. The ridges of his shaft traveling a filthy path along her tongue, the way he cursed every time she sank down, down, down just a little more each time. His hips lifted as if he couldn’t help but jolt at the pleasure, one of his hands gripping her hair, the movements of his tongue speeding, slanting, targeting her right where she needed it.

She’d always categorized this act as scandalous. Probably because every idiot male she’d ever met in high school laughed whenever the teacher asked the class to turn to page sixty-nine until she’d eye rolled enough times to disregard it as gross.

There was nothing scandalous or gross about this. They were two people who were too impatient to please each other that it couldn’t wait. They were greedy, Reese’s hips beginning to roll, pushing back into the strokes of his tongue, a whine breaking from her throat when Leo took her backside in his hands, handling it roughly, squeezing her cheeks like dough, parting her for a slow plunge of his tongue inside of her.

The unexpected move made her moan, tilt her hips for more. Made her forget all about the barrier of the back of her throat and take him almost fully into her mouth, her hand tightening around the base of his swollen shaft. And she had the pleasure of watching his knees jerk up, feet digging into the bed. The trunks of his thighs shook, his harsh breaths bathing the most intimate parts of her body.

“Do it again, Jesus, please, Reese, do it again.”

She did, slower this time, pumping her fist around him on the way back up.

“Fuck,” he panted. “Fuck.”

His middle finger found her then, almost like a reward, polishing her clit in fast revolutions. Pressure built in her throat, along with a climax in her middle. Deep, down in her middle. That tongue sinking inside of her and twisting, tossed her over the high jump bar, the intensity of it giving her no choice but to let Leo’s erection fall from her mouth so she could scream her way through it, the single best orgasm of her life.

Every one of her senses heightened as it roared through her muscles, turning them to shaking jelly. The hand in her hair pulled, prickling her scalp deliciously, Leo’s body hair chafed her belly, making her feel feminine and delicate and coveted. An object of pleasure. Giving and receiving. The wicked clenching between her legs ebbed and flowed, her teeth chattering with every feverish pull of tissue. The rush of wetness, of bliss, had her floating so high off the ground, she was barely aware of Leo turning her around to face him. She simply opened her eyes and found herself facing him in a straddle, his mouth right there, giving her no choice but to kiss it for everything she was worth.

“What do you need now?” Leo asked hoarsely, after he’d succeeded in making her delirious. “You want me to put you on your back and lick it some more?” His palm coasted down over the curve of her buttocks, delving between and petting her sex from behind. “Believe me, I’d already kill for another taste of this sweet little thing.”

Her hand moved, as if magnetized, to the male arousal lying large and hard on his stomach, massaging it up and down in a loose fist. “Can I have you inside me?”

One of his hands shot out before she’d uttered the final word, yanking his side table drawer open and producing a condom. Ripping it open with his teeth, he handed her the latex, head falling back on a groan. “Why am I not already there, Reese?”

“I don’t know,” she said, her words practically slurring together as she covered him, fingers clumsy in her haste. Task done, she rose up onto her knees and guided Leo where he was needed. Desperately. Even after the orgasm to end all orgasms, there was a lack of completion without this final joining. This deeper act of intimacy.

She’d never known herself to be noisy, or a screamer, but apparently that all changed today. The further she sank down on his thick inches, she more these desperate sounds poured from her throat, sawing in and out, culminating in a full-bodied moan once she’d seated Leo completely. He leaned up, pressing their foreheads together, his hands clamped down on her hips. And he spoke to her through his teeth. “Don’t move. Don’t move.”

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