Tools of Engagement

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Wes whipped the belt out of his jeans and tossed it on the floor, the resulting clang creating an army of goosebumps along her inner thighs, her neck. There was a part of him that wanted to make slow, sweet love to this perfect creature, but she needed to be overwhelmed into blanking her mind. He needed to give her that. Needed her to know it was possible. Then he’d prove to her he could do it every time, no matter how fast, slow, or rough they got.

He flipped open the snap of his jeans, lowered the zipper to give himself some breathing room and got down on his belly, appeasing his greed by pressing her thighs open wide. “All those eye rolls and insults. All those fights. I would have gotten down on my knees to lick this pussy in the middle of them all. One word out of your smart mouth and I’d have been panting and lapping between your thighs.”

“Wes.” She pulled down the bodice of her dress and palmed her tits, pinching her nipples, her hips writhing in front of him on the mattress. “The way you talk. I should smack you, but I love it. I love it.”

His thumb traced the slit of her pussy and he watched it blossom open. “I know, baby.”

Her laugh was a combination of incredulity and arousal. “Please. Please, j-just—”

A hard, thorough lick of his tongue stemmed the flow of her words, her whimper fueling his drive to please her. Sweet Lord. The flavor of this woman. He’d have chased her for fifty more decades just for the knowledge that she tasted like warm vanilla and turned-on woman. He’d only just buried his tongue in those folds and he was already worried about when he’d get the chance again. Fuck, her smooth texture was going to haunt him until the next time she let him get inside those designer panties.

In his periphery, he could see her hands settle on the comforter for purchase. His goal was to make her grip twist. That’s when he’d know he’d found the right spot, the right speed, the right pressure. Jesus, though. It was a challenge to keep his eyes open and watch for those signals, because the taste of her drugged him.

Wes used the V of his fingers to keep her open for his ministrations, occasionally teasing her entrance with his thumb. Oh yeah, she liked that. Those hissed breaths confirmed it. So he trailed his tongue lower and tucked it inside her entrance, twisting his mouth to hit every one of her nerve endings. There. Her hands turned to claws in the bedclothes, more wetness slicking her pussy.

“Yes. There there there. Please.”

He hummed to let her know they were on the same page, bringing his thumb to her clit and delivering light, massaging circles while his tongue continued to twist inside of her. That’s it, baby. She couldn’t stay still. Her thighs alternated between hugging the sides of his face and dropping open, little spasms against his tongue telling him she was already close. Where her words had been intelligible before, now they were nothing but syllables in between wails of his name.

His gaze devoured the sight of her heaving body, the fact that she was still wearing her dress while he ate her pussy making him so horny, he could only follow the urges of his body, humping the bed, slamming his hips against the edge repeatedly, rubbing when he found a decent angle. Don’t come. Don’t come.

Easier said than done when she was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. The fact that he knew this woman, that she knew him, and they’d both continued to gravitate toward each other despite fights, flaws, and firings, only made giving her pleasure more of a privilege. Throw in the obscenely delicious taste of her cunt and he was pushing the limits of his control. She had him on the edge with his jeans still on.

“I’m coming,” she whispered choppily, then louder. “Oh my God, I’m coming.”

Wes pushed his tongue deeper inside of her and worked her clit with his thumb, groaning when he encountered a new flavor. The best one. Her satisfaction. It made his tongue and lips slippery while she thrashed on the bed, her fingers ripping at his comforter.

She was limp and shaking when he managed to tear himself away from the place between her legs. Standing at the edge of the bed momentarily, he retrieved a condom from the nightstand before kicking off his pants and moving over her. He planted his knees on the bed between her legs and slid them wide. Opening her again, but this time for his cock.

There was a light sheen of sweat on Bethany’s body, giving her the appearance of a glowing goddess. It rocked him. Humbled him. So much so that he almost fell on her like a starving man without putting on protection. Her fingers danced up the fronts of his thighs, her breath still coming in gusts, watching him with dazed eyes. “Wes,” she murmured, shifting like a temptation. “Take me hard. Take me messy.”

