Troubles and Treats

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“Jesus, you aren’t wearing any underwear,” I mumbled against the side of her neck as my hand glides over her bare ass.

“I took them off at the table,” she told me, wrapping her arms around my neck as I sucked and licked the skin right under her ear.

“That’s so hot. Did you put them in your purse?”

I felt her shake her head “no” as my hand slid around in front, and I pushed my fingers through her soft, wet skin.

“Oh God that feels good! No, not in my purse. I just left them on the floor under the table.”

I pushed and twisted my fingers through her heated center, sliding them up and around her clit with each pass.

“Fuck! Take your pants off!” Jenny muttered as she clutched her fingers tightly into my hair.

I pulled my fingers out of her with a groan, quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pushed them down to my knees. Jenny lifted one leg up, wrapping it around my hip so I could hold it in place by her knee. With my free hand, I grabbed my dick and positioned it at her entrance.

“We’re totally making a baby right now,” I told her.

“This is going to be the best bathroom baby ever made!” she said excitedly.

I thrusted into her smooth and fast, squeezing my eyes closed, trying to calm myself down with how good she felt wrapped around my dick. After a few seconds of getting myself under control, I stopped thinking about anything else but f**king my wife and those snot-nosed little sperms who thought they were better than everyone else. I began moving in and out of Jenny at a rapid pace, loving the little sounds of pleasure that came out of her mouth.

“Fuck, I’m getting a cramp in my leg,” Jenny said after a few seconds.

I stopped moving, still buried balls-deep in her, giving her a second to put her leg down and try to get more comfortable.

“Here, wrap both legs around me,” I told her as I lift her up, pushing her back against the wall of the stall.

Her long, smooth legs locked around my waist, and I got back to the task at hand. Pretty soon, Jenny was clawing at my back and groaning loudly, and I knew she was close to coming. I sped up my movements until the stall was rattling and slamming against the wall of the bathroom.

“OW! Son of a bitch! This is killing my back,” Jenny complained suddenly.

I pulled out of her as I let go of her legs and set her back down on the floor.

She stood there for a minute with her hands on her hips, looking at our surroundings.

“I’ve got it! I’ll kneel on top of the toilet and you can rail me from behind,” she said with a smile as she moved past me and put her knees on the seat of the toilet and faced the wall.

“Oh my God, I love you so much right now,” I told her as I watch her get situated.

I had a clear view of her naked ass, and I was pretty sure if I didn’t hurry up and get back inside her, I was going to shoot these baby bullets all over the floor.

She looked back at me over one shoulder and smiled.

“Saddle up, cowboy. Give me your baby juice.”

I closed the gap between us, and she leaned forward awkwardly, resting her forehead against the wall behind the toilet, wrapping her hands around the flusher to keep her steady.

Grabbing onto her hips, I slid back home again, letting out a loud groan when I was deep inside her again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh f**k,” I moaned as I got my rhythm back.

I thought I heard a noise in the bathroom but nothing was going to stop me right now. I was in heaven and I wasn't ready to come out yet.

“Jeeeeeeesus!” I exclaimed loudly, thrusting into Jenny with all my might.

At this point we were both grunting and panting and oblivious to everything else around us.

“Fuck this is good. So good. Uuuuuuunnnnggggghhhh,” I moaned.

“I’m sorry, but are you okay in there?”

The sound of another man’s voice in the next stall forced us to halt our movements immediately. I was clutching onto Jenny’s hips, and she whipped her head around to stare at me with wide eyes.

“Um, ha, ha, yes! I’m super, thanks for asking!” I replied back to the guy.

Jenny gave me a “what the f**k” look and I just shrugged. As she turned back around, she shifted on my dick a little and did that awesome thing with her vagina where it squeezes me.

“Oh my goat milk, that’s hot!” I cried out.

“Ooooh, yeah. Goat milk has that reaction with me too. I always get the fire shits from goat milk,” the guy in the next stall told me.

This guy needed to shut the f**k up already! I didn’t need to hear about his burning ass**le while I was trying to make a baby! It was like this guy had no class.

I did my best to ignore the rude guy next door so I could finish this thing before Jenny decided it was a bad idea. She turned her head again and looked me in the eye, mouthing the words, “Hurry the f**k up!”

Don’t mind if I do!

Without a second thought, I started banging the hell out of her again.

“Fuck yeah. Oh f**k, I’m so close!” I muttered.

“You’re doing great, buddy. Keep pushing!” my bathroom friend encouraged me.

“Oh hell yes! I’m pushing, f**k yeah!” I shouted back, bolstered by his enthusiasm.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening,” Jenny whispered.

“Oh, it’s happening! It’s totally happening, baby!” I told her.

I could feel my orgasm and it was right there, just a few more thrusts and I could send those little sperm f**kers to their home!

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