The Sweetest Fix

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“Oh my God,” she breathed. “R-roommates. Yes. I have them. I—” She broke off, visibly attempting to collect her thoughts and not succeeding. Drawing him down for another out-of-control kiss, instead. And God help him when one of her thighs crept up around his hips. He looked down and saw that short skirt riding up, revealing the smooth skin at the tops of those tights. It was, quite simply, on after that. The warmth of her pussy, the promise of friction, was too tempting and he lifted her up by the waist, settling her down on his aching cock, her legs clamping around him automatically.

The sidewalk wasn’t busy at this time of night, but the odd person walked by, thankfully keeping a New York vibe and not paying them much attention, eyes on their phones. So he couldn’t help but rock her on his lap, thrusting his hips up and watching her eyes grow unfocused. “What’s it going to be, Reese? You going to go home all wet and achy? Or am I going to give you the ride on my cock you’re begging for?”

She took several panting breaths. “I won’t make it upstairs.” Without looking, her hand fumbled for the building door handle, pushing it down and sending them stumbling inside into a dimly lit, medium-sized vestibule, complete with a wall of mailboxes and door buzzers. “Right here. I need you here. Now.”

Risky, public sex—public anything—was not his personality. At all. So it was a testament to how this girl affected him that he didn’t even hesitate. There was only getting inside of her as fast as possible. Feeling her. Getting as close to her as humanly possible.

He broke eye contact with Reese only long enough to determine the vestibule was cleaner than most Manhattan entries, noticing a small alcove in the corner. Not big enough to hide them from people coming in and out of the building, but they’d be hidden from the street. And he was already carrying her in that direction, lust blanketing his mind, his cock trying to push itself through the fucking teeth of his zipper.

“Goddammit,” he gritted out, lowering her into the alcove and spinning her around. “Goddammit, sweetheart. Hands up on the wall.”

Sucking in a breath, she did as he asked, bending forward slightly and tucking her ass back into his lap. Or trying to, anyway. Their height difference forced Leo to wrap a forearm around Reese’s hips, lifting her so she could stand on the front of his boots. And then, oh fuck, she teased his lap with a grind. A few more seconds of that torture and he could have come, that’s how hard up she made him. Desperate. Balls in his fucking stomach.

“Shit, Reese. Wait until I’m inside you to do that again.” His hands shook as he peeled up her skirt, no choice but to take a moment to appreciate the tight, red bun huggers she wore. Throw in the thigh highs and Leo knew he’d never jerk off again without thinking of this. Hearing the breath sawing in and out of her throat when he unzipped his jeans, her sides heaving, fingers curling into fists on the wall. Picturing his hands tangling in the delicate material of her panties and shoving them down to her knees. Hunger ratcheting higher, higher, he quickly found the condom in his pocket, covering himself.

He needed pleasure from her body so bad, he was almost nervous about taking too roughly and hurting her. In a rush, he peeled off Reese’s coat and stuffed it between her and the wall, his touch traveling southward on her belly to check for wetness between her thighs, finding her pussy soaked and soft. A fantasy. And following instinct, knowing why she held her breath, he pushed his middle and ring finger home inside of her.

“You want me to fuck this?”

“Yes.” She clenched around his knuckles. “Yes.”

He opened his stance wider, doing the same to hers, since she stood on his boots. With his mouth on the side of her neck, kissing and sucking, he worked his fingers in and out of her opening slowly, the wet sounds, that audible proof of her lust, making his dick stiffen to the point of near agony. “You know how many times I’ve thought of you riding me since it happened? I lost count when you’d only been gone an hour.” He pressed his fingers deep and pulled her body up, jiggling those digits until she clawed at the wall, gasping. “Once wasn’t enough. Nothing is going to be enough with you.”

“Leo,” she moaned, one of her hands coming off the wall, reaching back to grasp at his hip, twisting in the sagging material of his jeans, yanking him closer. “I need you. Please.”

Though he wanted to cater to her urgency, he couldn’t resist pulling his fingers out and dragging them, wet and warm, over her clit, causing her to bury her face in the bunched-up coat between her and the wall, wailing his name into the soft wool. When her hips started to shake, Leo knew she was close—and he needed that. Needed her to be on the verge of coming because lasting was going to be a problem when he was this turned on. He gave that swollen nub a final firm stroke and reached for his cock, guiding it to the opening of her flesh and plowing deep in one powerful move.

Reese’s scream was muffled by her coat and the sweet, strangled sound of it almost ended things for Leo, then and there. Right on the edge of his willpower, Leo gripped her hips and gave her three rough pounds, almost knocking her off the perch of his boots.

“Too hard?”

“No. It’s so good. Harder.”

Jesus. Starved for release—hers and his own—Leo wrapped her in a bear hug to keep her steady, bent her body over slightly and drove into her repeatedly, his own grunts echoing in his ears. He pumped himself into her with such force, he was almost ashamed of himself, but her hips cinched back to meet him every time, her voice chanting more, more, more, and so he couldn’t stop, couldn’t temper himself, his world whittled down to Reese and the wet pliancy between her thighs, welcoming every slapping thrust of his cock.

“Did you wear those little tights for me?” he rasped above her head. “Did you know they’d make me so fucking thick when I saw them?”

“Yes,” she panted, clenching around him, milking his flesh eagerly. “I knew.”

Leo’s balls wrenched up, telling him he didn’t have long. Oh God. Oh God. This girl. She broke him so easily. His muscles were starting to vibrate, the base of his spine pulling back like an elastic band getting ready to snap. “Play with yourself, Reese. Think about what you did, teasing me like that.” He heard the shift of material and knew her hand moved to follow his instructions. “Making me obsess over how goddamn tight you are when I’m trying to eat. If that’s what you wanted, you got it. Make it up to me by getting off, sweetheart.”

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