Thank God he’d gotten the condom in place when she issued that reminder, because he was reasonably sure he’d have thrust in bare. As it was, he dropped down on top of Bethany at the speed of sound, latching onto her neck with his teeth and entering her for the first time with a brutal drive.

He caught her scream at the last second with his left palm, but that was his last sensible action. Animal instinct took over and he was all feeling, all urgency. The viselike grip of her pussy made him thankful for the condom, because he would have busted immediately without it. She was slick, hot, and pulsing around him, making his balls fill with unbearable pressure. Best of his life. Best of the next life and the one after it and he hadn’t even properly fucked her yet.

Time to fix that.

Bethany’s nails raked up his ass, yanking him into movement and he went. Furiously. “It’s a good thing this house has thick walls,” he grated against her mouth, slap-slap-slapping his cock into her. “You a little screamer, baby?”

“No,” she gasped.

He positioned her legs over his shoulders and bore down hard. “You are now.” Jesus. The way she fit him was criminal. He continued to grind down into her hard, searching for spare space to get his whole cock inside of her, but there was none to be had. Didn’t stop him from folding her in half, trying to find it—and there. There. She was taking all of him now, so wet and welcoming and snug. “Feels like I’ve waited my whole life to wreck this pussy, baby,” he rasped thickly into her neck. “You have no idea. Knew it would feel like mine.”

“It is.” Their mouths collided in a series of hard, moaning kisses. “It’s yours.”

“I feel like yours, too?”

“Yes. Oh my God, yes.”

Possessiveness had his teeth snapping at the pulse in her neck, had him throwing her legs back down and open on the mattress, his lower body pistoning, his mouth everywhere he could reach. Raking her neck, sucking at her nipples, on her mouth.

“What was that shit you used to worry about?” He licked a path between her bouncing tits. “Is the guy present during sex? Fuck yes I am. So are you. Your lighting makes me want to eat you alive. And I don’t have a dog.”

At the way he repeated back the words she’d spoken to him at the wedding, her eyes flared and he saw love in them. He saw it, goddammit, and he reeled it into his chest, braiding it with the love he felt for her. The amazing weight of it made him weak for a split second and Bethany used it to her advantage, rolling him onto his back without breaking their connection.

“You really do listen when I speak,” she said breathily. “Now you’re in trouble.”

He lifted his hips and watched in awe as Bethany stripped off her dress, giving him the view of the fucking century. Bethany Castle, beautifully naked, sitting on his dick. Not to mention looking at him as if he’d been a very good boy. Someone up in heaven loved him. “I don’t mind this kind of trouble.” He rolled his lower back, lurching her up and back. “Ride it, darlin’. Make us come.”

Using his shoulders for balance, she slid her sex up and down his shaft, testing the pressure, once, twice, oh . . . fuck. And then she fell onto his chest and started bucking her hips, stirring up that final kind of pressure at the base of his spine. “Ah, Christ. I’m not long for this world.” He slapped his hands down on her ass cheeks and aided her movements roughly. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Bethany, ever the overachiever, did that thing he’d only ever seen in porn. She curved the tops of her feet around his knees and worked him like a fucking pogo stick—and he couldn’t last longer than ten seconds. Not with her mouth open with pleasure, her breasts shaking, and her pussy quickening around him, like she was going to come agai—

There she went, her fingernails scoring his chest, her body dropping down to rub and grind its way through her climax. It was too much, seeing her get outside of her head and take. Take from him.

He went hurtling through the sky, though he couldn’t see any of his surroundings with blind eyes. Only knew he was wrapped in never-ending vastness and his body was a slave to relief. Fuck. Fuck. God. The draining of his need seemed to go on forever, ripping at his muscles and throat. Was that him growling like an animal?

Yes. And that was Bethany moaning brokenly into his neck, her sweaty body depleted on top of him. He was back down on earth again, but he was somehow still in heaven, too. Because she was there.

They lay there like that for long minutes, their breathing and heartbeats synced, bodies reshaping to fit each other. Finally, responsibility knocked and Wes eased Bethany onto her side, kissing her shoulder before disposing of the condom.

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